Wednesday, July 28, 1999

Iran Backs Out, Bahrain In

Iran National pulled out of the tournament at the last minute for unspecified reasons and
was replaced by Bahrain National, which is in the same group with Taiwan in the 20th
Asian Basketball Championship in August. I'w still trying to get the Bahrain roster.

Following is the Jones Cup's day-by-day schedule:

Group A:Taiwan National, Iloilo, Costa Rica, Soweto Panthers
Group B:Taiwan National Second, Bahrain, New Zealand, South Korea

August 2
1600 Taiwan National Second-Bahrain
1740 Iloilo(MBA)-Soweto Panthers(South Africa)
1920 Opening Ceremony
1950 Taiwan National-Costa Rica

August 3
1630 New Zealand-South Korea
1810 Iloilo-Costa Rica
1950 Taiwan National-Soweto Panthers

August 4
1630 South Korea-Bahrain
1810 Taiwan National Second-New Zealand
1950 Taiwan National-Iloilo

August 5
1630 Costa Rica-Soweto Panthers
1810 New Zealand-Bahrain
1950 Taiwan National Second-South Korea

August 6
1630 A4-B4(7th & 8th place)
1810 B1-A2(Semifinal I)
1950 A1-B2(Semifinal II)

August 7
1630 A3-B3(5th & 6th place)
1810 Semi I loser-Semi II loser(3rd & 4th place)
1950 Semi I winner-Semi II winner(Final)
2150 Closing Ceremony

Bahrain National Roster
Murtadha Abbas 26 G 172/85
Mahmood Nowrooz 20 G 186/72
Mohamed Malek 20 G 185/82
Ayyoob Ghuloom 24 G 179/69
Hussain Qaheri 23 G 165/67
Abdul Majeed Norooz 28 F 194/82
Mohamed Abdul Rasool 21 G 186/75
Yaser Bunafoor 27 F 190/85
Nooh Akber 31 F 187/86
Hassan Nasaif 24 C 196/90
Osama Ateeq 29 C 193/95
Ahmed Malalla 28 F 188/107
Headcoach: Salman Ramadan

Monday, July 26, 1999

22nd R. Williams Jones Cup Men's Team Rosters

(Name, Age, Position, Height/Weight)

Taiwan National
Chou Chun-San 30 G 175/75
Yen Hsin-Shu 23 G 183/75
Chu Chih-Chin 30 C 198/98
Lee Yun-Shian 28 G 190/85
Chou Hun-Yu 23 F 195/88
Cheng Chih-Lung 30 G 191/85
Lo Shin-Liang 28 G 182/80
Chen Hsin-An 19 F 193/89
Huang Chun-Hsiung 28 F 201/94
Wu Chih-Wei 23 C 202/92
Lin Shin-Hwa 24 C 199/90
Chiu Chi-Yi 24 G 180/70
Hsu Chih-Chao 25 F 190/85
Lai Kuo-Hong 25 C 198/95*
Kuo Tien-Lung 25 G 188/85*
Headcoach:Chien Yi-Fei
*Both likely will be dropped because of injury and other unidentified reasons

Taiwan National Second
Hung Chan-Chin 24 F 190/100
Chen Chih-Chun 22 G 183/74
Hsiung Jen-Cheng 27 F 192/90
Chen Hui 21 G 185/82
Huang Bao-Syh 23 G 180/70
Lin Chia-Huang 24 G 186/80
Chang Chih-Feng 18 G 183/80
Chang Hsien-Min 23 G 184/79
Yang Che-Yi 21 F 193/81
Wei Yung-Tai 21 F 193/80
Lin Che-Wei 19 F 197/83
Chen Chien-Cho 22 F 190/90
Lee Fung-Yung 19 F 198/90
Chung Shiao-Tze 20 F 192/85
Lee Chi-Yi 21 F 198/85
Hsian Wei-Feng 21 C 195/88
Wang Yi-Jen 25 C 195/88
Headcoach:Tean Jia-Shiang

