Sunday, July 31, 2005

Jones Cup Final Day: Taiwan NT beat Korea to finish runner-up

All-Tournament Team selected by Taiwanese press
G Abdulrahman Ali, Qatar
G Terrance Johnson, USA-Passing Lane
F Steffon Bradford, USA-Passing Lane
F Pavel Ulyanko, Russia-Samara
C Tsun Wen-din, Taiwan

Russia-Samara 61-55 Qatar (26-27)
Samara: Ulyanko 17p, Bartunov 10p, Ponosov 3p+15rb
Qatar: O. Khamis 12p, Abdulla 11p+6rb, M.A. Ali 11rb, Abdulrahman 10p+10rb

Japan 87-69 India (47-39)
Japan: T. Onishi 20p+10rb, T. Ishizaki 16p, T. Ito 14p+8rb
India: Rai 17p, J. Singh 16p+12rb+6blk+4s, Riyazuddin 12p, T. Singh 11p+5a

Kazakhstan 88-77 Australia-AIS (37-42)
Kazakhstan: Shpeht 19p, Gilyarzutdinov 17p, Nechaev 11p, Pononmarev 10p+7rb, Vdovin 10p, Lopatin 10p
AIS: Baynes 16p, Weigh 15p, Kersten 12p, Ingles 11p

USA-Passing Lane 99-96 Philippines (53-45)
Passing Lane: T. Johnson 33p(9-12 3PT), M. Douthit 21p+6a, C. Okosa 17p+9rb, S. Bradford 12p+7a
Philippines: Taulava 23p+7rb, Hontiveros 13p, Helterbrand 12p, Cablay 10p, Miranda 9p+5a, Raymundo 8p, Dela Cruz 8p, Salvador 8p

Taiwan 84-73 Korea (32-23)
Taiwan: Yang Yu-min 21, Chang Chi-feng 19p, Chen Chih-chun 17p+6a, Tsun Wen-din 7p+9rb+3blk
Korea: Julian Kim 27p+14rb+3blk, Yang Hee-jong 19p, Kim Yong-hwan 10p

1. USA-Passing Lane 9-0
2. Taiwan 7-2
3. Philippines 6-3
4. Qatar 6-3
5. Russia-Samara 6-3
6. Korea 4-5
7. Kazakhstan 3-6
8. Japan 2-7
9. Australia-AIS 2-7
10. India 0-10

USA-Passing Lane edges Philippines, wins Jones Cup title

USA-Passing Lane, who has already clinched the 2005 Jones Cup title yesterday, beat Philippines 99-96 in the finale and came away with a perfect 9-0 record. But the final game was not easy as Philippines almost forced the game into overtime until team leader Asi Taulava missed the desperation three-point shot.

Passing Lane came out strong as expected and led by as many as 19 points. But Philippines was too experienced to let the game become a blowout. Taulava, who made two threes in the first half, attacked the rim repeatedly in the second half and led Philippines' furious comeback.

With Philippiines on their tails, Marcus Douthit made a turnaround jumper with 1:23 left to make the score 94-91. Taulava and Mike Williams made a free-throw each before Anthony Helterbrand made a twisting layup to cut the deficit down to one point with 56.2 seconds to go.

Ben Walker and Jordan Salvador traded basket as Passing Lane still led 97-96 with 22 seconds left. But Passing Lane broke down a Philippines full-court press in the next play as Steffon Bradford jammed home the most crucial basket of the game.

Philippines didn't give up. Coach Reyes called timeout to set up the final play. Taulava caught the inbound pass and faked a high post screen before launching the desperation three-pointer that bounced out.

Saturday, July 30, 2005

Jones Cup Day 8: Tsun's almost-perfect game leads Taiwan past Philippines

Center Tsun Wen-din shot 10 for 10 from the field and 7 of 8 from the free-throw line en route to a 28 points, 10 rebounds, 5 assists and 6 blocks performance and helped Taiwan NT edge Philippines 82-76. Tsun blocked Asi Taulava's layup with less than 30 seconds to go to seal the victory for the host.

Taiwan, without the service of big man Wu Dai-hao who was injured, was hot from the outside and opened the game with a 23-9 run. Led by Taulava and Hontiveros, Philippines made the final push in the last four minutes to cut the deficit down to four points but Tsun's timely block saved the day.

In another close game, Takanori Onishi made a turn-around winning jumper with 34.8 seconds left as Japan finally get a win in the tournament. Japan beat AIS 71-70 and is now 1-7 with only one game left.

Japan 71-70 Australia-AIS (35-29)
Japan: T. Onishi 31p(13-20 FG)+8rb, T. Ito 13p
AIS: S. Weigh 32p(13-21 FG)+8rb, R. Kersten 12p+6rb+4a, J. Ingles 9p+7rb

USA-Passing Lane 105-76 India (49-35)
Passing Lane: T. Johnson 26p, S. Bradford 14p, C. Okosa 13p, R. Randle 13p, Mike Williams 8p+16rb
India: Riyazuddin 21p, T. Singh 14p, Rai 13p, J. Singh 11p

Qatar 95-55 Kazakhstan (47-28)
Qatar: B.A. Mohammed 15p, O. Khamis 15p, O.A. Salem 14p
Kazakhstan: A. Ponomarev 13p, R. Muravyov 12p

Russia-Samara 77-70 Korea (39-38)
Samara: P. Ulyanko 27p, V. Lirhodey 13p
Korea: Joo Tae-Soo 25p+7rb+4a, Julian Kim 13p+13rb+4blk, Kang Byoung-Hyun 12p, Yang Hee-Jong 11p

Taiwan 82-76 Philippines (45-42)
Taiwan: Tsun Wen-din 28p(10-10 FG, 7-8 FT)+10rb+5a+6blk, Lee Chi-yi 13p, Chen Chih-chun 13p
Philippines: A. Taulava 27p+16rb, Hontiveros 15p, Helterbrand 11p+9rb

