Saturday, January 31, 2004

Little guys dominate dunk, three-point contest

Little guys can’t be overlooked. SINA’s SBL rookie Chen Shi-jay, despite standing only 173cm, beat out favorite Tien Lei and won the dunk contest last night in the SBL All-Star Game.

In the three-point contest, Bank of Taiwan teammates Wu Yong-jen(177cm) and Chien Ming-fu(163cm) surprised everyone with their appearances in the final. Wu Yong-jen edged Chien on a sudden-death overtime “penalty-kick” after both tied in the final.

Chien Ming-fu had 21 points -- highest score of the night – in the semifinal, where he beat out odds-on favorite Lo Shin-liang and advanced to the final round.

Chen Hsin-an and Lin Chih-jay both withdrew the dunk contest because of minor knee injuries.

Lo Shin-liang named All-Star Game MVP

Lo Shin-liang scored game-high 25 points and won the MVP award of the 2004 SBL All-Star Game last night. Team Red Knight and White Knight were tied at 101-101 but the game didn’t go into overtime because of late time.

Lo was 6 of 10 from three-point range and made the go-ahead three-pointer with 4.8 seconds left before White Knight’s Lin Chih-jay tied the game with a buzzer-beating fadaway jumper.

Game Summary
Red – Lo Shin-liang 25p, Chang Chi-feng 21p, Chen Hsin-an 15p+8rb, Tien Lei 11p+12rb, Chen Chih-chung 10p

White – Yen Hsin-shu 22p, Yang Yu-ming 20p, Lin Chih-jay 17p, Shan Wei-fan 11p+10rb

Quarter score
White 24 26 25 26 101
Red 18 25 26 32 101

Clueless Yulon suffers first loss of season

Wu Dai-hao and Yang Yu-ming presented a perfect inside-outside combination as Jutai snapped Yulon’s 11-game winning streak with a 85-71 victory. Yulon suffered its first loss of the season despite Chen Hsin-an’s 33 points.

Yang Yu-ming scored a team-high 28 points. Wu Dai-hao had 14 points, 16 rebounds, 5 blocks and dished out team-high three assists.

Yulon was obviously out of sync tonight, trailing almost the entire game. Their shots didn’t fall. All they can do is give the ball to Chen Hsin-an and hoped for good results. And they couldn’t contain Jutai’s hot hands in the defensive end.

Leading scorer Tien Lei had 18 points and 16 rebounds to lead Dacin cruise past BOT with an easy 75-54 win. BOT dropped six straight.

Jutai 85-71 Yulon (Half 41-35)
Jutai – Yang Yu-ming 28p, Wu Dai-hao 14p+16rb+5blk, Shan Wei-fan 15p
Yulon – Chen Hsin-an 33p+9rb, Tsun Wen-din 11p+10rb, Chen Chih-chung 10p

Dacin 75-54 BOT (Half 46-28)
Dacin – Tien Lei 18p+16rb, Kao Jen-kan 14p, Lin Kwan-lun 11p
BOT – Chou Ben-tang 12p+8rb, Lin Chun-feng 10p+7rb

Thursday, January 29, 2004

SBL All-Star Game Roster

Date: January 30
Venue: Taipei Physical Education College Gymnasium
All-Star Teams Roster:

Team Red Knight

PF - Tien Lei(Dacin) 22.4p, 11.1rb, 2.8a, 3.3s, 2.0blk
SF - Chen Hsin-an(Yulon) 17.4p, 7.1rb, 4.1a
C - Tsun Wen-din(Yulon) 12.6p, 10.0rb, 2.5blk
SG - Lo Shin-liang(SINA) 17.5p, 5.1rb
PG - Chou Jun-san(SINA) 12.0p, 5.2a, 2.1s

PG - Chen Chih-chung(Yulon) 10.5p, 4.1rb, 2.8s
PG - Lee Chih-ming(Yulon) 8.2p
SG - Chiu Chi-yi(Yulon) 8.5p
PF - Wei Yong-tai(Yulon) 4.8p
PF - Huang Chun-hsiung(SINA) 14.4p, 9.8rb, 1.9blk
C - Liu Yi-hsiang(SINA) 10.0p, 6.3rb
SG - Chang Chi-feng(Dacin) 9.7p, 5.6rb

