Friday, January 31, 2003

Yulon wins second straight President Cup title

Chen Hsin-an had 26 points and 6 rebounds as Yulon beat Dacin, 83-74, in Game 3 of the President Cup Finals tonight, winning the best-of-three series 2-1 and repeat as champion.

In the deciding game, Yulon showed it's poise and experience. A 12-2 run in the third quarter opened up the game for Yulon, who increased the lead to 14 and led as many as 17 points.

Although Tien Lei had another brilliant game (27 points and 14 rebounds), Dacin never regrouped to stage a comeback rally after trailing by six in halftime. They were hurt by too many turnovers and never threatened Yulon thereafter.

Dacin lost to Yulon in the finals for the second time, after bowing out 0-3 in the A-League Finals last year, when they lost by 18 points PER game. But they do show a lot of improvement compared to last year and look promising in April's A-League regular season, with No.1 high school bigman Wu Dai-hao expected to join the team.

Yulon has now won four straight A-League champions, including 2003 President Cup, 2002 A-League regular season, 2002 President Cup and 2001 A-League regular season. You can see a "mini-dynasty" right there. Of course, for a team that has seven players on the national team roster, a mini-dynasty is not something to brag about.

With President Cup completed just before the Chinese New Year, teams are looking forward to April's A-League regular season. The last two teams - No.7 Yitong and No.8 Military - will have to play the Division II's top two teams, Jin-jin Design and NTCPE(National Taiwan College of Physical Education) in a single round-robin series to fight for two Division I seeds.

Finals(Yulon wins series 2-1)
Game 3: Yulon 83-74 Dacin(Halftime 41-35)
Yulon - Chen Hsin-an 26p+6rb+3a, Chen Chih-chun 16p, Chou Hong-yu 12p+9rb
Dacin - Tien Lei 27p+14rb, Lee Fong-yong 18p

**Final Standings
1. Yulon Dinos, 2. Dacin Construction, 3. BCC Mars, 4. Jutai Technology, 5. Bank of Taiwan, 6. Taiwan Beer, 7. Yitong Trust, 8. Military

Thursday, January 30, 2003

President Cup - Tien Lei lifts Dacin over Yulon

Twenty minutes from losing the first A-League title in team history, Dacin refused to quit. Tien Lei had 32 points, 14 rebounds to lead Dacin storm back from a 13-point halftime deficit and upset Yulon, 82-77. Dacin tied the President Cup Finals at 1-1. On the second to last day of Chinese lunar year tomorrow, the President Cup title is on the line.

Dacin dug themselves a big hole, firing cluelessly from the outside and quickly trailed by double-digit before halftime. It seemed the President Cup title is Yulon's to lose coming to the fianl 20 minutes in the game.

Dacin head coach Liu Jia-fa turned to his spread offense and asked his players to be more patient, looking for the best open shot. Tien Lei and little guard Cheng Chan-jun took advantage of their speed and penetration, also combined for three back-breaking three-pointers in the third quarter. Dacin wasted no time to pull ahead, 60-56, after a 32-16 third quarter.

With center Tsun Wen-din fouling out in closing minutes, Dacin led as many as 10 points. Chen Hsin-an stepped up and kept the game close by scoring five straight points, including an NBA-range three-pointer. But Chang Chi-feng's three-pointer with less than a minute to go increased Dacin's lead to 5 points. After Chou Shih-yuan missed his three, Yulon had no chance.

In the third-place series, Mars had five players in double-digit to beat Jutai 77-70 and wrapped up the series with a 2-0 win.

Finals(Series tied 1-1)
Game 2: Dacin 82-77 Yulon(Half 27-40)
Dacin - Ten Lei 32p(10-20 FG)+14rb+4s, Chang Chi-feng 17p+6rb, Lee Fong-yong 15p, Cheng CHan-jun 12p+6rb
Yulon - Chen Chih-chun 19p(7-9 FG)+5s, Chen Hsin-an 15p+5rb+4a

3rd-place Series(Mars win 2-0)
Game 2: Mars77-70 Jutai(Half 35-35)
Mars - Lin Jia-huang 17p, Yang Che-yi 14p, Cheng An-jay 14p, Lee Chi-yi 12p+12rb+5a
Jutai - Lin Che-li 15p, Yang Yu-ming 11p+6rb+4a, Ha Hsiao-yuan 11p, Hsu Tse-shin 11p

Wednesday, January 29, 2003

President Cup - Kuo-tai Life completes four-peat

Chunghwa Telecom overcame a 15-point deficit in the last five minutes to upset Kuo-tai Life, 76-74, tonight in the last game of the women's competition. Chunghwa Telecom got themselves an inspiring win but still finished runner-up to Kuo-tai Life, who won their fourth straight President Cup title, because they lost to Kuo-tai by 10(and won by only 2 tonight) in the first-leg.

