Saturday, July 31, 2004

Day 6-8 – Taiwan White clinches Jones Cup title

Taiwan White beat Taiwan Blue, 105-83, tonight to clinch the Jones Cup title. This is the second time in history a Taiwanese team wins the tournament, amd also the first time ever Taiwanese teams won the men’s and women’s champions.

Taiwan NT beat Korea to win the 2001 Jones Cup title, the first time ever for the host to leave the championship trophy home.

For the past two days, we saw two offensive explosions from Perth Wildcats team. Wildcats guard Greg Brown tallied a tourney-high 41 points in the victory over Philippines. One night later, Wildcats’ new import Ontario Lett exploded for another 40 points in a win over Taiwan Blue.

Day 6(7/29)
Qatar 97-64 Japan
Qatar – Y.I. Mousa 23p+8rb, H.O. Ismail 13p+13rb, M.O. Al Jabri 12p+12rb
Japan – H. Omiya 12p+4s

Carleton Univ.(CAN) 95-36 IBA(GER)
Carleton – M. Ross 21p, J. Poirier 13p
IBA – E. Kuffour 11p

Perth Wildcats(AUS) 119-79 Philippines
Wildcats – G. Brown 41p+5rb+7a+5s(10-17 2PT, 6-13 3PT), A. Majstrovich 25p, L. Rush 17p+12rb

Taiwan White 90-76 Korea
White – Chou Shih-yuan 27p(10-13 2PT, 2-3 3PT), Tsun Wen-din 18p, Chen Hsin-an 15p, Tien Lei 7p+8rb+4s+3blk
Korea – Yun Byeong-Hak 16p, Kim Il-Du 15p, Lee Won-Soo 15p

Day 7(7/30)
Carleton Univ.(CAN) 56-55 Qatar
Carleton – J. Poirier 11p+7rb, M. Smart 11p, O. Jeanty 10p
Qatar – D.M. Daoud 13p, E.A. Saeed 12p

Korea 83-65 Philippines
Korea – Hu Hyo-Jeen 17p, Yun Byeong-Hak 12p, Kim Il-Du 12p, Kim Julian 12p
Philippines – M. Pingris 15p+11rb

Perth Wildcats(AUS) 77-63 Taiwan Blue
Wildcats – O. Lett 40p+9rb, A. Majstrovich 20p+12rb
Blue – Lin Chi-jay 18p, Lo Shin-liang 17p

Taiwan White 103-69 IBA(GER)
White – Lee Fong-yong 25p, Chang Chi-feng 19p
IBA – M. Huth 20p+11rb

Day 8(7/31)
Japan 95-55 IBA(GER)
Japan – M. Omiya 26p+9rb, T. Onishi 12p
IBA – A. Willemsen 23

Qatar 82-79 Korea
Qatar – Y.I. Mousa 22p+11rb+5a+5s
Korea – Kim Julian 17p, Kim Il-Du 15p, Kim Tae-Sul 12p+8a

Carleton Univ.(CAN) 85-70 Philippines
Carleton – P. Larmand 24p+11rb, J. Poirier 17p+9rb
Philippines – R. Calimag 18p, C. Cruz 15p

Taiwan White 105-83 Taiwan Blue
White – Tien Lei 19p+9rb, Chen Hsin-an 15p+5rb+5a, Chang Chi-feng 14p
Blue – Chen Huei 13p, Chou Jun-san 13p, Lee Chi-yi 12p

Wednesday, July 28, 2004

Day 5 – Larmand’s tourney-high 32 help Canada stomp Japan

Paul Larmand just can’t miss.

The Carleton University forward made 14-of-22 shots, including 4-for-6 from three-point range, and scored tournament-high 32 points in the convincing win over Japan, 81-62, tonight.

Carleton Univ. used a 22-7 second quarter to ice the victory before halftime and climbed back to .500 with a 2-2 record. Larmand leads the tournament in scoring with 24.5 points per game.

Led by veteran Lo Shin-liang’s 20 points, Taiwan Blue cruised to an 88-68 victory over Philippines and tied with Perth Wildcats at 4-1 for the second place in the standing.

Wildcats faced a tough opponent, and an intriguing style of play, for the second straight night after losing to Taiwan White yesterday. But Ontario Lett and Greg Brown made sure Wildcats keep their focus as the NBL pro team led by 21 in halftime.