South Korea
Choo Seung-Gyun 25 F 193/90
Kang Dong-Hee 33 G 180/91
Hyun Joo-Yup 24 F 195/105
Cho Sung-Won 28 G 180/77
Cho Sang-Hyun 23 F 190/88
Hur Jae 34 G 188/88
Kim Yung-Man 27 F 193/86
Seo Jang-Hoon 25 C 207/105
Lee Sang-Min 27 G 183/77
Lee Eun-Ho 24 C 197/94
Chung Kyung-Ho 29 C 203/100
Park Jae-Hon 26 C 203/98
Headcoach:Shin Sun-Woo

New Zealand National
Jud Flavell 26 G 186/78
Andrew Parke 27 F 201/100
Tony Rampton ? C 214/104
Brad Riley 25 G 198/87
Mark Dickel 23 G 185/80
Paul Henare 20 G 180/91
Michael Thompson ? ? ?/?
Kirk Penney 19 F 194/89
Chris Tupu 31 G 170/74
Ralph Lattimore 32 G 193/91
Kent Mori 28 G 191/90
Phillip Jones 25 G 196/91
Robert Hickey 25 C 214/119
Peter Pokai 34 C/F 202/132
Pero Cameron 25 F 200/126
Headcoach:Keith Mair

Costa Rica National
Henry Martinez 24 F 185/?
Jimmy Garcia 31 G 170/?
Blass Martinez 41 F 187/?
Leonardo Smith 25 C 199/?
Clifford Smith 19 G 194/?
Harry Montoya 26 F 198/?
Hermann Robertson 35 G 195/?
Jorge Arias 33 F 190/?
Marlon Pinnock 33 F 198/?
Marlon Samuels 26 F 188/?
Orlando Daily 25 G 194/?
Andres Leandro 29 C 205/?
Headcoach:Jaime Pena

Mecer Soweto Panthers(South Africa)
Quinton Denyssen 19 C 204/82
Thabo Mabulelong 25 G 156/64
Tertius Phetla 23 G 192/70
Eric Makwela 26 G 185/72
Gordon Mphomane 20 F 195/85
Thabo Serobe 25 G 155/62
Tshwantsho Melato 20 F 195/73
Kenneth Motaung 21 G 198/76
Thabang Kgwedi 21 F 198/82
Sfiso Ncgobo 21 G 189/84
Sipho Mabeka 27 G 172/68
Kgotso Motsoarateu 22 C 210/73
Headcoach:Jonathan Dim

Iloilo Megavoltz(MBA, Philippines)
Dale Singson ? G 183/?
Ronald Magtulis ? F 193/?
Riolito Lura ? G/F 188/?
Adriano Polistico ? C 201/?
Elpidio Villamin ? C/F 191/?
Jose Miguel Santamaria ? F 191/?
Quintellano Literal ? G 178/?
Joey Mente ? G 180/?
Vincente Hizon ? G/F 188/?
Harmon Codinera ? C/F 196/?
Francis Aquino ? G 183/?
Dominic Uy ? F 193/?
Aljerandro Lim ? F 191/?
Headcoach: Danny Gavieres

Iran National
Pooya Tadjik 20 C 200/?
Seyed Ali Madjlesien 20 G 192/?
Seyed Heybatollah Ayoubi 20 G/F 189/?
Omid Safi 19 G 184/?
Babak Moradi Hamedani 20 F 193/?
Iman Zandi 20 G 186/?
Mohammed Reza Eslami Ali Abadi 20 G 185/?
Kamran Jamshidvand 20 F 187/?
Hassan Shahsovand 20 C 212/?
Jalal Hesami 20 C/F 199/?
Majid Barani Lanbani 20 C 204/?
Ahmad Seidi 20 C 200/?
Headcoach:Saeed Fathi

*Players' age may be incorrect, however this is the official information released from Chinese Taipei Basketball Association(CTBA)

Sunday, July 25, 1999

CBA Elite Four Tournament

Finals: CBA White Team 83-80 Taiwan National
Underdog CBA White Team, which mostly conprised of Yulon and Mars' veteran players, uspet Taiwan NT just like coach Chun Chi-Mun predicted prior to the tournament. 33 year-old F/G DongFan Che-Ter, who scored 20 points, was named tournament MVP.

