Monday, August 30, 2004

Taiwan placed in tough group in Asia U-18 Championship

Taiwan got a tough draw in the 2004 Asian U-18 Men’s Championship as it is placed in the same group with Iran, Japan and Kyrgyzstan. The tournament will be held in Bengalore, India from September 13-22.

This year’s junior class for Taiwan is weaker than previous year. Hopefully, the backcourt combination of Su Yi-chieh and Hsu Yi-hsiu will lead the team to a higher ground. Su and Hsu both played in adidas All-Asia Camp in Shanghai, China this year, made the All-Tourney team and received good reviews.

Taiwan finished for 6th-place in the 2002 Asian U-18 Championship held in Kuwait. The Junior national team was also coached by Hsu Chin-che.

Host nation India surely has the upper hand in the draw, where it is placed in the weakest Group D with Qatar, Hong Kong and Yemen.

Group A: China, Kazakhstan, Singapore, Saudi Arabia
Gorup B: Iran, Kyrgyzstan, Japan, Taiwan
Gorup C: South Korea, Philippines, Kuwait, Lebanon
Group D: Qatar, Hong Kong, India, Yemen

Name, Height, Position, School, DOB
Yen Cheng-hong, 197cm, C, San-min HS, 1986/2/5
Jian Jia-hong, 196cm, C, Tsai-shin HS, 1987/3/6
Cheng Jen-wei, 192cm, PF/SF, Nan-shan HS, 1987/4/6
Lin Yi-huei, 192cm, SF, Chiang-shu HS, 1986/3/24
Su Yi-chieh, 181cm, PG, Chiang-shu HS, 1987/1/28
Hsu Yi-hsiu , 180cm, SG, Song-shan HS, 1986/1/13
Lin Chun-chin, 185cm, SF/SG, An-le HS, 1986/4/22
Hong Yin-che, 200cm, C, Chiang-shu HS, 1986/1/6
Zo Tsun-kai, 188cm, SG/SF, Tsai-shin HS, 1986/9/15
Liu Jui-shen, 172cm, PG, Nan-shan HS, 1986/7/29
Lu Cheng-ju, 194cm, SF, Tsai-shin HS, 1986/4/13
Chang Yu-lin, 190cm, SF, San-min HS, 1986/1/16

Head Coach: Hsu Chin-che (Tsai-shin HS)

Saturday, August 21, 2004

Taiwan U-20 NT Preliminary Roster

U-20 coaching staff named a 16-man preliminary roster for 2004 Asian U-20 Men’s Basketball Championship, which will be held in Iran from September 29th to October 9th. The training camp will start on August 27th.

Head coach: Liu Jia-fa(Dacin Constructions Head coach)
Assistant: Wei Chen-ming(Bank of Taiwan Head coach)
Name, Position, Height, DOB, Team
Tsun Wen-din C 204 1984/7/6 Yulon Dinos
Wu Dai-hao C/F 202 1985/2/7 EHSN Antelope
Wu Jun-hsiung C/F 198 1984/8/26 Taiwan Beer
Lin Hwan-chao C 202 1985/4/18 Dacin Constructions
Yang Chin-min SF 187 1983/1/22 Bank of Taiwan
Chen Tse-wei SF 198 1985/1/30 Dacin Constructions
Hsu Shi-chin PF 194 1984/11/1 Dacin Constructions
Wang Chuan-jian PF 195 1985/12/30 SINA Lions
Deng An-cheng SG 185 1985/11/6 Dacin Constructions
Hsu Wei-sheng PF 198 1985/3/23 Yulon Dinos
Lee Chih-ming PG 176 1984/1/31 Yulon Dinos
Chen Shih-nian PG 180 1984/4/8 Taiwan Beer
Chen Shi-jay SG 173 1984/9/24 SINA Lions
Sun Hwan-bo PG 180 1985/9/11 Tsai-shin HS
Lin Kwan-lun SG 186 1984/1/23 Taiwan Beer
Chen Li-wei SG 179 1986/12/16 Nan-shan HS

Yulon 0-4 in Japan Tour

8/12 Game 4: Japan 75-57 Yulon
Hong Chi-chao 14p, Wu Chih-wei 10p, Chen Hsin-an 8p, Chou Hong-yu 8p