Lett had 71 points in the last three games, virtually scoring at will under the basket. Looks to me he has got the meal ticket with the Wildcats next season.

Carleton Univ.(CAN) 81-62 Japan
Carleton – P. Larmand 32p(10-16 2PT, 4-6 3PT)+7rb, M. Smart 13p+4a
Japan – M. Omiya 14p+6rb, T. Onishi 11p

Qatar 74-39 IBA(GER)
Qatar – O.A. Salem 18p+13rb+4blk, E.A. Saeed 16p, M.S. Abdulla 12p, M. Al Jabri 12p

Perth Wildcats(AUS) 93-86 Korea
Wildcats – O. Lett 21p+11rb, M. Shanahan 16p, G. Brown 17p, A. Majstrovich 13p+8rb
Korea – Kim Il-Du 23p, Kim Tae-Sul 15p+5s, Kim Julian 15p+11rb+3blk, Hu Hyo-Jeen 14p

Taiwan Blue 88-68 Philippines
Blue – Lo Shin-liang 20p, Lin Chi-jay 16p, Wu Dai-hao 14p+5rb+2blk, Yang Che-yi 11p
Philippiines – C. Cruz 17p, R. Calimag 16p

Taiwan White 4-0
Australia 4-1
Taiwan Blue 4-1
Korea 3-1
Canada 2-2
Philippines 1-3
Qatar 1-3
Japan 1-4
Germany 0-5

Tuesday, July 27, 2004

Day 4 – Taiwan White upsets tourney favorite Perth Wildcats

Both home teams didn’t let Taiwanese fans down tonight. Led by Chou Shi-yuan’s surprising 23 points off the bench, Taiwan White upset tourney favorite Perth Wildcats, 83-82. Taiwan Blue, who almost trailed the whole game, had an unbelievable fourth quarter and defeated Qatar NT, 75-68.

Taiwan White enjoyed the sole lead now with 4-0, while Taiwan Blue tied with Wildcats at 3-1. Korea is the other undefeated team at 3-0.

Chou Shi-yuan came off the bench and made 5-of-9 three-pointers. In the meantime, Taiwan White still relied on Chan Hsin-an and Tien Lei, who scored 22 and 17 respectively, to rally from a 9-24 first-quarter deficit for the inspiring win.

Lee Chi-yi’s last of his four three-pointers with 1 1/2 minutes remaining helped Taiwan Blue to its first and last lead of the game. Taiwan Blue’s tenacious defense in the fourth quarter, when they outscored Qatar 18-6, made the difference.

Korea held on for its second one-point victory in the tournament, beating Japan 71-70.

Korea 71-70 Japan
Korea – Han Ji-Hoon 17p+9rb+4s, Yun Byeoung-Hak 15p, Hu Hyo-Jeen 12p
Japan – M. Kabaya 20p, T. Onishi 16p+10rb, H. Omiya 11P+7rb

Philippines 101-50 IBA(GER)
Philippines – D. Villamin 22p, C. Madrid 19p
IBA – M. Huth 11p+10rb

Taiwan Blue 75-68 Qatar
Blue – Lin Chi-jay 17p, Lee Chi-yi 12p, Lo Shin-liang 13p, Chou Jun-san 10p+6rb+4a+3s
Qatar – E. Ali Saeed 22p, Y.I. Mousa 14p+13rb

Taiwan White 83-82 Perth Wildcats(AUS)
White – Chou Shi-yuan 23p, Chen Hsin-an 22p+8rb, Tien Lei 17p+5rb+4a, Tsun Wen-din 7p+14rb+4a
Wildcats – O. Lett 28p+12rb+4s+3blk, L. Rush 14p, M. Shanahan 10p

Taiwan White 4-0
Korea 3-0
Taiwan Blue 3-1
Australia 3-1
Canada 1-2
Philippines 1-2
Japan 1-3
Qatar 0-3
Germany 0-4

Monday, July 26, 2004

Day 3 – Wildcats keep rolling ; Taiwan Blue suffers first loss

Adrian Majstrovich had 23 points and 18 rebounds and new addition Ontario Lett had 22 points as Perth Wildcats rolled to its third straight victory tonight, beating Japan 110-71.

