Wednesday, June 30, 2004

Perth Wildcats coming Taiwan for Jones Cup

4-time NBL(Australia) champion Perth Wildcats will be visiting Taiwan for the 26th William Jones Cup Invatational Tournament and is expected to be the favorite to win the tournament.

NBL Perth Wildcats Basketball Team

Head Coach: Mike Ellis
Assistant Coach: David Ingham / James Tharpe
Name DOB Po. Ht. Wt.
Matthew Shanahan 1976.07.13 G 196 93
Peter Crawford 1979.11.06 G 193 92
Liam Rush 1982.01.29 G/F 198 94
Ricky Grace 1966.08.20 G 185 83
Adrian Majstrovich 1980.02.09 F 200 90
Matthew Burston 1982.11.25 F/C 210 98
Travis Lindstrom 1977.03.06 G 198 98
Simon Blennerhassett 1982.06.18 G 184 85
Greg Brown - G 188 90
Alan Ericsson - F 196 95
Troy Clarke - G 180 75

Average: 193cm 90kg

Monday, June 14, 2004

Adidas becomes NT official sponsor

Adidas replaces NIKE, which has been the official sponsor for the national teams for the past three years, as the official Taiwan men's and women's NT sponsor for the new year. Detail of the sponsorship deal is not disclosed.

Saturday, June 12, 2004

Videoland TV buys Mars from BCC

Videoland TV Network confirmed its purchase of Mars basketball team from BCC(Broadcasting Corporation) yesterday. The total amount of the deal was not disclosed. And the team name is expected to be changed.

With the deal coming thru, Videoland is in the picture of the SBL broadcast right competetion next season. And it is considered the favorite to win the right from ESPN, which broadcasted SBL games last season.

Videoland Television Network is a broadcasting company which is part of the Koos Group. Videoland is one of Taiwan's major satellite television providers, offering six channels of programming on Videoland Sports, Videoland Japan, Videoland Movie Channel, Videoland General Entertainment Channel(On-TV), Videoland Drama Channel and Videoland Western Movie Channel.

Thursday, June 10, 2004

CTBA announces two NT rosters for Jones Cup

CTBA announced two national team rosters today. While there’s not any surprise in the player rosters, Dacin head coach Liu Jia-fa is named for NT head coach for the first time.

Liu Jia-fa, 35, will lead Chinese Taipei White team, comprised of players from Yulon, Dacin and bank of Taiwan, in the 26th Jones Cup. He will also be named as the head coach for U-20 NT, which will participate in the Asian U-20 Championship in Tehran, Iran in the summer.

Chinese Taipei Blue team will be coached by SINA head coach Hu Tsai-lin. The team is consisted of players from SINA, Mars, Taiwan Beer and Jutai Tech.

There will be 10 teams in the Jones Cup men’s competition this year, including two host teams and teams from Philippines, Japan, South Korea, Australia, Germany, Canada, Russia and Qatar.

As far as I know, Japan will send its U-24 NT to Taiwan, while Perth Wildcats from Australia’s NBL is invited to come. Qatar will send its NT.


Chinese Taipei Blue Team
F – Huang Chun-hsiung(SINA), Lee Chi-yi(Mars), Lin Ch-jay(Taiwan Beer), Yang Che-yi(Mars), Wu Chih-yuan(Taiwan Beer)
G – Chou Jun-san(SINA), Chen Huei(Mars), Chen Shi-nian(Taiwan Beer), Lo Shin-liang(SINA), Yang Yu-min(Jutai)
C- Liu Yi-hsiang(SINA), Wu Dai-hao(Jutai)
Head coach – Hu Tsai-lin(SINA)
Assistant – Chou Hai-jung(Mars)

Chinese Taipei White Team
F – Chen Hsin-an(Yulon), Tien Lei(Dacin), Lee Fong-yong(Dacin), Yang Chin-ming(Bank of Taiwan), Ju Yong-hong(Bank of Taiwan)
G – Hsu Hao-cheng(Bank of Taiwan), Lee Chih-ming(Yulon), Huang Chih-chun(Dacin), Chou Shih-yuan(Yulon), Chang Chi-feng(Dacin)
C – Wu Chih-yuan(Yulon), Tsun Wen-din(Yulon)
Head coach – Liu Jia-fa(Dacin)
Assistant – Wei Chen-ming(Bank of Taiwan)

Notable players who are not selected are Chen Chih-chun and Yen Shin-shu, both of whom used to be a national team starting PG. Chen Chih-chun, who had an ankle surgery and will miss the action for a while, and Yen Shin-shu, who opted to go in the show business as an entertainer.

Thursday, June 03, 2004

Jones Cup will be held after one year absence

The 26th William Jones Cup will be held in Taipei from July 18-August 1 with a total of 15 men’s and women’s teams participating, announced CTBA.

The annual international tournament was cancelled last year because of the SARS outbreak in Asia. Now it’s back. And Taiwanese basketball fans couldn’t be happier.

Women’s tournament (July 18-22) will lead the way for this year’s tournament. Japan, South Korea, Canada will be joined by two host teams – Chinese Taipei Blue and White teams.

The exact participating teams are expected to be announced on Saturday by CTBA. University of Regina will represent Canada.

Men’s competition will be held from July 24th to August 1st. In addition to two host teams (also Chinese Taipei Blue and White teams), teams from Japan, South Korea, Philippines, Qatar, Germany, Australia, Canada and Russia will enter the tourney.

From what I heard, Japan will send its U-24 NT to Taiwan, while South Korea will send the military team Sanmu, which represents South Korea in the Jone Cup for the third time. Perth Wildcats of Australia’s pro league NBL is invited, as well as club teams from Germany and Russia. Qatar, Philippines are both expected to send their NT.