Team White Knight

F - Lin Chih-jay(TB) 21.5p, 6.1rb, 3.5a
SF - Yang Che-yi(Mars) 9.0p, 3.6rb
C - Wu Dai-hao(Jutai) 7.4p, 7.6rb, 2.0blk
SG - Yang Yu-ming(Jutai) 19.9p
PG - Yen Shin-shu(Mars) 9.6p, 4.5rb, 4.5a, 2.3s

PG - Chen Huei(Mars) 10.6p, 4.5rb, 3.8a, 2.3s
PF - Lee Chi-yi(Mars) 13.1p, 8.3rb
SG - Lin Jia-huang(Mars) 9.6p
F - Shan Wei-fan(Jutai) 10.5p
PG - Chen Shih-nian(TB) 9.5p, 4.3rb, 4.6a
SF - Lin Chun-feng(BOT) 11.4p, 6.0rb
C - Chou Ben-tang(BOT) 7.7p, 9.2rb,1.6blk

*Three-point Contest participants(14):
BOT - Wu Yong-jen, Chien Ming-fu
SINA - Lo Shin-liang, Chou Jun-san
Mars - Lee Chi-shun, Hu Yu-wei
Dacin - Chang Chi-feng, Hsu Chi-chao
Yulon - Chou Shih-yuan, Chen Chih-chung
TB - Lin Chih-jay, Chen Shih-nian
Jutai - Yang Yu-ming, Hsu Tse-shin

*Dunk Contest participants(13):
BOT - Huang Ju-dao, Liu Che-lang
SINA - Chen Shih-jay, Huang Chun-hsiung
Mars - Hsu Chi-chang
Dacin - Tien Lei, Lin Kwan-lun
Yulon - Chen Hsin-an, Chiu Chi-yi
TB - Lin Chih-jay, Wu Chih-yuan
Jutai - Wu Dai-hao, Wu Cheng-dao

Sunday, January 18, 2004

SBL All-Star Game starters announced

2004 SBL All-Star Game will be played on January 30 at TPEC Gymnasium. Team Red Knight will be consisted of Yulon, Dacin and SINA players. Team White Knight players will be selected from BOT, Taiwan Beer, Jutai and Mars.

**Starters List (voted by fans thru internet, telephone and ballot)
Team Red Knight:
F Chen Hsin-an(Yulon), F Tien Lei(Dacin), C Tsun Wen-din(Yulon), G Lo Shin-liang(SINA), G Chou Jun-san(SINA)

Team White Knight:
F Lin Chih-jay(Taiwan Beer), F Yang Che-yi(Mars), C Wu Dai-hao(Jutai), G Yen Shin-shu(Mars), Yang Yu-min(Jutai)

Team Red Knight will be coached by Yulon’s Chien Yi-fei. Mars coach Chung Chi-mun will lead Team White Knight. Both head coaches will select seven players each on their respective teams.

In addition to the All-Star Game, there will also be a dunk contest and a three-point shootout.

Yulon dominates as SBL heads into Chinese New Year break

Yulon got two wins this week, beating Jutai and Bank of Taiwan, and boosted its winning streak to 11 games. As the only undefeated team in the league, Yulon increased its lead over second-place SINA to 4 1/2 games.

During this past week, we saw Tien Lei replaced Lin Chih-jay of Taiwan Beer as the league’s scoring leader by tallying 46 points in two games. And SINA regained its momentum, winning seven straight games after the 3-game losing streak. Bank of Taiwan, which has been short-handed because of numerous untimely injuries, dropped five straight and remained at the last place of the standings.

SBL will once again have a “Bye Week” next week because of the Chinese New Year. Games will resume after the national vacation, as Week 9 starts on January 31.