White Team used a 16-2 spurt early in the first quarter to a quick 21-7 lead and control the game with a 15-0 run in mid fourth quarter. American forward Tremaine Wingfield led the team with 23 points, 16 rebounds and three blocks.

Again, Taiwan NT relied on perimeter shots too much. Lo Shing-Liang's 24 points and Yen Shin-Shu's 18 could not stop White Teams' brilliant teamwork. It's clear the weakest area for Taiwan NT at this moment is the inside game. They will need a lot of hardwork before leaving for Japan's Asian Championship.

Consolation: CBA Red Team 106-92 Taiwan National Second
Professional players' experience and physical play were too much for Taiwan National Second to overcome. Joe Temple again exploded for 36 points(10-18 FG, 14-14 FT) and Conant Chu knocked down 21 points to lead the Red Team defeating NT Second for the socond time in the
tournament. F/G Hsu Chi-Chao paced the NT Second with 30 points. F Chen Jian-Chou tallied 22 points, 9 rebounds and 4 steals in 26 minutes.

Semifinal Game 2:Taiwan National(#1) 99-93 Taiwan National Second(#4)
Taiwan NT survived after the first 24-minute scare and reached the chamionship game as expected. Led by Lo Shi-Liang's 24 points(6-10 3PT) and Chou Hong-Yu's 20 points, Taiwan NT rebound from 44-51 deficit in halftime and completed a come-from-behind win. Two top young guards,Yen Shin-Shu and Chiu Chih-Yi, tallied 16 points apiece.

Taiwan National Second's strong inside attack(16 ORB) gave them the halftime lead, but inexprience again caused them the game.Center Lin Shin-Hua led the team with 23 points and 8 rebounds, while forward Chen Jian-Chou came up with 13 points and 12 rebounds.

Semifinal Game 1:CBA White Team(#2) 95-89 CBA Red Team(#3)
Tremiane Wingfield scored 36 points on 15-20 shooting and grabbed 7 rebounds, winning the showdown with Red Teams' Joe Temple, who scored 27, and led White Team reaching the tournament final. He got help from his teammates also. Veteran Tsai Fu-Chai scored 18 and Chiu Chun-Ji turned in 12 points and 10 rebounds.

Tournament Notes:
Tremaine Wingfield finished second in MVP voting...He will head back to the States and try to work out a deal with a Spanish team...Joe Temple likely will join Philippines' Purefood(PBA)...

Friday, July 23, 1999

22nd William Jones Cup Primer

Place:Taipei, Taiwan
Venue:Taipei Physical Education College Gymnasium(Capacity:3500)

Men's Competition:August 2-August 7
Participating Teams(8)
Group A:Taiwan National
Iloilo Megavoltz(Metropolitan Basketball Association, Philippines)
Costa Rica National
South Africa National
Group B:Taiwan National Second Team
Iran National
New Zealand National
Korea National

Competition System:
Teams divided to two groups, playing a single-round robin preliminary
round to determine the ranking. Top two teams advance to semi-finals.
In the Semi-finals it will be B1 vs A2 and B2 vs A1, with winners
advancing to the championship game. Losers play for third place. Teams
that fail to advance play a consolation round(5th-8th).

Among the participating teams, Taiwan National, Korea National and Iran
National will head for Asian Championship held in Fukuoka, Japan(August
28-September 5) right after the tournament.

Women's Competition:July 27-July 31
Participating Teams:(5)
Taiwan National
Canada National
New Zealand National
Japan National
Australia National

Competition System: Single round robin to decide the final ranking.

Monday, July 19, 1999

CBA Elite Four Tournament

July 14--Taiwan National 96-92 CBA Red Team
Taiwan National: Lo Shin-liang 23p(5-9 3PT), Chen Hsin-an 21p, Huan Chun-shiung 12p, 9rb, 4a
CBA Red: Joe Temple 35p(14-26 FG), 6rb, Conant Chu 10p, Sun Kuo-chan 9p,11rb,4a

(Note)5-11 Conant Chu is an American-born Chinese who played college ball in US Division II
UC-Davis. He joined CBA's Hong-kuo Elephants in 1994 and played pro ball in Taiwan ever since.
He is a backup PG both in UC-Davis and Hong-kuo.