USA-Passing Lane 8-0
Taiwan 6-2
Philippines 6-2
Qatar 6-2
Russia-Samara 5-3
Korea 4-4
Australia 2-6
Kazakhstan 2-6
Japan 1-7
India 0-8

Friday, July 29, 2005

Jones Cup Day 7: USA-Passing Lane edges Qatar to stay undefeated

Australia-AIS 112-74 India (67-38)
AIS: Weigh 18p+3s, Kersten 19p, Miller 11p+5a, Ogilvy 11p+7rb, Ingers 9p+9rb
India: Rai 19p, Riyazuddin 18p, J. Singh 14p+6rb

Korea 91-73 Japan (36-42)
Korea: Tang Hee-Jong 17p+9rb, Joo Tae-Soo 17p+12rb, Lee Kwang-Jae 16p
Japan: Ito 16p, Onishi 15p

USA-Passing Lane 93-91 Qatar (42-30)
Passing Lane: Okosa 19p+17rb+7blk, Douthit 18p, T. Johnson 18p, Dradford 16p+9rb
Qatar: Abdulrahman 23p, Daoud 22p, Abdulla 12p+8rb

Philippines 91-78 Russia-Samara (52-33)
Philippines: Hontiveros 19p, K. Williams 12p+6rb, Cablay 10p, Adducul 10p
Samara: Petukhov 11p, Zelenskiy 11p, Konovalov 11p

Taiwan 86-66 Kazakhstan (48-34)
Taiwan: Yang Che-yi 17p, Lee Hseuh-lin 12p, Tsun Wen-din 8p+13rb+4blk
Kazakhstan: Keshikevich 12p+9rb, Yargarliev 10+6rb, Ponomarev 10p+9rb

USA-Passing Lane 7-0
Philippines 6-1
Qatar 5-2
Taiwan 5-2
Russia-Samara 4-3
Korea 4-3
Kazakhstan 2-5
Australia-AIS 2-5
Japan 1-6
India 0-7

Thursday, July 28, 2005

Jones Cup Day 6: Qatar beat Taiwan 89-84

Philippines 76-72 Japan (38-35)
Philippines: A. Taulava 15p+7rb, A. Dela Cruz 14p+6rb, D. Miranda 13p+7rb, A. Helterbrand 10p
Japan: Y. Kagami 13, T. Ito 11p T. Sato 10p, A. Ota 10p

Korea 84-76 Australia-AIS (42-37)
Korea: Julian Kim 18p+9rb+3s, Joo Tae-Soo 15p+5rb, Song Chang-Moo 15p, Lee Kwang-Jae 15p
AIS: R. Kersten 15p, A. Baynes 11p+8rb, S. Weigh 12p, J. Ingers 11p, A. Ogilvy 10p+9rb, P. Mills 7p+4rb

Kazakhstan 101-73 India (45-42)
Kazakhstan: R. Yargarvliev 35p+9rb, R. Muravyov 19p+7rb, R. Gilyazutdinov 11p+7rb
India: T. Rai 25p, J. Singh 17p+11rb, T. Singh 15p

USA-Passing Lane 101-70 Russia-Samara (55-29)
Passing Lane: S. Bradford 26p+9rb, T. Johnson 18p, R. Randle 13p, B. Walker 10p, M. Goldman 6p
Samara: A. Kotishevsky 10p, V. Livhodey 10p

Qatar 89-84 Taiwan (48-51)
Qatar: A.T. Ali 19p+6rb, Abdulrahman 15p, Daoud 14p, M.S. Abdulla 13p+13rb
Taiwan: Lee Hseuh-lin 23p, Tsun Wen-din 21p+13rb+4blk+3s, Yang Che-yi 11p

USA-Passing Lane 6-0
Qatar 5-1
Philippines 5-1
Taiwan 4-2
Russia-Samara 4-2
Korea 3-3
Kazakhstan 2-4
Australia-AIS 2-4
Japan 0-6
India 0-6

Wednesday, July 27, 2005

Jones Cup Day 5 - No more undefeated: Philippines and Samara shocked

Halfway thru the tournament, things started to get interesting. After two upsets, top-heavy Jones Cup standing became a long-jam. Philippines and Samara are no more undefeated as Taiwan NT upset Russia-Samara 68-66 while Philippines was shocked 76-80 by AIS -- basically a junior team.

Under the single round robin format, USA-Passing Lane is now officially the one and only favorite.

With a little help from the refs (so-called homecourt advantage, isn't it?) and redhot shooting of Chang Chih-feng and Yang Yu-min, Taiwan NT came away with an important win. Taiwan NT deserved credit for their defensive intensity for the whole 40 minutes. However the outcome wasn't set before Samara missed two potential winning three-pointers in the last 8 seconds.

Philippines' loss was a shock. Steve Weigh of AIS knocked down a game-deciding three-pointer with 35.4 seconds left to increased the lead to five points.

Coming off a four-game losing streak, AIS didn't lay down and die versus the PBA All-Stars. On contrary, Philippines doesn't look like a team who won four straight. Philippines' head was never in the game until the final five minutes. Their 24 turnovers hurt even more.

The Passing Lane-Korea game became a three-point shootout as both teams shot over 40% from three. Passing Lane made 14 three-pointers while Koreans made 15. But Passing Lane dominated the paint just like the previous four games. For the frist time in the tourney, Korea's defense looked helpless.