It's really an unbelievable win for Chunghwa Telecom, when you think about they were dominated on the boards 29-49 and trailed by 15 points with only five minutes remaining. However, their defense made a difference. A couple of Kuo-tai's turnovers and missed shots led Chunghwa Telecom back into the game. With score tied at 74-74, 183cm PF Chiang Feng-jun missed two free-throws with 11.4 seconds remaining. On the other end, Telecom's Chiang Yi-lian made both of her free-throws with 6.1 seconds left and iced the game.

Taiwan Powers 61-59 Tai-yuan
Chunghwa Telecom 76-74 Kuo-tai

**Complete Standings

Kuo-tai 4-0
Chunghwa Telecom 3-1
Tai-yuan 2-2
Taiwan Powers 1-3
Ya-dong 0-4

Chunghwa Telecom 4-0
Kuo-tai 3-1
Taiwan Powers 2-2
Tai-yuan 1-3
Ya-dong 0-4

1. Kuo-tai 7-1
2. Chunghwa Telecom 7-1
3. Tai-yuan 3-5
4. Taiwan Powers 3-5
5. Ya-dong 0-8

President Cup - Tsun can't miss, Yulon leads 1-0

The hyped "Chen Hsin-an vs. Tien Lei" never became a reality. 204cm C Tsun Wen-din proved why he is the starting center on the national team by making 12 of 15 shots, scoring 26 points in the Game 1 of the President Finals tonight. Tsun, only 19 years-old, led Yulon to a 75-65 victory and a 1-0 lead in the best-of-three series.

Tsun had a night when he just couldn't miss. He scored on mid-range jumpers, putbacks, dunks and fadeaway jumpshots. In addition to his hothand, Tsun had 5 steals and a block. Moreover, it's his defense on Tien Lei helped Yulon set the tone early, jumping to a 29-13 lead after the first quarter.

Surrounded by Tsun all night, Tien had only 16 points and 9 boards on 3-12 shooting. Chen Hsin-an also had a quiet game, collecting 12 points, 6 rebounds and 6 assists before fouling out of the game with 5 minutes remaining.

Yulon quickly jumped to double-digit lead in the first quarter and never looked back. Dacin cut the deficit down to less than 10 a couple of times with the help of PG Huang Chih-chun's three-pointers. But they rushed their shots, missed some easy ones, and was quickly put away.

Yulon head coach Chien Yi-fei was satified with Yulon's teamwork. "It's our defense wins the game for us. And it's a team effort. I don't care how many points you score. You have to be able to defend to be my players." As for Tsun, "Sky's the limit for him. This kid still has a lot of room for improvement."

Yulon will look to finish the series tomorrow. Chien sais they don't want to have their back against the wall by losing Game 2 and have to play a deciding Game 3.

In the other series, Mars routed Jutai 89-63 to take a 1-0 lead in the third-place series.

Game 1: Yulon 75-65 Dacin(Half 45-28)
Yulon - Tsun Wen-din 26p(12-15 FG)+5rb+5s+1blk, Chen Hsin-an 12p(5-11 FG)+6rb+6a, Chou Hong-yu 11p, Chen Chih-chun 10p
Dacin - Huang Chih-chun 24p(8-13 FG, 5-8 3PT)+3a, Tien Lei 16p(3-12 FG)+9rb+4a+3blk, Lee Fong-yong 9p+9rb

3rd-place series
Game 1: Mars 89-63 Jutai(Half 50-33)
Mars - Lin Jen-da 25p(9-14 FG, 5-6 3PT), Chen Huei 16p+7a, Lee Chi-yi 14p+8rb+6a, Yang She-yi 12p, Cheng An-jay 10p+10rb
Jutai - Hu Yu-wei 14p, Chang Ya-tang 11p, Ha Hsiao-yuan 9p+10rb, Yang Yu-ming 9p

Tuesday, January 28, 2003

President Cup - Chen Hsin-an's 29 lead Yulon to the Finals

All Chen Hsin-an needed was a three-point line and a free-throw line, because he could make nothing in between last night.