Jutai 89-60 Dacin (Half 46-32)
Jutai – Yang Yu-min 28p+6a, Wu Cheng-dao 17p, Shan Wei-fan 10p, Wu Dai-hao 9p+10rb+5blk, O-Yang Jin-hen 8p+10rb
Dacin – Tien Lei 19p+8rb+7s

Yulon 75-65 BOT (Half 40-35)
Yulon – Chen Chih-chung 22p+4a, Tsun Wen-din 14p+12rb+4s+3blk, Chiu Tsun-chih 10p, Chen Hsin-an DNP(Flu)
BOT – Hsu Hao-cheng 22p+8rb, Chen Shen-ya 13p, Chou Ben-tang 13p+17rb+4a

Dacin 80-71 Taiwan Beer (Half 43-34)
Dacin – Tien Lei 27p+16rb+4a, Hsu Chi-chao 17p+6rb, Chang Chi-feng 12p, Lin Kwan-lun 12p, Huang Chih-chun 10a
TB – Pan Jen-der 17p, Lee Wei-min 14p+7rb, Wu Yang-huei 14p+8rb, Lin Chih-jay 12p+8rb+4a

SINA 87-81 Mars (Half 35-48)
SINA – Huang Chun-hsiung 23p+11rb, Chou Jun-san 19p+8a, Lo Shin-liang 17p, Hsiung Jen-jen 10p
Mars – Yen Shin-shu 17p, Chen Huei 13p, Yang Che-yi 13p, Lee Chi-yi 11p+4a, Lin Jia-huang 12p

Yulon 63-60 Jutai (Half 35-35)
Yulon – Tsun Wen-din 20p+12rb+3blk, Chen Hsin-an 13p+9rb
Jutai – Yang Yu-min 14p, Shan Wei-fan 13p

Sunday, January 11, 2004

Yulon beat TB with no problem

Underrated combo guard Hong Chi-chao scored 21 points and led Yulon to a 79-69 victory tonight over Taiwan Beer. Yulon increased the lead over second place SINA (6-3) to three games with a perfect 9-0 record.

In the “Chen vs. Lin Part II”, none of the leading characters was outstanding. Chen Hsin-an quietly had 13 points while Lin Chih-jay was limited to 12 points on 5-21 shooting.

But Hong Chi-chao just couldn’t miss, making 8 of 10 shots en route to his season-high 21 points. Consecutive three-pointers by Hong, who had a DNP-CD in the last game, in the third quarter made sure Yulon wouldn’t let the win go away. Taiwan Beer failed to make any comeback after that.

Mars overcame the absence of head coach Chun Chi-mun, who missed the game for his mother’s funeral, and snapped the three-game losing streak with a 95-64 stomping over Jutai. Five Mars players scored in double figures.

Yulon 79-69 Taiwan Beer (Half 36-32)
Yulon – Hong Chi-chao 21p+5rb+4a, Tsun Wen-din 13p+11rb, Wu Chih-wei 13p+10rb, Chen Hsin-an 13p+8rb
TB – Lin Chih-jay 12p+6rb+6a, Hsu Cheng-wen 12p, Chen Shih-nian 12p

Mars 95-64 Jutai (Half 48-35)
Mars – Lai Kuo-hong 17p+6rb, Lee Chi-yi 13p+9rb, Lin Jen-da 11p, Chen Huei 11p+5rb+6a+5s
Jutai – Yang Yu-ming 16p, Shan Wei-fan 14p+6rb, Lin Che-wei 11p+5rb

Saturday, January 10, 2004

Yulon still undefeated, SINA closes in

Yulon beat Dacin 75-67 as it cruised to its 8th consecutive win with a balanced attack from all players. Lo Shin-liang had 21 points to lead SINA past Bank of Taiwan 71-64 and won its 6th straight. BOT had lost four straight games due to injuries and poor shooting.

Yulon 75-67 Dacin (Half 42-30)
Yulon – Chen Hsin-an 18p, Chen Chih-chung 15p+10rb, Wei Yong-tai 11p
Dacin – Tien Lei 25p+14rb, Chang Chih-feng 14p, Cheng Chan-jun 14p

SINA 71-64 Bank of Taiwan (Half 37-32)
SINA – Lo Shin-liang 21p, Chou Jun-san 15p+8a+4s, Huang Chun-hsiung 14p+5rb
BOT – Wu Yong-jen 17p, Chuang Xiao-wen 15p, Yang Chin-ming 14p, Chou Ben-tang 11p+13rb+3blk

Jutai 94-80 Taiwan Beer (Half 54-38)
Jutai – Yang Yu-ming 20p, O-Yang Jin-hen 17p, Wu Dai-hao 14p+8rb
TB – Lin Chih-jay 23p+7rb+4a, Pan Jen-der 20p

Sunday, January 04, 2004

Chen Hsin-an exploded for season-high 41 in easy win

It seems this is everyone has been waiting for since the first day of the season. Chen Hsin-an exploded for a SBL season-high 41 points on 14-22 shooting and led Yulon to an 101-76 rout over Mars. Yulon is 7-0 and remains the only undefeated team, holding a comfortable 2 1/2 games lead over No.2 SINA.