July 15--CBA White Team 115-108 National Second Team
CBA White: Tremain Wingfield 21p(9-14FG), 8rb, Lin Chen-ta 16p
National Second Team: Chen Chen-cho 18p, Lin Shin-hua 15p, Chen Hui 15p

July 17--CBA White 84-83 CBA Red
CBA White: Dongfang Che Ter 21p, Cho Hi-jun 18p, Tremain Wingfield 7p,3a
(Wingfield played only 7 minutes because of sprained ankles.)
CBA Red: Joe Temple 28p,16rb, Conant Chu 17p
Taiwan National 112-97 National Second
Taiwan National: Lo Shin-liang 34p(7-11 3PT), Cho Hong-yu 18p, Chiu Chi-yi 17p
National Second: Shan Wei-fan 24p,8rb

July 18--CBA Red 92-89 National Second
CBA Red: Joe Temple 27p,8rb, Sun Kuo-chan 15p,6rb
National Second: Lin Chia-huang 19p, Chen Jian-cho 19p,10rb
Taiwan National 105-80 CBA White
National:Lo Shin-liang 24p(10-16 FG), Huang Chun-shiung 22p,12rb
CBA White: Chen Tze-min 17p,6rb, Dongfang Che Ter 13p(Wingfield DNP-injury)

Preliminary Games Standing
Taiwan National(3-0), CBA White(2-1), CBA Red(1-2), National Second(0-3)

Second Round Games next week:
Game1:#1 Taiwan National vs. #4 National Second, Game2:#2 CBA White vs. #3 CBA Red
Winners advance to championship game, losers settle for consolation game

League update
During the CBA Elite Four Tournament, several team managers expressed their concerns toward the league's slow re-structure development. It's believed the owners had reached a tentative agreement back in May to re-start the league in November. While numerous players' contracts expire this summer and the future is nowhere to be found, team managers still don't know how to approach
their players for contract negotiation.

Player News
19-year-old sensation Chen Hsin-an received his first U.S. college recruiting letter from Cal State-Fullerton last week. 6-3 1/2 Chen, nicknamed "Prince of Dunk", hopes he can be the first Taiwan basketball player to compete in NCAA division I. Cal State-Northridge and University of Pittsburgh are also interested in Chen.

Already dubbed as "Taiwan basketball savior", Chen Hsin-an was named "Most promising junior players in Asia" by Asian Basketball Confederation in 1998, along with China's 7-5 giant Yao Ming.

Tuesday, July 13, 1999

Red Team Wins Windy City Hoop Festival

With import Joe Temple's 34 points leading the way, Red Team defeated White Team 89-87 in the " Windy City Hoop Festival " on July 11th. Tremaine Wingfield paced the White Team with a 33 points, 16 rebounds effort.

The exhibition game marked the first time since mid-March, when the CBA(Chinese Basketball Alliance) suspended its season indefinitely, that a game consisted of all-pro players is played in Taiwan. The game was played in Sinchu, a.k.a. " Windy City " because of its year round
strong wind.

Joe Temple(U. of San Diego) scored ten quick points in the first quarter, helping the Red Team to 48-46 halftime lead. His combination of penetrating and red-hot outside shooting(6-11 3PT) proved too hard for White Team to overcome one-on-one.

Tremaine Wingfield(U. of Texas) used his relentless style of play as usual. His game-high 9 offensive rebound and numerous putbacks underneath helped White Team clinged to single-digit deficit throughout the game. Wingfield's last shot with 3 seconds remaining narrowly missed the rim.

The local CBA players who had been selected to the national team did not participate because they are in the pre-Asian Championship training camp right now.

Temple and Wingfield are the only two imports in Taiwan at this moment. They will accompany Red and White team, respectively, in the 4-team "CBA Elite Four Tournament"(July 14-25) to play the National Team and Natinal Second Team. CBA and CTBA(Chinese Taipei Basketball Association) jointly organize the tournament to help National Team's training while keep testing the local fans' response for CBA's resurgence.

Rumors say the league will be back in action in the end of the year.