Friday, May 24, 2002

Taiwan A-League 2002 Regular Season Awards

Most Popular Player:Yen Shin-shu, BCC Mars, 5-11, PG
Rookie of the Year:Tsun Wen-din, Yulon, 6-8 1/2, C
MVP:Chen Hsin-an, Yulon, 6-5, F/G

Leaders:(Calculated with totals, not averages)
Rebounding: Tien Lei, Dacin Construction, 6-7, F
Scoring: Ho Sho-jen, Bank of Taiwan, 6-5, F
Assist: Yen Shin-shu, Mars, 5-11, PG

2002 Taiwan NT Preliminary Roster

Total:17(Will cut to 14 players at later date)

Chen Hsin-an, 195cm, Yulon
Tien Lei, 202cm, Dacin
Ho Sho-jen, 195cm, Bank of Taiwan

Chou Hong-yu, 195cm, Yulon
Lee Chi-yi, 197cm, BCC Mars
Lee Fong-yong, 197cm, Dacin

Tsun Wen-din, 204cm, Yulon
Wu Chih-wei, 202cm, Yulon
Wu Jun-hsiung, 197cm, Taiwan Beer
Wu Dai-hao, 201cm, Tsai-shin HS

Yang Yu-min, 180cm, Jutai Tech
Chiu Chi-yi, 180cm, Military
Chang Chi-feng, 182cm, Dacin
Chou Shih-yuan, 190cm, Yulon

Yen Shin-shu, 182cm, BCC Mars
Chen Chih-chung, 182cm, Military
Lee Chih-ming, 175cm, Yulon

Head Coach: Chien Yi-fei, Yulon
Assistant: Lee Yun-kwang, Yulon

**Lee Fong-yong and Chang Chi-feng have decided to play for money and voluntarily dropeed out of the national team. They will play for Beijing Aoshen in China's Division B, which starts on June 15.

That cuts the roster number down to 15. But it's a decision that puzzles me. Lee and Chang worked hard all year and make the NT roster for the first time in their career. But now they will play for money instead of fighting for roster spots on the national team.

**Yen Shin-shu injured his back and waist in Mars' China tour a couple days ago. His condition is unclear. But NT coaching staff believes he will be back with the team, considering Yen's competitive nature.

A-League 2002 Regular Season Standings

Preliminary Round 1st Stage
1.Yulon 6-1
2.BCC Mars 6-1
3.Dacin Construction 5-2
4.Bank of Taiwan 3-4
5.Jutai Tech 3-4
6.Military 2-5
7.Taiwan Beer 2-5
8.Yi-tong Trust 1-6

Preliminary Round 2nd Stage
1.BCC Mars 6-1
2.Yulon 6-1
3.Bank of Taiwan 5-2
4.Dacin Construction 3-4
5.Jutai Tech 4-3
6.Military 2-5
7.Taiwan Beer 1-6
8.Yi-tong Trust 0-7

Preliminary Round Total
1.Yulon 12-2
2.BCC Mars 12-2
3.Dacin Construction 9-5
4.Bank of Taiwan 8-6
5.Jutai Tech 7-7
6.Miliatry 4-10
7.Taiwan Beer 3-11
8.Yi-tong Trust 1-13

*Top 4 teams advance to 2nd Round

Second Round(Round-robin format)
1.Yulon 3-0
2.Dacin Construction 2-1
3.Mars 1-2
4.Bank of Taiwan 0-3

*No.1 and 2 advance to the Finals, No.3 and 4 play in the 3rd-place Series

3rd-Place Series(Best-of-Three format)
Bank of Taiwan 93-79 Mars
Mars 83-69 Bank of Taiwan
Bank of Taiwan 97-87
Bank of Taiwan wins series 2-1

Finals(Best-of-Five format)
Yulon 83-61 Dacin
Yulon 98-73 Dacin
Yulon 97-87 Dacin
Yulon wins seires 3-0

Final Standings
2.Dacin Construction
3.Bank of Taiwan
4.BCC Mars
5.Jutai Tech
7.Taiwan Beer
8.Yi-tong Trust