Kazakhstan 100-78 Japan (50-45)
Kazakhstan: A. Shpht 33p+5rb, R. Gulyazutdinov 21p+12rb, R. Yargavliev 16p+8rb, I Nechaev 12p
Japan: K. Nakagawa 21p+6rb, A. Ota 16p, T. Ito 14p, T. Onishi 13p+7rb

Qatar 108-64 India (42-32)
Qatar: Daoud 21p+7rb, Abdulrahman 20p, M. Salaheldin 17p, E.A. Saeed 13p
India: Sridhar 18p, T. Singh 16p

Australia-AIS 80-76 Philippines (38-39)
AIS: R. Kersten 21p, P. Mills 14p, A. Baynes 13p, S. Weigh 10p
Philippines: R. Adducul 15p+7rb, A. Taulava 14p, A. Helterbrand 14p, A. Dela Cruz 11p

USA-Passing Lane 110-88 Korea (56-50)
Passing Lane: T. Johnson 29p+5rb+4a, S. Bradford 22p+6rb, M. Douthit 19p, B. Walker 12p
Korea: Julian Kim 19p+11rb, Lee Kwang-Jae 19p, No Kyoung-Suk 17p

Tuesday, July 26, 2005

Jones Cup Day 4: Qatar beat Korea with brilliant defense

Three of five games of the day ended in lopsided results, which is why Qatar-Korea game the best game of the day. Qatar took Korea's game away with its solid defense, no matter it's man-to-man or zone defense. Korea's best player C Joo Tae-Soo was limited to 11 points.

Philippines' Asi Taulava turned in the best performance by sinking all 11 of his shots en route to game-high 29 points, although he only made 7 of 15 free-throws.

Russia-Samara 72-62 Kazakhstan (35-35)
Samara: O. Bartunov 16p, P. Ulyanko 13p, Y. Strelkin 13p, V. Konovalov 7p+11rb
Kazakhstan: R. Yargavliev 15p, A. Shpht 12p, R. Muravyov 10p

USA-Passing Lane 105-83 Japan (48-44)
Passing Lane: S. Bradford 22p, C. Okosa 18p+9rb, T. Johnson 14p, R. Brown 12p, M. Goldman 12p, M. Douthit 11p+10rb
Japan: T. Ito 20p, T. Ishida 13p, K. Nakagawa 11p+6rb

Philippines 107-69 India (42-37)
Philippines: A. Taulava 29p(11-11 FG, 7-15 FT)+6rb+4a, R. Adducul 18p(8-11 FG), A. Helterbrand 17p(8-14 FG), D. Hontiveros 11p, A. dela Cruz 10p, K. Williams 10p, K. Raymundo 7p+12rb
India: Sridha 22p, T.Singh 13p+6rb, J. Singh 11p+6rb

Qatar 66-56 Korea (28-25)
Qatar: Daoud 19p, E.A. Saeed 14p
Korea: Lee Kwang-Jae 20p, Kang Byung-Hyun 15p+7rb+6a, Joo Tae-Soo 11p

Taiwan 95-82 Australia-AIS (48-38)
Taiwan: Tsun Wen-din 16p, Wu Dai-hao 13p+5rb, Chang Chih-feng 13p, Chou Shih-yuan 12p, Yang Che-yi 11p
AIS: S. Weigh 17p, A.Baynes 16p, J. Ingers 12p, R. Kersten 11p

Philippines 4-0
Russia-Samara 4-0
USA-Passing Lane 4-0
Taiwan 3-1
Qatar 3-1
Korea 2-2
India 0-4
Japan 0-4
Australia-AIS 0-4
Kazakhstan 0-4

Monday, July 25, 2005

Jones Cup Day 3: Philippines, Samara, Passing Lane top standing

Led by powerful frontlines Steffon Bradford and Marcus Douthit, who combined 47 points and 26 rebounds, USA-Passing Lane beat Kazakhstan and tops the standings with 3-0 along with Philippines and Russia-Samara. Philippines wins another close game by beating Korea 79-75. Samara once again fired from outside and cruised to a 93-64 vctory over Australia's AIS.

Qatar 78-69 Japan (46-35)
Qatar: E.A. Saeed 24p+11rb, S. Abdulrahman 21p
Japan: K. Nakagawa 23p+7rb+5a, T. Ito 16p, T. Sato 11p

Russia-Samara 93-64 Australia-AIS (49-35)
Samara: Y. Strelkin 18p, O. Bartunov 14p, D. Ponosov 11p+6rb
AIS: S. Weigh 13p, M. Deric 13p, A. Baynes 10p, J. Ingers 10p

USA-Passing Lane 88-78 Kazakhstan (42-29)
Passing Lane: S. Bradford 26p+13rb, M. Douthit 21p+13rb+3blk, R. Johnson 12p
Kazakhstan: A. Ponomerov 24p+6rb, R. Gilyazutdinov 20p+11rb, R. Muravyov 11p

Philippines 79-75 Korea (35-34)
Philippines: A. Taulava 14p+7rb(6-8 FG), C. Brandon 11p, A. Helterbrand 11p+3a, D. Hontiveros 9p, K. Raymundo 9p
Korea: Joo Tae-Soo 23p+6rb(8-13 FG), Yim Hwi-Jong 15p, Yang Hee-Jong 13p

Taiwan 111-70 India (66-32)

USA-Passing Lane 3-0
Russia-Samara 3-0
Philippines 3-0
Korea 2-1
Taiwan 2-1
Qatar 2-1
Japan 0-3
Kazakhstan 0-3
AIS 0-3
India 0-3

Sunday, July 24, 2005

Jones Cup Day 2: Passing Lane slams Taiwan NT

With four key players out of the Jones Cup lineup, Taiwan NT couldn't keep up with the Americans. Passing Lane was not only bigger and stronger, its outside shooting was awesome. Taiwan NT, who was known for its three-point shooting, shot 13-for-36(36%) behind the three-point line, while Passing lane made 12 of 29(41%). Also, Taiwan NT was pounded on the boards, trailing 31-59 in the category.

Steffon Bradford and Terrance Johnson led Passing Lane with 17 each. Yang Yu-ming was Taiwan's top scorer with 16.

Taiwan's Chen Hsin-an, Tien Lei, Lin Chi-jay and Chang Chih-feng all will sit out the Jones Cup due to injury.