But Korea and Taiwan White are not far behind. Taiwan White demonstrated its firepower for the second consecutive game, shooting 14-for-37(38%) from three-point range en route to its win over Qatar, 82-71.

Korea, who pounded Germany 119-56, also had a terrific shooting night, making 20 of 46 from three-point range while featuring five double-digit scorers.

Taiwan Blue suffered its first loss after two wins, losing 82-70 to Canada’s Carleton University. Lin Chi-jay scored 28 and is still Blue Team’s most reliable scorer. Lin averaged 21.7 points after three games as the second leading scorer in the tourney behind Carleton’s Paul Larmand(22ppg).

Perth Wildcats(AUS) 110-71 Japan
Wildcats – A. Majstrovich 23p+18rb+5s, O. Lett 22p+5a, L. Rush 20p
Japan – M. Kabaya 17p, H. Omiya 11p, T. Onishi 11p

Korea 119-56 IBA(GER)
Korea – Woo Seung-Youn 21p, Chun Yeen-Kwok 17p, Hu Hyo-Jeen 16p, Yun Byeoung-Hak 13p
IBA – A. Willemsen 20p+11rb, M. Huth 10p+11rb

Taiwan White 82-71 Qatar
White – Tien Lei 21p, Tsun Wen-din 16p, Chen Hsin-an 14p
Qatar – H.Z. Zaiden 21p+17rb, Y.I. Mousa 16p

Carleton Univ.(CAN) 82-70 Taiwan Blue
Carleton – P. Larmand 23p+9rb, J. Poirier 16p+12rb
Blue – Lin Chi-jay 28p+6rb+4s, Lo Shin-liang 16p, Wu Dai-hao 6p+5rb+2blk

Perth Wildcats 3-0
Korea 3-0
Taiwan White 3-0
Japan 1-2
Carleton 1-2
Qatar 0-2
Philippines 0-2
IBA 0-3

Sunday, July 25, 2004

Day 2 – Wildcats knocks out Qatar

Going into the second day, NBL’s Perth Wildcats is already dubbed as the team to beat in the tournament, as they manhandled Qatar NT, 73-55.

With their great offensive execution and efficient half-court game, Wildcats led by 30 points in the end of the third quarter. It’s hard to imagine they were only the fourth best team in the NBL last season.

Chen Hsin-an and Tien Lei combined for 41 points as Taiwan White beat Carleton Univ., 82-75, with their prolific three-point shooting, making 11-of-30(37%). Taiwan Blue also breezed by IBA, 86-60. Both home teams won for the second straight day to go 2-0 and tied with Perth Wildcats in the standing.

Wlidcats(AUS) 73-55 Qatar
Wildcats – M. Shanahan 17p, A. Majstrovich 12p+9rb, S. Blennerhossett 10p
Qatar – Basher H.Z. 15p+7rb, Abdulla M.S. 12p+8rb

Japan 84-68 Philippines
Japan – Omiya Hiromasa 18p+12rb, Onishi Takano 18p, Nakagawa Kazu 15p+5rb+4a
Philippines – C. Cruz 12p

Taiwan Blue 86-60 IBA(GER)
Blue – Lin Chi-jay 21p, Lee Chi-yi 17p, Wu Dai-hao 8p+6a+4blk
IBA – A. Willemsen 24p+14rb

Taiwan White 82-75 Carleton Univ.(CAN)
White – Chen Hsin-an 27p, Tien Lei 17p+6rb
Carleton – P. Larmand 23p+7rb, J. Poirier 20p+13rb, M. Smart 15p

Taiwan White 2-0, Taiwan Blue 2-0, Australia 2-0, Korea 1-0, Japan 1-1, Qatar 0-1, Philippines 0-2, Canada 0-2, Germany 0-2

Saturday, July 24, 2004

Day 1 – Home teams open with wins over Philippines and Japan

Taiwan White and Blue Teams opened the 26th William Jones Cup Tournament with two convincing wins on the first day, beating Philippines and Japan. But Perth Wildcats scored the most lopsided victory, pounding Germany’s IBA by 63 points.

Led by Chen Hsin-an and Tien Lei, Taiwan White raced to a surprising 25-point lead in the first quarter and easily handled Philippines, which was mostly comprised of amateur players from PBL. Taiwan White routed Philippines, 114-83.