8/11 Game 3: Japan 92-67 Yulon (Half 39-32)
Chen Hsin-an 19p(7-24 FG), Lee Chih-ming 12p, Chen Chih-chung 11p, Chou Shih-yuan 10p

8/10 Game 2: Japan 92-62 Yulon (Half 44-24)
Chou Shih-yuan 15p(6-9 FG), Chou Hong-yu 12p(6-12 FG), Wei Yong-tai 10p, Chen Hsin-an 7p(3-10 FG), Hsu Wei-sheng 6p, Lee Chih-ming 6p

8/9 Game 1: Japan 84-64 Yulon
Chou Shih-yuan 21p, Tsun Wen-din 13p, Chen Hsin-an 11p

Sunday, August 08, 2004

Yulon arrives in Japan for 4-game tour

2003-04 SBL champion Yulon arrived in Tokyo, Japan today for a four-game tour which it will take on the Japanese national team. Yulon accepted the invitation from JABBA (Japanese Basketball Association), who also invited Australia’s Sydney Kings for a two-game friendly series that concluded on August 8th.

Game schedule:
Aug. 9 Opponent TBD (Closed game)
Aug. 10 19:00 vs. Japanese NT @ Yoyogi Stadium 2nd Gym
Aug. 11 19:00 vs. Japanese NT @ Yoyogi Stadium 2nd Gym
Aug. 12 Opponent TBD (Closed game)

Sunday, August 01, 2004

Chen Hsin-an named 2004 Jones Cup MVP

Chen Hsin-an was named 2004 Jones Cup MVP after leading Taiwan White to the title and an undefeated 8-0 record. Chen averaged 14.9 points, 4.1 rebounds and 2.2 assists in the tourney.

Chen won the MVP voting 11-4 over teammate Chou Shi-yuan, who averaged 13.4 points in 20.7 minutes per game and scored 50 points in victories over Australia and Korea. Chen was selected probably because of his consistent play and the ability to draw double-team and create for his teammates.

Paul Larmand of Carleton University is the biggest winner in the closing ceremony, winning tournament leading scorer and three-point shooter award while being selected to the 5-man All-Tournament team.

MVP: Chen Hsin-an (Taiwan White) 14.9p, 4.1rb, 2.2a
All-Tournament Team:
Chen Hsin-an
Tien Lei (Taiwan White) 12.6p, 6.4rb, 2.4a, 1.6s, 1.2blk
Paul Larmand (Carleton Univ.) 20.2p, 6.6rb
Ontario Lett (Perth Wildcats) 21.6p, 8.7rb, 1.7s, 1.6blk
Lin Chi-jay (Taiwan Blue) 16.4p, 5rb, 2s

Scoring Leader: Paul Larmand 162 points
Three-point Leader: Paul Larmand 24 3PT-made

Final Day – Taiwan White wins Jones Cup with perfect record

Carleton Univ.(CAN) 82-75 Perth Wildcats(AUS)
Carleton – P. Larmand 25p, O. Jeanty 22p+9rb, M. Smart 12p, M. Ross 12p
Wildcats – O. Lett 24p+10rb, A. Majstrovich 15p+10rb, B. Cox 12p

Qatar 80-70 Philippines
Qatar – A.T. Ali 21p+7rb, M.S. Abdulla 20p+9rb+5a, E.A. Saeed 14p
Philippines – C. Cruz 17p

Taiwan White 95-71 Japan
White – Chang Chi-feng 21p, Chou Shi-yuan 16p+4s, Chen Hsin-an 13p, Tsun Wen-din 12p
Japan – T. Onishi 15p+7rb, M. Omiya 13p+6s

Korea 68-60 Taiwan Blue
Korea – Chun Yen-Kwok 22p, Kim Julian 15p+9rb, Kim Il-Du 11p+7rb
Blue – Lo Shin-liang 11p, Chen Shi-nian 10p

Final Standing
1. Taiwan White 8-0
2. Canada 6-2
3. Australia 6-2
4. Korea 5-3
5. Taiwan Blue 4-4
6. Qatar 4-4
7. Japan 2-6
8. Philippines 1-7
9. Germany 0-8