Monday, August 27, 2012

2012 Jones Cup Men final day photos


Philippines vs. UPG (US)



2012 Jones Cup Men Final Day results

Boxcores in .png format available for download at

Iran 87-74 Jordan
Japan 89-70 Lebanon
Philippines 76-75 UPG (US)
Taiwan 77-72 KGC (Korea)

Final Standings:
1. Philippines 7-1
2. Iran 6-2
3. UPG (US) 5-3
4. Taiwan 5-3
5. KGC (South Korea) 5-3
6. Japan 3-5
7. Lebanon 3-5
8. Jordan 2-6
9. Taiwan B 0-8

Sunday, August 26, 2012

Philippines beat UPG for Jones Cup gold

L.A. Tenerio made a go-ahead and winning jumper with 20 seconds left as the Philippines rallied in the second half to beat UPG 76-75 and clinch its first William Jones Cup tournament title in 14 years.

The Philippines outscored the Americans 25-16 in the final period and 53-41 in the second half, with the competition became a see-saw game since the latter half of the third period and both teams traded baskets until the last minute.

The Philippines won the tourney with a 7-1 record, dropping the only game to Lebanon. UPG finished with 5-3.

The Philippines last won the Jones Cup in 1998, when the Centennial Team took home its third Jones Cup title.

Saturday, August 25, 2012

2012 Jones Cup Men: Philippines vs. Taiwan news clip

2012 Jones Cup Men Day 8 photos



2012 Jones Cup Men Day 8 results

Boxcores in .png format available for download at

Lebanon 70-67 UPG (US)
Philippines 76-72 Taiwan
KGC (Korea) 82-73 Iran
Jordan 85-71 Taiwan B

Philippines 6-1
UPG (US) 5-2
Iran 5-2
KGC (South Korea) 5-2
Taiwan 4-3
Lebanon 3-4
Japan 2-5
Jordan 2-5
Taiwan B 0-8

2012 Jones Cup Men Day 7 results

Boxcores in .png format available for download at

UPG (US) 77-66 Jordan
Philippines 77-75 Iran
KGC (Korea) 84-62 Japan
Taiwan 84-66 Taiwan B

Iran 5-1
Philippines 5-1
UPG (US) 5-1
Taiwan 4-2
KGC (South Korea) 4-2
Japan 2-5
Lebanon 2-4
Jordan 1-5
Taiwan B 0-7

Friday, August 24, 2012

2012 Jones Cup Day 6 photos

KGC, Korea vs. Jordan

0823 崔鉉旼0823 萊特

0823 金泰術

2012 Jones Cup Men Day 6 results

Boxcores in .png format available for download at

UPG (US) 95-73 Japan
Lebanon 91-71 Philippines
KGC (Korea) 105-84 Jordan
Iran 83-71 Taiwan B

Iran 5-0
Philippines 4-1
UPG (US) 4-1
Taiwan 3-2
KGC (South Korea) 3-2
Japan 2-4
Lebanon 2-4
Jordan 1-4
Taiwan B 0-6

Thursday, August 23, 2012

2012 Jones Cup Men Day 5 results

Boxcores in .png format available for download at

Iran 97-89 (2OT) UPG (US)
Lebanon 88-67 Taiwan B
Philippines 88-84 Japan
Taiwan 85-63 Jordan

Iran 4-0
Philippines 4-0
UPG (US) 3-1
Taiwan 3-2
KGC (South Korea) 2-2
Japan 2-3
Jordan 1-3
Lebanon 1-4
Taiwan B 0-5

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

2012 Jones Cup Men Day 4 photo

Chen Che-yu (L), Chen Kuan-chuan, Taiwan B

James Justice, US (L); Sung Yu-hsuan, Taiwan B

2012 Jones Cup Men Day 4 results

Boxcores in .png format available for download at

UPG (US) 126-71 Taiwan B
Philippines 82-79 KGC (South Korea)
Japan 84-83 Jordan
Taiwan 81-74 Lebanon