Passing Lane 95-74 Taiwan (53-35)
Passing Lane: Terrance Johnson 17p, Steffon Bradford 17p+9rb, Marcus Douthit 16p+10rb, Roosevelt Brown 16p, Chuckwunike Okosa 6p+14rb
Taiwan: Yang Yu-ming 16p, Yang Chin-ming 15p, Tsun Wen-din 11p+9rb+4blk

Korea 2-0
Philippines 2-0
Passing Lane 2-0
Russia 2-0
Taiwan 1-1
Qatar 1-1
India 0-2
Japan 0-2
AIS 0-2
Kazakhstan 0-2

Jones Cup Day 2: Philippines gets 2nd win, loses Miller

Philippines escaped a late Kazakhstan rally with a 82-74 win to go 2-0. The bad news is they lost All-PBA First-Teamer Willie Miller to a severe sprained ankle for the tourney. Anthony Helterbrand led Philippines with 17 points. Anthony De la Cruz, who had 11 points and 9 rebounds, pulled down a crucial offensive rebound in the final 30 seconds to secure the victory.

A lot of Filipinos who work in Taiwan showed up to field support for their national team, the first REAL national team visiting Taiwan since the 1998 Centennial Team. The 1998 team made Jones Cup stadium looked like a Philippines home court with thousands of Filipino fans cheering and waving flags in the stands.

Korea 92-73 India (43-26)
Korea: Joo Tae-Soo 24p+13rb, No Kyoung-Suk 21p+5rb+4s, Sonh Chang-Moo 12p+6rb, Julian Kim 9p+8rb
India: T. Rai 22p, Jagdeep Singh 14p+9rb, T. Singh 12p

Samara 67-50 Japan (35-25)
Samara: P. Ulyanko 24p
Japan: Takaki Ishida 14p, Takanori Onishi 10p

Qatar 80-70 AIS (40-35)
Qatar: Daoud 24p, S. Abdulrahman 22p+8rb
AIS: Patrick Mills 18p+5rb+5s, Aron Baynes 14p, Stephen Weigh 10p

Philippines 82-74 Kazakhstan (45-43)
Philippines: A. Helterbrand 17p(5-8 FG)+5a, R. Adducul 16p+8rb, A. De la Cruz 11p+9rb, A. Taulava 14p
Kazakhstan: I. Nechaev 19p(5 3-PT), A. Ponomarev 14p+7rb, S. Vdovin 10p

Saturday, July 23, 2005

Jones Cup Day 1: Taiwan NT opens with win over Japan

Samara 107-76 India (56-32)
Samara: Ulyanko 17p, Mikheev 13p, Kiriyanov 12p, Kotishevskiy 12p, Petukhov 11p, Ponosov 11p, Strelkin 10p
India: S. Sridhar 13p, S. Ahmed 12p+6rb, T. Singh 12p, Riyazuddin 11p, Jagdeep Singh 10p

Korea 89-69 Kazahstan (43-41)
Korea: Julian Kim 21p+8rb+3blk, Joo Tae-Soo 17p+8rb, Lee Kwang-Jae 14p, Yang Hee-Jong 10p+7rb, No Kyoung-Suk 10p
Kazakhstan: Ponomarev 21p+10rb, Vdovin 17p

Passing Lanes 85-64 AIS (38-28)
Passing Lanes: Steffon Bradford 24p+6rb, Ryan Randle 11p, Tarrance Johnson 11p, Ben Walker 5p+11rb
AIS: Stephen Weigh 25p, Ryan Kersten 15p+5a, Patrick Mills 9p, Aron Baynes 8p+6rb

Taiwan 73-61 Japan (36-24)
Taiwan: Yang Yu-min 13p, Tsun Wen-din 11p+9rb+3a+3s, Yang Ching-min 10p
Japan: Takanori Onishi 13p+7rb, Takuya Sato 13p, Kazuyuki Nakagawa 8p+7rb+4a

Philippines 82-71 Qatar (47-29)
Philippines: Cablay Brandon 17p, A. Helterbrand 12p+6rb, D. Hontiveros 11p, R. Adducul 10p
Qatar: D.M. Daoud 19p, E.A. Saeed 11p+7rb, S. Abdulrahman 10p

Thursday, July 21, 2005

Taiwan Women's NT wins 2005 Jones Cup

Taiwan Women's NT wins the Jones Cup title for the fifth time in tournament history. The competetion level is questioned though. Russia sent its U-18 NT to the tourney. Japan sent its WUG NT, while Korea is conprised of amateur players. And Zhejiang features two American players -- Brandi Teamer (Virginia '05) and Jaclyn Johnson (Kansas '01) as their only and main weapon.

1. Taiwan 5-0
2. New Zealand 4-1
3. Zhejiang 2-3
4. Korea 2-3
5. Russia 1-4
6. Japan 1-4

July 19
New Zealand 72-57 Russia
Japan 94-89 Zhejiang
Taiwan 101-50 Korea

July 20
Korea 68-66 Japan
New Zealand 78-67 Zhejiang
Taiwan 76-50 Russia

Tuesday, July 19, 2005

Taiwan leads Jones Cup women's competition with 3-0

Undefeated Taiwan NT leads a six-team field with three wins halfway thru the 2005 Jones Cup women's competition which plays under a single round robin format.

Notes that will give you a clearer picture of the participating teams:

Taiwan and New Zealand: Full national team.
Russia: U-18 NT.
Zhejiang: A new team that will enter China's WCBA next season.
South Korea: Amateur League All-Star team.
Japan: World University Games national team.