Chen Hsin-an had 29 points and 11 rebounds as Yulon beat Mars, 76-63, to clinch the final ticket to the Final series. Still, it was a bizarre experience for Chen, who made 5 of 8 from three-point country, 14 for 18 from the charity stripe but missed all 13 of his two-point attempts.

Always double-teamed by Mars defenders, Chen's shot couldn't find the basket in the first half. He entered the lockerroom without a field goal in halftime, when Yulon trailed 34-36. But Chen's five three-pointers in the second half finally opened up the game for Yulon, who outscored Mars 42-27 in the last two periods.

Chen became Yulon's only offensive option in an ugly game where no team can find the basket. Yulon only shot .370(23-62) and Mars were even more miserable at .303(20-66). Mars successfually controled Chen and the tempo in the first half but was plagued by their frontline foul trouble. Nothing went right for them in the second half.

Yulon will take on Dacin in the best-of-three Final series starting tomorrow. Mars will face Jutai in the other best-of-three consolation series.

Yulon 76-63 Mars(Yulon - Chen Hsin-an 29p+11rb, Chen Chih-chun 10p+4s, Chou Hong-yu 9p ; Mars - Lai Kuo-hong 14p, Yang Che-yi 12p, Lin Jia-huang 11p)

**Final Preliminary Round Standings
Dacin 7-0
Yulon 6-1
Mars 4-3
Jutai 4-3
Taiwan Beer 2-5
Yi-tong 2-5
Military 0-7

Women's competition: Second Leg
Kuo-tai 77-61 Ya-dong
Chunghwa Telecom 77-67 Taiwan Powers

Kuo-tai 3-0
Chunghwa Telecom 3-0
Tai-yuan 1-2
Taiwan Powers 1-2
Ya-dong 0-4

Monday, January 27, 2003

President Cup - Dacin stays unbeaten in preliminaries

Tien Lei scored 18 of his game-high 26 points in the second half to lead Dacin storming back from a 13-point first half deficit and defeated Jutai Tech, 81-76. Dacin heads to the finals, while the other seed will be determined between Yulon and Mars, with a perfect 7-0 record in the preliminaries.

Dacin 81-76 Jutai(Dacin – Tien Lei 26p+15rb+4s+3blk, Lin Kwan-lun 22p ; Jutai – Yang Yu-ming 22p, O-Yang Jin-hen 14p)
BOT 96-75 Military(BOT – Ho Sho-jen 26p ; Military – Lin Chun-feng 33p, Chiu Chi-yi 19p)

Dacin 7-0
Yulon 5-1
Mars 4-2
Jutai 4-3
BOT 3-4
Taiwan Beer 2-5
Yi-tong 2-5
Military 0-7

Women’s competition: Second Leg
Taiwan Powers 68-57(2OT) Ya-dong
Chunghwa Telecom 82-74 Tai-yuan

Kuo-tai 2-0
Chunghwa Telecom 2-0
Taiwan Powers 1-1
Tai-yuan 1-2
Ya-dong 0-3

Saturday, January 25, 2003

President Cup - Tien Lei leads Dacin past Yulon

Tien Lei overcame a severe coldness with a 26-point, 15-rebounds and 4-blocks performance as Dacin upset Yulon, 81-76, last night(Jan. 24). Dacin won its six straight, clinching the first-place and a place in the finals.

With Chen Hsin-an serving his third and final of his three-game suspension, Yulon never took the lead in the last three quarters. Yulon made only two three-pointers in the game, compared to Dacin's 10, and was pounded on the boards, trailing 25-44 in that department.

Jutai Tech also overcame a 16-point first quarter deficit to a 84-80 come-from-behind victory over Taiwan Beer, 84-80. Yang Yu-ming had 22 points. Lin Che-wei surprised with a 15-point, 13-rebounds effort.