Taiwan Blue also opened the game with a 14-2 spurt and led Japan by as many as 21. Japan’s U-24 NT showed they wouldn’t give up, closing the gap a number of times before bowing out. Wu Dai-hao probably played his best game in NT uniform, scoring 16 points, many on vicious dunks, and blocked two shots early to set the tone for the home team.

Korea, like Japan, is a team made up by college players. A game-deciding three-pointer with 30 seconds remaining saved the day for Koreans. Carleton University wasted their last possession and lost by one in the heartbreaker.

Perth Wildcats(AUS) 99-36 IBA(GER)
Wildcats – B. Cox 17p, S. Blennerhassett 16p, L. Rush 14p+8rb, A. Majstrovich 13p+13rb, G. Brown 13p+6s
IBA – A. Willemsen 9p

Korea 88-87 Carleton Univ.(CAN)
Korea – Hu Hyo-Jeen 23p, Kim Tae-Sul 16p+8a
Carleton – P. Larmand 20p+8rb, J. Poirier 17p, M. Ross 16p

Taiwan White 114-83 Philippines
White – Chen Hsin-an 19p, Tien Lei 15p+8rb, Yang Chin-min 17p+7rb, Tsun Wen-din 14p

Taiwan Blue 82-69 Japan
Blue – Wu Dai-hao 16p+6rb+2blk, Lin Chi-jay 16p+10rb+3s, Lo Shin-liang 12p+6rb
Japan – Masayu Kabaya 13p, Takano Onishi 12p+7rb

Wednesday, July 14, 2004

Taiwanese basketball notes

Videoland names its team Hunters
After a one-month online voting, Videoland Television Network officially named its basketball team Videoland Hunters. The team name is changed from BCC Mars to Videoland Hunters after VL bought the team from BCC. “Hunters” received 42.89% of the votes, edging out “Silverfox” by only 500 votes.

EHSN buys Jutai Technology
Eastern Home Shopping Network, part of the EMG (Eastern Multimedia Group), confirmed its purchase of Jutai Technology Basketball team. EMG is one of the leading cable television networks in Taiwan and owns TV channels including ETTV and EHSN.

With the second TV network entering the ownership of SBL teams, the broadcasting rights for SBL’s second season is expected to be a war. ESPN, SBL’s broadcasting partner in its inaugural season, is probably out of the picture.

Tuesday, July 13, 2004

Korea Men/Women NT roster for Jones Cup

Korean Men’s Basketball Team

Head Coach: Kang Jung-Soo
# Name D.O.B Position Height Weight
4 Ham Ji-Hoon 84/12/11 C/F 200 98
5 Kim Tae-Sul 84/08/13 G 180 72
6 No Kyoung-Suk 83/10/20 G/F 186 78
7 Lee Won-Soo 83/07/26 G 180 73
8 Yun Byeong-Hak 81/06/30 G 180 74
9 Hu Hyo-Jeen 83/12/31 F 190 87
10 Jin Sang-Won 82/12/23 G 193 88
11 Park Sang-Woo 83/07/30 C 202 100
12 Woo Seung-Youn 84/02/04 F 194 88
13 Kim Young-Jae 81/07/05 C 200 100
14 Kim Il-Du 82/04/23 C 198 98
15 Kim Julian 82/06/16 C 200 93
Average:192cm 87.5kg

Korean Women’s Basketball Team

Head Coach: KIM, TAE IL

# Name D.O.B Position Height
4 KIM, YOUNG HWA 02/11/1981 G 164
5 KANG, HYUN MI 09/10/1981 F 176
6 CHOI, UN AH 24/10/1985 G 170
7 KIM, NA YOUN 10/07/1979 G 175
8 HONG, JUNG AE 04/08/1977 F 182
9 PARK, SUN YOUNG 21/02/1980 G 175
10 JIN, MI JUNG 28/01/1978 F 173
11 Park, EUN JIN 07/05/1983 F 178
12 SEON, SOO JIN 11/12/1978 F 180
13 KWAK, JOO YOUNG 21/08/1984 C 185
14 JIN, SHIN HEA 25/03/1980 C 180
15 SIN, JUNG JA 11/12/1980 C 184
Average: 176.8cm