Taiwan 3-0, New Zealand 2-1, Zhejiang 2-1, South Korea 1-2, Russia 1-2, Japan 0-3

July 18
Russia 91-89 Japan
Zhejiang 83-58 South Korea
Taiwan 74-70 New Zealand

July 17
South Korea 78-73 Russia
New Zealand 110-71 Japan
Taiwan 91-75 Zhejiang

July 16
New Zealand 98-64 South Korea
Zhejiang 77-54 Russia
Taiwan 108-76 Japan

Friday, July 15, 2005

Jones Cup men's roster: Samara, Kazakhstan, Philippines

RUSSIA-SAMARA CSK VVS Men’s Basketball Team

Head Coach: KIM Oleg
Assistant Coach: Boris LIVANOV

4 Pavel ULYANKO 1979.04.06 204 95
6 Vladislav KONOVALOV 1974.05.02 202 100
8 Yaroslav STRELKIN 1973.07.14 202 98
9 Gennady ZELENSKIY 1982.09.25 185 80
11 Alexey KIRIYANOV 1981.04.20 206 100
23 Victor USKOV 1986.01.31 180 70
25 Oleg BARTUNOV 1985.03.19 197 90
37 Pavel MIKHEEV 1983.05.30 198 90
40 Valery LIRHODEY 1986.10.23 203 88
41 Alexey KOTISHEVSKIY 1985.04.04 190 81
Dmitry PONOSOV 1984.06.25
Andrey PETUKHOV 1986.06.17

KAZAKHSTAN National Men’s Basketball Team

Head Coach: Alexey YEROPKIN
Coach: Vitaliy STREBKOV

Roman MURAVYOV 1984.08.15 190 82
Ruslan GILYAZUTDINOV 1984.09.09 203 102
Anton PONOMAREV 1988.10.31 209 91
Rustam YARGAVLIEV 1986.12.20 193 83
Ivan NECHAEV 1980.12.09 185 78
Alexandr DERBUSH 1977.08.02 187 80
Vyacheslav PASHKEVICH 1980.07.29 202 90
Andrey SHPEHT 1976.01.31 190 80
Yegor BIRYULIN 1986.11.17 185 85
Vyacheslav ROSNOVSKIY 1975.05.22 200 85
Sergey VDOVIN 1982.04.06 202 95
Vitaliy LOPATIN 1981.07.02 187 75

PHILIPPINE PBA-PR National Men’s Basketball Team

Head Coach: Vincent P. REYES
Assistant Coach: Joseph Enrique UICHICO
Assistant Coach: Vincent K. FAVIS
Assistant Coach: Salvador Antonio CASTRO

Rommel ADDUCUL 1976.04.21 198 100
Jimmy Olmedo ALAPAG 1977.12.30 175 77
Nicholas BELASCO 1973.12.10 193 90
Yancy Rozal DE OCAMPO 1980.11.14 203 100
Anthony Bryan DELA CRUZ 1978.08.24 193 90
Anthony HELTERBRAND 1976.10.14 180 86
Donaldo HONTIVEROS 1977.01.01 187 85
Willie MILLER 1977.07.13 177 85
Dorian PENA 1977.10.12 198 105
Daniel Charles SEIGLE 1976.06.14 198 90
Pauliasi TAULAVA 1981.12.07 208 110
Kerby RAYMUNDO 1981.01.19 198 90

Jones Cup: Passing Lane Sports/AIS Roster

Passing Lane Sports(USA)

Head Coach: Jerry LAYTON

Shammgod WELLS 183 73
Terrance JOHNSON 196 95
Ben WALKER 188 99
Michael GOLDMAN 188 93
Ian BOYLAN 198 98
Anthony GLOVER 198 113
Ryan RANDLE 206 116
Brian ROBINSON 201 113
Steffon BRADFORD 201 109
Brian SIGAFOOS 213 113
Marcus DOUTHIT 211 109
Chukwunike OKOSA
Mike WILLIAMS 211 109

AUSTRALIA AIS Men’s Basketball Team

Head Coach: Martin CLARKE
Assistant Coach: Paul GORISS

4 Patrick MILLS 1988.08.11 181
5 Benjamin DOWDELL 201 90
6 Joseph INGLES 1987.10.02 199
7 Ryan KERSTEN 1986.04.21 183
8 Christopher MOLITOR 200 90
9 Zachary NATOLI 180 75
10 Jeffrey DOWDELL 1987.03.13 202
11 Stephen WEIGH 1987.02.28 199
12 Marko DERIC 1987.09.18 204
14 Andrew OGILVY 1988.06.17 206
21 Aron BAYNES 1986.12.09 207

Tuesday, July 12, 2005

Jones Cup - Philippines National Team roster

Player, Height, Position, Birth Year, Team(College)

Rommel Adducul 198 F 1976 Ginebra
*Anthony "Jay-Jay" Helterbrand 183 G 1976 Ginebra (Kentucky State, NCAA Div-II)
Kerby Raymundo 200 C 1980 Purefoods
*Tony De la Cruz 193 F 1979 Shell (Cal-Irvine)
*Willie Miller 178 G - Talk N Text
Yancy de Ocampo 203 C 1979 Talk N Text
*Jimmy Alapag 178 G 1977 Talk N Text (Cal State - St. Bernardino, NCAA Div-II)
*Asi Taulava 206 C 1973 Talk N Text
*Donaldo "Dondon" Hontiveros 188 G 1977 San Miguel
*Nic Belasco 198 C 1973 San Miguel (College of Notre Dame, NCAA Div-III)
*Dorian Pena 198 C 1976 San Miguel
*Danny Seigle 198 F/G 1976 San Miguel (Wagner, NCAA Div-I)

Alternative: Enrico Villanueva 196 C 1980 Red Bull

* denotes Philippine-American(Phil-Am)