Dacin 81-76 Yulon(Dacin - Tien Lei 26p+15rb+4blks, Chang Chi-feng 15p, Cheng Chan-jun 12p, Lin Kwan-lun 12p ; Yulon - Hong Chi-chao 20p+4s, Tsun Wen-din 18p, Chou Hong-yu 13p+8rb+5a)
Jutai 84-80 Taiwan Beer(Jutai - Yang Yu-ming 22p, O-Yang Jin-hen 17p, Lin Che-wei 15p+13rb ; TB - Lin Chih-jay 24p+16rb, Wu Chih-yuan 15p+6rb)

**Remaining Preliminary Schedule
Jan.25 - Yulon-Yitong, Mars-Taiwan Beer
Jan.26 - Military-BOT, Jutai-Dacin
Jan.27 - Dacin-Mars

Dacin 6-0
Yulon 4-1
Jutai 4-2
Mars 3-2
BOT 2-4
Taiwan Beer 2-4
Yitong 2-4
Military 0-6

Womens' competition: Second Leg
Kuo-tai Life 64-60 Tai-yuan
Chunghwa Telecom 71-60 Ya-dong

Kuo-tai 1-0
Chunghwa Telecom 1-0
Taiwan Powers 0-0
Tai-yuan 0-1
Ya-dong 0-1

President Cup - Final four set

Yulon breezes past Yitong, 88-70, and Mars beat Taiwan Beer, 91-80, as the final four of the 2003 President Cup are all set. Dacin already clinched its final berth with a 6-0 record, Mars, Jutai and Yulon also squeeze into the final four. However, the final game between Mars and Yulon will determine Dacin's opponent in the final. Winner of the deciding game will advance.

Star F/G Chen Hsin-an was back in the starting lineup today but suffered a cut above his eyes just three minutes into the game. He had seven stitches and did not go back to the game.

Eight teams in the President Cup plays to a single round-robin format, with each team playing seven games in the preliminaries. Top two teams advance to the best-of-three final series. 3rd and 4th-ranked teams play each other also in a best-of-three series to determine the final placing.

Yulon 88-70 Yitong(Yulon - Chen Chih-chun 16p, Hong Chi-chao 13p, Chou Hong-yu 10p+9rb, Tsun Wen-din 8p+10rb ; Yitong - Kao Jian-wei 15p+8rb)
Mars 91-80 Taiwan Beer(Mars - Lin Jia-huang 23p, Yang Che-yi 18p, Lin Jen-da 13p, Chen Huei 11p+8a ; TB - Lin Chih-jay 17p+9rb, Chen Shih-nian 15p, Wu Yang-huei 12p+7rb)

Dacin 6-0(X)
Yulon 5-1(Y)
Mars 4-2(Y)
Jutai 4-2(Y)
BOT 2-4
Taiwan Beers 2-5
Yi-tong 2-5
Military 0-6

X - clinch final berth
Y - clinch final four seed

Women's competition: Second Leg
Kuo-tai Life 69-61 Taiwan Powers
Tai-yuan 75-64 Ya-dong

Kuo-tai 2-0
Chunghwa Telecom 1-0
Tai-yuan 1-1
Taiwan Powers 0-1
Ya-dong 0-2

Friday, January 24, 2003

President Cup - Dacin edged BOT in 77-76 thriller

Bank of Taiwan forward Ho Sho-jen, who had a game-high 21 points, missed a potential winning layup with 5 seconds left as Dacin escaped with a 77-76 thriller over BOT. Dacin is riding on a 5-game winning streak and looking at the President Cup final appearance. BOT's loss also eliminated their chance of finishing among the top four.