Monday, July 12, 2004

Philippines NT roster for Jones Cup

RP-Cebuana Lhuillier Basketball Team

Team Manager: Jean Henri Lhuillier
Head Coach: Eduard S. Vergeire
Assistant Coach: David D. Zamar

# Name DOB Po Ht.
4 Donn Rez Villamin 1981.10.17 G 193
5 Wilbert Sayson 1979.06.19 G 188
6 Eder John Saldua 1983.06.02 F 193
7 Jayson Tiongson 1980.08.08 F 200
8 Celino Cruz 1977.07.22 G 180.3
9 Chris Denn Madrid 1975.11.17 G 180.3
10 Gerry Cavan 1979.05.28 F 190
11 Richard Melencio 1975.09.03 F 188
12 Samigue Eman 1982.03.12 C 208
13 Recaredo Calimag 1977.06.10 F 195.5
14 Rolly Menor 1981.11.26 F 195.5
15 Ephraim Torio 1979.10.29 C 198

Average: 192.5cm

Thursday, July 08, 2004

Qatar NT Jones Cup roster

General Manager: Rashed S. AlTakrooni
General Manager: Walid Alissa Ibrahim
Manager: Mohd Anbar Al Jassim
Coach: Joseph Anthony Stiebing
Assistant Coach: Stacy Neal Hollowell
Coach: Rafig A.R. Abu-Hijleh
Trainer: Adil K. Salim


# Name DOB Po. Ht. Wt.
1 Mohammed Orabi Al Jabri 1978.02.14 G 175 75
2 Yasseen Ismail Musa 1980.08.12 C 203 95
3 Khalid Masoud Al Nasr 1980.09.10 G 174 75
4 Hashim Zaidan Zaidan 1980.08.13 C 208 105
5 Mohammed Seleem Abdulla 1982.07.17 C 200 90
6 Bakar Abdulla Al Kuwari 1982.03.01 G 176 77
7 Omar Ahmed Mohammed 1982.02.25 C 200 95
8 Daoud Mousa Daoud 1982.02.02 F 192 85
9 Hammam Omer Ismail 1983.09.15 C 200 88
10 Ali Turki Ali 1982.01.10 C 200 90
11 Husam Omar Abdulmajeed 1982.05.19 C 201 93
12 Salman Ahmed Abufaisal 1982.06.04 G 176 77
13 Marzouq Faraj Abusabbar 1976 F 190 88
14 Salah Ateeq Jumah 1970.05.25 G 180 69
15 Saleh Ahmed Al Muhannadi 1974.05.16 G 180 85
16 Erhan Ali Saeed 1983.12.20 F 198 83
17 Omer Abdgeder Salem 1983.10.01 C 200 83

Average: 191cm, 85.5kg

Tuesday, July 06, 2004

Jones Cup: Two Canadien Univ. teams invited

Carlton University Men's Basketball Team and University of Regina Women's Basketball Team will represent Basketball Canada and the Canadian Interuniversity Sport (CIS) in the 26th Jones Cup Tournament.

The Ravens, two-time defending CIS Men's champion and riding on a 50-game winning streak in the CIS, will be the first CIS team visiting Taiwan since 2002 Jones Cup(25th), when the University of Alberta Golden Bears earned the Silver Medal in the ten team field. The Golden Bears lost to the team from Australia, 76-68.

The University of Regina Women's Basketball Team will be one of the six women's teams. Univ. of Regina, which ranked as the No. 1 seed in the 03-04 CIS postseason tournament, ended its season in a heartbreaking 60 -53 loss to the UBC Thunderbirds in the National Final.

The Carleton University Ravens

Head of Delegation: Steve Koo
Head Coach: Dave Smart
Assistant Coach: Bill Arden/Taffe Charles/Bill Fraser
Athletic Therapy: Bruce Marshall/Crissy McPhee
Sports Information: Dave Kent

# Name Po. Ht. Wt.
3 Michael Smart G 193 81
5 Matt Ross G 183 79
10 Adam Falsetto F 201 116
11 Ryan Bell G 193 78
13 Robbie Green G 183 79
15 Jean-Emmanuel Jean-Marie F 191 86
21 Josh Poirier F 196 91
22 Pat Ross G 183 75
23 Paul Larmand F 196 94
31 Andrew Cutler F 193 95
33 Bernards Edmunds G 188 91
43 Osvaldo Jeanty F 191 86
45 James Fleming F 193 91