Monday, July 11, 2005

Jones Cup - Japan, Qatar and Korea Roster

JAPAN National Men’s Basketball Team

Head Coach: IKEUCHI, Yasuaki
Assistant Coach: YAMAMOTO, Akira

4 ITAKURA, Reina 1981.05.11 192 86
6 ISHIDA, Takaki 1982.09.25 186 82
5 NAKAGAWA, Kazuyuki 1982.06.06 180 76
7 ONISHI, Takanori 1983.04.03 195 97
8 MACHIDA, Yosuke 1983.04.04 197 90
9 ITO, Takuro 1983.08.24 182 77
10 SATO, Takuya 1983.08.25 197 110
11 GOYA, Takanori 1983.08.26 188 80
12 KAGAMI, Yuya 1984.01.24 193 89
13 OTA, Atsuya 1984.06.04 206 103
14 SUGATANI, Toru 1984.06.22 215 97
15 ISHIZAKI, Takumi 1984.07.06 187 80

QATAR National Men’s Basketball Team

Head Coach: Joseph Anthony STIEBING
Assistant Coach: Stacy Neal HALLOWELL
Assistant Coach: William Edgar BURGESS

1 Saad Abdulrahman ALI 1985.05.02 193 88
3 Khalid Masoud Al NASR 1980.09.10 175 75
9 Ali Turki ALI 1982.01.10 200 95
10 Yasseen Ismail MUSA 1980.08.12 203 95
11 Mohammed Orabi Al JABRI 1978.02.14 175 78
15 Omer Abdgader SALEM 1983.10.01 205 100
16 Malek Salem ABDULLA 1985.05.13 193 78
21 Khalid Suliman ABDI 1987.02.07 196 86
23 Erfan Ali SAEED 1983.12.20 198 90
24 Hashim Zaidan BSHER 1980.08.13 208 105
26 Mohammed SALAHELDIN 1985.08.04 207 88
27 Omer KHAMIS 1986.12.12 200 90
30 Baker Ahmad MOHAMMED 1986.08.11 197 88
31 Hammam Omer ISMAIL 1983.09.15 199 87
32 Mohammed Abdulla ALI 1987.02.02 190 86
34 Mohammed Seleem ABDULLA 1982.07.17 200 95

KOREA Men’s Basketball Team

Head Coach: JIN, Hyo-Joon
Assistant Coach: KIM, Seung-Hwan

4 KIM, Yong-Hwan 1984.07.05 195 88
5 YIM, Hwi-Jong 1985.02.27 183 82
6 NO, Kyoung-Suk 1983.10.20 187 80
7 KIM, Tae-Sul 1984.08.13 180 72
8 LEE, Kwang-Jae 1984.04.21 188 72
9 YANG, Hee-Jong 1984.05.11 193 90
10 CHO, Sung-Min 0983.12.23 190 82
11 PARK, Sang-Woo 1983.07.30 202 100
12 SONG, Chang-Moo 1982.12.20 207 97
13 JOO, Tae-Soo 1982.11.06 203 100
14 KANG, Byung-Hyun 1985.03.03 192 84
15 KIM, Julian 1982.01.16 200 93

Sunday, July 10, 2005

Exodus: Five players leave ETSN

A total of five players left ETSN, which has more than twenty players on its payroll, and signed with other SBL teams. Ironically, the exodus will not hurt ETSN because its roster is as deep as you can imagine.

Shan Wei-fan, Lin Che-wei and Lin Che-li signed with Taiwan Beer. Yua Yin-li and Chen Shun-hsiang signed with Bank of Taiwan.

All five left mainly because of lack of playing time. And none of them except Shan Wei-fan cracked ETSN starting lineup.

A couple coaching moves are intriguing, too. Huang Wan-long, Song-shan High School head coach and former Taiwan Beer assistant, will coach Taipower women’s team as an assistant. He will coach Song-shan HS and Taipower at the same time.

Dacin head coach Liu Jia-fa, who had been coaching both Dacin and Taiwan Normal University in the past three years, will focus solely on Dacin starting next season.

Chiu Da-tsun was hired as head coach, but will be probably listed as an assistant, by Taiwan Beer last week.

Taiwan NT 2-0 in SoCal Summer Pro League

Taiwan NT, which entered Southern California Summer Pro League as Frontline Sports, won both of their games and finished a month-long U.S. training tour in a high note.

Taiwan edged Senegal NT 87-85 on a winning shot by Yang Yu-min with 3.5 seconds left on July 9th. Today Taiwan NT beat NBA Pro 110-104. The REAL Frontline Sports will take over the remaining schedule in the summer league, while Taiwan NT heads back to Taiwan to prepare for the upcoming Jones Cup.

Yang Yu-min, who struggled quite a bit in the first half of the 2004-05 SBL season, kept his hot-hand going by scoring 53 points in two games. Center Wu Dai-hao, guards Chou Shih-yuan and Lee Hsueh-lin also played very well.

Taiwan NT finished a month-long training tour in Los Angeles, where they played with local college teams and mix-up teams before entering SoCal Summer Pro League.

In the second-half of the year, Taiwan NT will compete in three events -- Jones Cup in Taipei, East Asian games in Macao and Asian Championship in Qatar.

Taiwan NT 87-85 Senegal
Yang Yu-min 19p+3a, Tsun Wen-din 17p+7rb+2blk, Chou Shih-yuan 15p, Lee Hsueh-lin 15p+8rb+4a, Wu Dai-hao 9p+4rb+2blk

Taiwan NT 110-104 NBA Pro
Taiwan: Yang Yu-min 34p, Wu Dai-hao 25p, Chou Shih-yuan 20p

Tien has a lot to learn in Las Vegas

Tien Lei, whose name listed as Garrett Tien in Sacramento Kings summer league team roster, got his first taste of American basketball when he only got one rebound in his first game wearing an NBA uniform. Tien played two minutes in a Kings’ 71-60 win over the New Jersey Nets in the Las Vegas Summer League.

Obviously Tien spent most of the game sitting on the end of the bench to watch and learn. He had a DNP-CD in the first game, which Sacramento lost to Phoenix Suns 81-75.