Yitong 83-77 Military(Yitong - Lin Li-jun 31p, Kao Jen-wei 15p+12rbHuang Jin-ju 10p+14rb ; Military - Lin Chun-fung 23p, Chiu Chi-yi 18p)
Mars 81-65 Jutai(Mars - Lin Jia-huang 16p, Yang Che-yi 16p ; Jutai - O-Yang Jin-hen 14p, Lin Che-li 14p)
Dacin 77-76 BOT(Dacin - Lee Fong-yong 20p+8rb, Tien Lei 15p+7rb, Cheng Chan-jun 13p, Chang Chih-feng 13p ; BOT - Ho Sho-jen 21p, Wu Yong-jen 15p+5a, Chen Shen-ya 11p)

Dacin 5-0
Yulon 4-0
Mars 3-2
Jutai 3-2
Taiwan Beer 2-3
BOT 2-4
Yitong 2-4
Military 0-6

Thursday, January 23, 2003

President Cup - BOT edges Taiwan Beer

Ho Sho-jen, Hsu Hao-chen and Chen Shen-ya - all from Song-shan High School - combined for 57 points, including 19 of 20 from free-throw line, as Bank of Taiwan edged Taiwan Beer in a crucial game tonight, 86-79. With the win, BOT tied with Taiwan Beer at 2-3. Both teams are still hanging on the heel of the final four chase.

Bank of Taiwan 86-79 Taiwan Beer(BOT - Ho Sho-jen 20p, Hsu Hao-chen 20p+11rb+4a, Chen Shen-ya 17p ; TB - Chang Hsien-ming 24p, Wu Yang-huei 19p+8rb, Wu Chih-yuan 10p+10rb)

Yulon 4-0
Dacin 4-0
Jutai 3-1
Mars 2-2
BOT 2-3
Taiwan Beer 2-3
Yi-tong 1-4
Military 0-5

Women's competition
Kuo-tai Life 86-77 Chunghwa Telecom
Taiwan Powers 59-52 Ya-dong

**Standings(First Leg completed)
Kuo-tai Life 4-0
Chunghwa Telecom 3-1
Tai-yuan Textile 2-2
Taiwan Powers 1-3
Ya-dong 0-4

Wednesday, January 22, 2003

President Cup - Yulon, Dacin win 4th straight

Chen Hsin-an and Tien Lei scored 34 and 32, respectively, as Yulon and Dacin won fourth straight and tied at the top of the standing.

Chen Hsin-an had 23 of his game-high 34 points in the second half of Yulon's 84-73 victory. Chen made 6 three-pointers to break open the game and handed Jutai with their first loss.

Tien Lei was also brilliant, making 13 of 19 shots, in Dacin's 93-83 win over winless Military. Tien Lei had 32 points, 17 rebounds and 5 blocks.

Yulon 84-73 Jutai(Yulon - Chen Hsin-an 34p, Chou Hong-yu 16p ; Jutai - Yang Yu-ming 22p, O-Yang Jin-hun 12p, Lin Tse-wei 12p)
Dacin 93-83 Military(Dacin - Tien Lei 32p+17rb+5blks)

Yulon 4-0, Dacin 4-0, Jutai 3-1, Taiwan Beer 2-2, Mars 2-2, Bank of Taiwan 1-3, Yitong 1-4, Military 0-5

Women's competition
Kuo-tai Life 68-58 Tai-yuan Textile
Chunghwa Telecom 76-49 Ya-dong
Kuo-tai Life 3-0, Chunghwa Telecom 3-0, Tai-yuan Textile 2-2, Taiwan Powers 0-3, Ya-dong 0-3

Tuesday, January 21, 2003

President Cup - Taiwan Beer, Yitong pull upset

18 year-old PG Chen Shih-nian scored 6 points in the last two minutes as Taiwan Beer upset Military, 68-65, to even their record at 2-2 in the President Cup. In the other game tonight, Yitong also upset Bank of Taiwan, 71-69, and get their first win. Yitong's victory also makes Military the only team without a win.

Taiwan Beer 68-65 Military(TB - Lin Chih-jay 20p ; Military - Chiu Chi-yi 19p)
Yitong 71-69 Bank of Taiwan(Yitong - Chiu Der-chi 18p, Huang Jin-ju 17p+11rb ; BOT - Chen Shen-ya 21p, Ho Sho-jen 16p)

**Standings(thru Jan.20)
Yulon 3-0
Dacin 3-0
Jutai Tech 3-0
BCC Mars 2-2
Taiwan Beer 2-2
Bank of Tauiwan 1-3
Yitong 1-4
Military 0-4

Monday, January 20, 2003

President Cup - Dacin joins Yulon, Jutai at 3-0

Led by little guard Cheng Chan-jun's 19 points, four players score more than 17 points as Dacin routs Yitong, 86-49 to win three straight and join Yulon and Jutai Tech at the top of the President Cup standing. Bank of Taiwan snaps its two-game losing streak by defeating Mars, 65-62. Mars lost back-to-back games to Dacin and BOT after winning its first two.