Chen broke the previous record of 39 points, held by Taiwan Beer’s Lin Chih-jay. He made 5 of 9 three-point attempts and shot 9-for-13 from two-point range. If not for the sub par 8-for-15 free-throws, he would have scored more than 45 points.

Yulon shot 40 of 74 (54%) as a team, including 10-for-19 from three-point range, and became the first team to crack the century mark this season.

Mars dropped its third straight game as they looked simply out of synch because of numerous injuries and fatigue. Which explains why they had trouble to keep up with their opponents.

Lo Shin-liang had 25 points as SINA edged Dacin 68-60 for its fifth consecutive win. SINA has won five since opening the season with a surprising three-game losing streak. Within three weeks, SINA climbed from last place to No.2 and is looking to challenge league leader Yulon.

SINA 68-60 Dacin (Half 30-23)
SINA – Lo Shin-liang 25p, Liu Yi-hsiang 14p, Chou Jun-san 8p+5s, Huang Chun-hsiung 4p+12rb+4a+3s
Dacin – Tien Lei 19p+11rb+4a+4s+8TO, Cheng Chan-jun 13p

Yulon 101-76 Mars (Half 48-36)
Yulon – Chen Hsin-an 41p, Chou Shih-yuan 15p, Lee Chih-ming 14p, Tsun Wen-din 11p+20rb+8a, Chiu Chi-yi 10p
Mars – Lai Kuo-hong 17p+8rb, Chen Huei 13p, Hu Yu-wei 11p, Yen Shin-shu 10p+5a, Lee Chi-yi 9p+11rb

Saturday, January 03, 2004

Lin Chih-jay leads Taiwan Beer past BOT

SBL scoring leader Lin Chih-jay had 20 points as Taiwan Beer beat Bank of Taiwan in a low-scoring game 68-64 tonight. SINA squeezed past Jutai 76-72 to win its fourth straight and is now 4-3.

Taiwan Beer 68-64 Bank of Taiwan (Half 37-33)
TB – Lin Chih-jay 20p, Pan Jen-der 17p, Wu Chih-yuan 10p
BOT – Yang Chin-min 17p, Ju Yong-hong 13p+12rb, Wu Yong-jen 11p+8rb

SINA 76-72 Jutai (Half 32-36)
SINA – Lo Shin-liang 18p+9rb, Liu Yi-hsiang 17p+14rb, Chou Jun-san 14p+7a
Jutai – Yang Yu-ming 29p, Wu Cheng-dao 18p, Shan Wei-fan 10p

Friday, January 02, 2004

Unstoppable Tien Lei shoots down Mars

Tien Lei had one of his best shooting nights of the season to lead Dacin to a surprisingly easy 82-70 victory over BCC Mars on Jan. 2. Tien Lei was 11-of-15 from the field, including 7-of-10 three-pointers, en route to his 32 points, 15 rebounds, 4 assists and 2 blocks performance.

Veteran Hsu Chi-chao also had another brilliant game, scoring 25 points on 10-of-14 shooting. Hsu averaged 22 points and 5.7 rebounds on 61.4% FG in the last three games and helped Dacin to the first winning streak of the season and climbed to 4-3.

Meanwhile, Mars dropped two straight despite having starting PG Yen Shin-shu back. Yen, who sat out the last three games, had 12 points but was obviously still not in his top form.

Dacin 82-70 Mars (Half 46-38)
Dacin – Tien Lei 32p+15rb+4a+2s+2blk, Hsu Chi-chao 25p, Lin Kwan-lun 12p, Chang Chi-feng 5a+6s
Mars – Yang Che-yi 16p, Yen Shin-shu 12p+5s, Lee Chi-yi 11p+6rb