Average: 191cm 78kg

The University of Regina

Head Coach: Jeff Speedy
Assistant Coach: Dave Taylor/Patrick Ash
Assistant Coach: Amy Moroz
Trainer: Erin Walton

# Name Po. Ht.
4 Laura Hunko F 185
5 Tara-Lee Crosson F 183
6 Danielle Ash G 168
7 Jana Schweitzer G 175
8 Janel Walker G 173
9 Lara Schmidt F 178
10 Leah Anderson F 180
11 Leane Phillips C 188
12 Shannon Funk F 175
13 Cymone Bouchard F 175
14 Phoebe DeCiman C 190
15 Maja Kralovcova C 195
21 Alexis McDonald G 175
22 Erica Schmidt F 173

Average: 179.5cm

Monday, July 05, 2004

2004 Jones Cup Teams and Schedules

Women's Competition: Single Round Robin
Teams(6): Germany, Canada, Japan, Korea, Chinese Taipei White, Chinese Taipei Blue

14:00 GER vs CAN
16:00 JPN vs ROC-W
18:00 KOR vs ROC-B

15:00 CAN vs KOR
17:00 ROC-B vs JPN
19:00 ROC-W vs GER

15:00 JPN vs GER
17:00 KOR vs ROC-W
19:00 CAN vs ROC-B

15:00 GER vs KOR
17:00 JPN vs CAN
19:00 ROC-B vs ROC-W

15:00 KOR vs JPN
17:00 ROC-W vs CAN
19:00 GER vs ROC-B
21:00 Award Ceremony

Men's Competition: Single Round Robin
Teams(9): Australia(Perth Wildcats), Germany(International Basketball Academy), Korea(College All-Stars), Japan (U-24 NT), Qatar NT, Philippines, Canada, Chinese Tapei White, Chinese Taipei Blue

13:00 AUS vs GER
15:00 CAN vs KOR
17:00 PHI vs ROC-W
19:00 Opening Ceremony
19:30 ROC-B vs JPN

13:00 QAT vs AUS
15:00 JPN vs PHI
17:00 GER vs ROC-B
19:00 ROC-W vs CAN

13:00 AUS vs JPN
15:00 KOR vs GER
17:00 ROC-W vs QAT
19:00 ROC-B vs CAN

13:00 JPN vs KOR
15:00 PHI vs GER
17:00 QAT vs ROC-B
19:00 AUS vs ROC-W

13:00 CAN vs JPN
15:00 GER vs QAT
17:00 KOR vs AUS
19:00 ROC-B vs PHI

13:00 JPN vs QAT
15:00 CAN vs GER
17:00 PHI vs AUS
19:00 ROC-W vs KOR

13:00 QAT vs CAN
15:00 KOR vs PHI
17:00 AUS vs ROC-B
19:00 GER vs ROC-W

13:00 JPN vs GER
15:00 QAT vs KOR
17:00 CAN vs PHI
19:00 ROC-B vs ROC-W

13:00 AUS vs CAN
15:00 PHI vs QAT
17:00 ROC-W vs JPN
19:00 KOR vs ROC-B
21:00 Award Ceremony

Thursday, July 01, 2004

Germany's IBA invited for Jones Cup

International Basketball Academy, which is a youth team for German league pennenial power ALBA Berlin, is invited to participate in the 26th Jones Cup tournament.

International Basketball Academy

Head of Delegation: Carsten Kerner
Coach: Robert Bauer
Coach: Konstantin Lwowsky

# Name DOB Po. Ht. Wt.
1 Julius Deucker 1984.07.09 F/C 204 104
2 Alex Eichner 1984.07.06 G/F 198 94
3 Armin Willemsen 1985.01.27 F/C 202 104
4 Marius Huth 1986.10.16 F 199 100
5 Enrico Kuffour 1987.09.14 G 182 72
6 Enrico Boehm 1988.01.20 G 186 77
7 Verdinand Bunsow 1987.04.22 F 202 100
8 Thyriss Moldenhauer 1987.12.03 C 207 92
9 Maximilian Rockman 1988.11.25 G 194 81
10 Christoph Foerster 1985.02.24 C 211 98
11 Julian Eichner 1988.04.16 G/F 197 88
Avg: 198cm 92kg