Iran 3-0
Philippines 3-0
UPG (US) 3-0
KGC (South Korea) 2-2
Taiwan 2-2
Japan 2-2
Jordan 1-2
Lebanon 0-4
Taiwan B 0-4

Monday, August 20, 2012

2012 Jones Cup Men Day 3 results

Boxcores in .png format available for download at

Japan 85-80 Taiwan B
Jordan 87-68 Lebanon
UPG (US) 84-75 KGC (South Korea)
Iran 75-64 Taiwan

Iran 3-0
Philippines 2-0
UPG (US) 2-0
KGC (South Korea) 2-1
Jordan 1-1
Taiwan 1-2
Japan 1-2
Lebanon 0-3
Taiwan B 0-3

Sunday, August 19, 2012

2012 Jones Cup Men boxscores download

Due to the technical problems many readers encountered -- not being able to access the CTBA's Jones Cup website, I have managed to upload the screen captures of all boxscores in the first two days to the link below. I hope this helps those who are having problem with viewing the webpages.

About the Jones Cup links

I have received many emails inquiring about the Jones Cup links I posted on the blog, which many people said are not working. In fact, I have no idea what happened to the CTBA's Jones Cup website because those links work for me in Taiwan all the time despite the site would be down once in a while.

2012 Jones Cup Men Day 2 results

Iran's Samad Bahrami scored a tournament-high 32 points.

KGC (South Korea) 94-78 Lebanon
Philippines 99-68 Taiwan B
Iran 71-59 Japan
UPG (US) 100-77 Taiwan

Iran 2-0
KGC (South Korea) 2-0
Philippines 2-0
UPG (US) 1-0
Taiwan 1-1
Taiwan B 0-2
Jordan 0-1
Japan 0-2
Lebanon 0-2

(Photos: CTBA)

2012 Jones Cup Men Day 1 results

Iran 89-74 Lebanon
Korea KGC 109-83 Taiwan B
Philippines 98-88 Jordan
Taiwan 82-57 Japan

Iran 1-0
Korea 1-0
Taiwan 1-0
Philippines 1-0
Taiwan B 0-1
Japan 0-1
Jordan 0-1
Lebanon 0-1
US Select 0-0

Saturday, August 18, 2012

About the 2012 Jones Cup men's competition

I'm afraid that I won't have much time covering the event game-by-game and day-by-day due to my day job. I post these links below for fans and writers who are interested in the tourney. Please check them out. In the boxscores, you may have to identify who is who from their jersey numbers since the CTBA does not put players' English names in the boxscores.

Game schedules
Team Rosters

2012 William Jones Cup Game Schedule

August 18 Saturday
1300 IRI - LIB
1500 KOR - Taiwan-B
1700 PHI - JOR
1900 Opening Ceremony
1930 Taiwan - JPN

2012 Jones Cup men's roster

R.O.C - A  Men’s Basketball Team

背號NO.     姓名Name    出生日期D.O.B    身 高Height    體 重Weight
1    田  壘  TIEN Lei     1983-06-01    202    104
4    蘇翊傑  SU  I-Chieh     1987-01-28    180    70
6    李學林  LEE Hsueh-Lin     1984-01-31    176    75
8    陳世杰  CHEN Shih-Chieh     1985-09-24    176    78
10    劉  錚  LIU Cheng     1990-11-24    192    80
11    陳信安  CHEN Hsin-An     1980-07-01    195    90
12    林志傑  LIN Chih-Chieh     1982-06-11    192    95
14    林宜輝   LIN Yi-Huei     1986-03-24    193    100
17    簡嘉宏  CHIEN Chia-Hung     1987-03-06    197    108
21    簡  浩  Creighton Douglas     1985-03-07    197    90
22    呂政儒  LU Cheng-Ju     1986-04-13    194    88
23    張宗憲  CHANG Tsung-Hsien     1988-12-27    192    86
31    毛加恩  MAO Chia-En     1982-11-16    195    93
52    李德威  LEE Te-Wei     1991-10-15    200    98
63    許致強  HSU hih-Chiang     1982-10-30    196    96
66    吳岱豪  WU Tai-Hao     1985-02-07    203    100
76    曾文鼎  TSENG Wen-Ting     1984-07-06    202    90
平    均Average       
領    隊 Head of Delegation:沈會承
總 教 練 Head Coach: 許晉哲
助理教練 Assistant Coach:麥班達(Ben Metcalf)、李伯倫