Tien was measured at 204cm without shoes, about an inch taller than what he was listed (202cm) in Taiwan. Playing mostly at power forward and center in Taiwan, Tien has to learn to transform himself as a shooting guard or small forward in America.

Sacramento has three games left (Bulls, Clippers and Mavericks) in the Vegas Summer League.

There are a couple of Asian players in the Vegas Summer League. 5-11 guard Shuji Takei from Waseda University plays for THE TICKET. Bang Sung Yoon, a 605 shooter from South Korea who spent last season in the NBDL, plays for Dallas Mavericks. 6-11 Menk Bateer from China plays for the Chicago Bulls. Jun Iwasa from Japan plays for P. MILLER team.

Saturday, July 09, 2005

Jones Cup - Russian women's team added in last minute

Women's schedule is revised because of the last-minute addition of a Russian team.

1600 New Zealand-Korea
1800 Russia-Zhejiang
2000 Taiwan-Japan

1600 Korea-Russia
1800 Japan-New Zealand
2000 Zhejiang-Taiwan

1600 Russia-Japan
1800 Zhejiang-Korea
2000 Taiwan-New Zealand

1600 New Zealand-Russia
1800 Japan-Zhejiang
2000 Korea-Taiwan

1600 Japan-Korea
1800 Zhejiang-New Zealand
2000 Taiwan-Russia
2130 Closing Ceremony

Chiu Da-tsun named Taiwan Beer new head coach

Chiu Da-tsun, who coached in China in the last four years, was named new head coach of Taiwan Beer. Yen Jia-hua will go back to his General Manager role after spending last season as GM/Head Coach.

Chiu Da-tsun worked under current Lebanon NT head coach Paul Coughter as an assistant in 1997-1999. He coached Sina Lions, the first Taiwanese team to join China’s CBA, for two years before jumping to Jiangsu and Xinjiang.

Chiu was fired by Xinjiang last season and went back to Taiwan. He worked as a TV analyst in SBL games for ESPN Taiwan.

Friday, July 08, 2005

2005 Jones Cup Women's competition team roster

NEW ZEALAND TALL FERNS Women’s Basketball Team

Head Coach: Mike McHUGH
Assistant Coach: Shawn DENNIS

NO. Name D.O.B Height Weight
4 Micaela COCKS 1986.05.02 174
5 Rebecca COTTON 1974.08.23 185
6 Angela MARINO 1986.02.03 166
7 Noni Wharemate 1982.01.17 171
8 Kate McMEEKEN-RUSCOE 1979.12.19 175
9 Donna LOFFHAGEN 1978.04.29 184
10 Stacey MABEY 1977.11.07 177
11 Lisa PARDON 1982.05.22 173
12 Lisa WALLBUTTON 1986.01.14 183
13 Julie OFSOSKI 1973.04.04 180
14 Jody CAMERON 1976.02.10 179
15 Jessica McCORMACK 1989.09.08 193

ZHEJIANG Women’s Basketball Team

Head Coach: CONG, Xue-Di
Coach: ZHU, Jia-Zhong, WANG, Fang
Assistant Coach: GU, Jia-Qing

4 SHEN, Bin-Bin 1989.01.18 174 65
5 YE, Feng 1985.03.18 174 65
6 CHE, Xin 1985.04.13 178 68
8 XU, Jin-Ping 1982.08.31 180 70
9 SUN, Zhen-Zhu 1983.01.22 180 70
11 DONG, Yang-Mei 1983.12.31 188 75
12 ZHENG, Bo-Wen 1990.03.26 190 75
13 WANG, Fu-Ying 1972.12.01 197 105
15 LIU, Xin 1989.02.15 186 74
16 LIU, Ya-Jing 1975.11.15 176 68
17 Nyree ROBERTS 1976.03.10 194 88
18 Jaclyn JOHNSON 1979.03.16 188 80

JAPAN National Women’s Basketball Team

Head Coach: IWAMOTO, Yoshihiro
Assistant Coach: YAMAMOTO, Takeshi

4 SEKINE, Maiko 1985.11.21 168 60
5 MATSUO, Kana 1983.10.08 174 67
6 NAGAISHI, Haruna 1983.04.18 173 62
7 HIRATA, Hiromi 1983.08.03 158 55
8 YOSHIDA, Emi 1983.09.10 175 63
9 TASHIRO, Tomoyo 1983.08.23 171 60
10 HASEGAWA, Tomoyo 1983.06.19 177 62
11 NAGI, Yoko 1982.05.09 175 68
12 HANZAWA, Aiko 1985.03.18 180 70
13 KONDO, Keiko 1984.09.04 174 72
14 SUZUKI, Ayumi 1985.10.14 178 70
15 ISHIKAWA, Mai 1985.04.11 180 66

KOREA Women’s Basketball Team

Head Coach: KIM, Dong-Yeal
Assistant Coach: SHIN, Won-Hwa

4 KWON, Myo-Hee 1981.10.21 168 62
5 KANG, Ae-Kyung 1975.06.18 170 60
6 BAI, Young-Kyoung 1975.07.12 172 68
7 KANG, Min-Jeong 1979.11.21 175 70
8 SUNG, Ha-Ran 1981.04.09 176 68
9 JUN, Ji-Hye 1982.05.09 179 63
10 NAM, Kyoung-Min 1979.09.20 173 70
11 KIM, Eun-Hae 1977.07.26 175 70
12 LEE, Young-Chae 1984.04.14 174 65
13 KANG, Myung-Hee 1983.09.15 173 75
14 KIM, Hyang-Mi 1981.01.23 183 73
15 KOAK, Sun-Ja 1982.05.19 183 79

2005 William Jones Cup Invitational Tournament Schedule

Men's Competition

Format: Single round robin
Team(10): Taiwan NT, AIS Australia, India NT, Japan U-24 NT, Kazakhstan NT, Korea NT, PBA Philippines, Qatar NT, Samara Russia, Passing Lane Sports USA
July 23(Sat.)
1200 Russia-India
1400 Korea-Kazakhstan
1600 Australia-USA
1800 Opening ceremony
1830 Taiwan-Japan
2030 Philippines-Qatar

July 24(Sun.)
1200 Inida-Korea
1400 Japan-Russia
1600 Qatar-Australia
1800 Kazakhstan-Philippines
2000 USA-Taiwan

July 25(Mon.)
1200 Qatar-Japan
1400 Russia-Australia
1600 USA-Kazakhstan
1800 Philippines-Korea
2000 Taiwan-India

July 26(Tue.)
1200 Kazakhstan-Russia
1400 Japan-USA
1600 India-Philippines
1800 Korea-Qatar
2000 Australia-Taiwan

July 27(Wed.)
1200 Kazakhstan-Japan
1400 Qatar-India
1600 Philippines-Australia
1800 USA-Korea
2000 Taiwan-Russia

July 28(Thu.)
1200 Japan-Philippines
1400 Korea-Australia
1600 India-Kazakhstan
1800 Russia-USA
2000 Qatar-Taiwan

July 29(Fri.)
1200 Australia-India
1400 Korea-Japan
1600 USA-Qatar
1800 Philippines-Russia
2000 Taiwan-Kazakhstan

July 30(Sat.)
1200 Japan-Australia
1400 India-USA
1600 Kazakhstan-Qatar
1800 Russia-Korea
2000 Philippines-Taiwan

July 31(Sun.)
1200 Qatar-Russia
1400 Australia-Kazakhstan
1600 India-Japan
1800 Philippines-USA
2000 Taiwan-Korea
2130 Closing ceremony

Women's Competition

Format: Single round robin
Team(6): Zhejiang China, Japan NT, Korea NT, New Zealand NT, Taiwan NT

July 16(Sat.)
1800 Korea-Zhejiang
2000 Taiwan-Japan

July 17(Sun.)
1800 New Zealand-Korea
2000 Zhejiang-Taiwan

July 18(Mon.)
1800 Korea-Japan
2000 New Zealand-Zhejiang

July 19(Tue.)
1800 Japan-New Zealand
2000 Taiwan-Korea

July 20(Wed.)
1800 Zhejiang-Japan
2000 New Zealand-Taiwan
2130 Closing Ceremony

Passing Lane Sports invited to Jones Cup

PASSING LANE SPORTS is invited to the 2005 Jones Cup tournament and becomes the first team from U.S. to enter the tournament in the last five years.


Player Height/Weight Position
God Shammgod 6’0 / 160 1
Terrance Johnson 6’5 / 210 2
Ben Walker 6’2 219 2/1
Michael Goldman 6’2 205 2/1
Ian Boylan 6’6 215 3
Anthony Glover 6’6 / 250 3/4
Ryan Randle 6’9 255 4
Brian Robinson 6’7 250 4
Steffon Bradford 6’7 / 240 4/3
Brian Sigafoos 7’0 250 5
Marcus Douthit 6’11 240 5
Cedric Suitt 6’11 250 5
Mike Williams 6’11 240 5

Wednesday, July 06, 2005

Chen Hsin-an will return to Taiwan, probably miss Jones Cup

Chen Hsin-an decided to return to Taiwan from U.S. and continue rehabbing his injured left knee. The injury will keep him out of the NBA summer league and probably the Jones Cup too.

Chen suffered the injury in the closing minutes of the SBL Finals Game Three. He was diagnozed as partially-tear knee ligament which is an old injury. During the first couple weeks in Sacramento, Chen could only have light practice and running. Since the injury is not getting better, Chen decided to go back to Taiwan.

Chen said he will see how the rehab goes and focus on playing for Taiwan NT in the Asian Championship in Qatar and making the NBA pre-season training camp.

Sunday, July 03, 2005

10 teams will play in Jones Cup men’s competition

The annual Jones Cup will tip-off on July 16th. The weird thing is CTBA still hasn’t released game schedule and even the exact teams which will enter the tournament. As far as I know, there are a total of ten men’s team will participate.

They are: Taiwan NT, Japan NT(U-24), South Korea NT(probably Sanmu, their military team), Samara from Russia, former ABA team Long Beach Jam from U.S.(which is expected to join the NBDL in 2006-07 season), Qatar NT, Australia’s AIS(Australia Institute of Sports), Kazakhstan NT, India NT and a team from Philippine, probably a PBA team or a mixed-up All-Star Team.

Once the teams and schedule are set, the information will be posted here.

Tien Lei invited to Sacramento Kings summer league team

Two-time SBL regular season MVP Tien Lei is among 17 players invited by the Sacramento Kings to participate in the 2005 Reebok Vegas Summer League (VSL) at the Cox Pavilion in Las Vegas. He is the second Taiwanese player invited to NBA summer league or pre-season training camp.

Chen Hsin-an was the first Taiwanese player to play in the NBA summer league or pre-season training camp when he played with the Kings in 2002 and the Nuggets in 2003. Both times he was cut.

The Kings’ summer league team will play five games in 10 days and will be joining 13 other NBA teams that will field teams in the Vegas Summer League.

Kings Summer League Roster
Kings Summer League Roster

Tien Lei and Chen Hsin-an have been in Sacramento for a couple weeks participating individual workout and practicing with local players. Chen is still under rehab for his knee injury and will probably go back to Taiwan earlier because all he can do is light practice.

Chen is expected to miss the NBA summer league and the William Jones Cup but will probably ready for the Asian Championship and the NBA preseason camp.

Transaction – Two players switch teams

Combo guard Hong Chi-chao transfers from Yulon Dinos to Videoland Hunters. SF Hsu Shi-ching goes from Dacin Construction to Bank of Taiwan. Both players were left in the end of bench in current teams and will get more playing time in new environment. Hong is expected to pick up his old point guard role in high school and back up VL strarting PG Chen Huei.