Wednesday, August 08, 2012

Schedule of Games for Prelim Round announced: 4th FIBA Asia Cup


via FIBA Asia

TOKYO, Japan (4th FIBA Asia Cup): The schedule of games for the Preliminary Round competition at the 4th FIBA Asia Cup to be played in Tokyo (Japan) from Sept 14-22 has been announced.

Reigning FIBA Asia champions China take on SEABA champions Philippines with hosts Japan lining up against the winners of the inaugural edition of this event – when it was known as the FIBA Asia Stankovic Cup – Qatar are the top draws of the opening day of the competition on Sept 14.

Defending champions of this event Lebanon meet Macau and former twice FIBA Asia championship winners Iran match wits with SABA’s India to complete the fare for the opening day.

Schedule of Games for Prelim Round announced: 22nd FIBA Asia U18 Championship


via FIBA Asia

ULAANBAATAR, Mongolia (22nd FIBA Asia U18 Championship): The schedule of games for the Preliminary Round competition at the 22nd FIBA Asia U18 Championship to be played in Ulaanbaatar (Mongolia) from Aug 17-26 has been announced.

Nine-time gold medalists and defending champions China will open their campaign against Hong Kong with Korea, the silver medalists of the last edition at the 21st FIBA Asia Championship at Sana’A (Yemen) two years ago lining up against fellow East Asian team and archrivals Japan on the opening day of the competition.

Saturday, August 04, 2012

Team USA for 2012 William Jones Cup


According to, the roster of a US team for the Jones Cup has been announced.

Fields, Haslem, Payton to visit Taiwan for 3-on-3 event


Former NBA great Gary Payton, Miami Heat forward Udonis Haslem and Toronto Raptors forward Landry Fields are scheduled to visit Taiwan for NBA 3X, a FIBA-sanctioned three-on-three event, from Aug 25-26.

A maximum of 408 teams are able to register for the event which would earn them ranking points in a global ranking system, according to Bros Sports, one of the local organizers, along with NBA Taiwan and the Chinese Taipei Basketball Association (CTBA).

Apart from the three-on-three competition, a slam dunk contest, a three-point shootout and a skill challenge would also be held.

Jeremy Lin arrives in Taiwan for two-day visit


Houston Rockets guard Jeremy Lin arrived in Taiwan Saturday morning for a two-day visit in his father’s homeland.

Lin returned to Taiwan for the third consecutive summer for basketball promotional events.

The Taiwanese-American is scheduled to appear at a consumer event organized by NIKE Taiwan Saturday evening and attend a press conference on Sunday before leaving for China.

Local media reported that Lin is scheduled to visit Taiwan again from Aug 27-28 for the Cathay Life basketball summer camp, where he would teach children basketball fundamentals.


Friday, August 03, 2012

BOT names Chou Po-hsun top draft pick

[Chou Po-hsun, center, was top pick in the draft. Lin Yao-tsung, left, went to TM while Sung Yu-hsuan went to KKL at No. 3.]

Bank of Taiwan surprised everyone with its selection of 196cm forward Chou Po-hsun, a senior at Mindao University, as the top draft pick in the 2012 SBL draft on Aug. 1 in Taipei.

Chinese Culture University shooting guard Sung Yu-hsuan, who was the odds-on favorite as the No. 1 pick, went to KKL at the third pick. Taiwan Mobile picked up Lin Yao-tsung of Mindao University at No. 2.

Only eight players were selected in the annual draft.

BOT skipped Sung and gambled on Chou for his athleticism and because BOT desperately needed to shore up its front line, according to assistant coach Hsiao Wei-chieh. Hsiao attended the draft for head coach Wei Chen-ming, who was absent due to personal reasons.