Dacin 86-49 Yitong(Dacin - Cheng Chan-jun 19p, Tien Lei 17p+15rb, Yeh Shu-wei 17p+11rb, Lin Kwan-lun 17p)
Bank of Taiwan 65-62 Mars

Saturday, January 18, 2003

President Cup - Dacin bombs Mars, wins two straight

Jan. 17
Taiwan Beers 104-62 Yitong(TB - Chen Shi-nian 19p, Wu Jun-hsiung 17p, Wu Yang-huei 17p)
Yulon 95-73 Bank of Taiwan(Yulon - Chen Hsin-an 23p+7rb, Tsun Wen-din 18p+12rb)
Dacin 80-68 Mars(Dacin - Tien Lei 31p+19rb+4blk ; Mars - Lee Chi-yi 19p+9rb)

Dacin 80-69 Taiwan Beers(Dacin - Tien Lei 20p+14rb+2blk, Huang Chih-chun 22p ; TB - Chang Hsien-ming 21p+7rb+5a)
Mars 81-68 Military(Cheng An-jay 14p+8rb ; BOT - Lo Da-wei 15p+7rb)
Jutai 88-66 Yitong

Yulon 2-0, Dacin 2-0, Jutai 2-0, Mars 2-1, Taiwan Beer 1-1, Bank of Taiwan 0-2, Military 0-2, Yitong 0-3

Thursday, January 16, 2003

Yulon opens President Cup with win ; Chen Hsin-an sits

Defending champ Yulon beat Military, 71-61, tonight in their 2003 President Cup debut as Chen Hsin-an sits thru the first game of his three-game suspension. BCC Mars and Jutai Tech also record their first victory.

Led by two late three-pointers by newcomer Chen Chih-chun, Yulon overcame a subpar shooting night and edged re-loaded Military team. Chen finished his two-year service and retired from military before joining Yulon.

Another Chen - Chen Hsin-an - has to sit out the game because he was suspended by CTBA for three games for dropping out of the national team and going to the NBA training camp(Sacramento Kings) before the Asian Games. Chen is suspended from tonight's game and games of Jan.18(vs. Taiwan Beer) and Jan. 24(vs. Dacin Construction).

■President Cup Brief
Date: January 15 - January 30
Teams(8): Yulon Dinos, BCC Mars, Bank of Taiwan, Taiwan Beer, Jutai Tech, Dacin Construction, Military, Yitong Trust
Format: single round-robin preliminary, followed by a best-of-three finals by the top two teams

■Game Results:
Yulon 71-61 Military
(Yulon - Chou Shi-yuan 17p, Wu Chih-wei 15p+12rb, Chen Chih-shun 14p, Hong Chih-chao 11p ; Military - Wu Chen-dao 16p, Lin Chun-feng 15p, Lo Da-wei 11p+12rb)

Mars 71-59 Yitong Trust
(Mars - Yang Che-yi 16p, Lin Jen-da 15p, Lai Kuo-hong 11p ; Yitong - Lin Jen-jong 10p)

Jutai Tech 80-74 Bank of Taiwan
(Jutai - Yang Yu-min 20p, Ha Hsiao-yuan 15p+6rb, O-yang Jin-hen 12p+5rb+4a+4s ; BOT - Chen Shen-ya 16p, Ho Sho-jen 11p)

Wednesday, January 08, 2003

2002 HBL Second Round Games Results

Game Results

Tsai-shin HS 93-53 Miaoli Business HS
Shinjung HS 92-53 Shin-hua HS
Yilan HS 64-62 Nan-shan HS
Gao-yuan HS 59-49 Chiang-shu HS
Ping-tung HS 82-80 Taishan HS
Song-shan HS 59-56 Sanmin HS

Taishan HS 77-69 Yilan HS
Nan-shan HS 78-75 Miaoli Business HS
Tsai-shin HS 91-52 Ping-tung HS
Song-shan HS 62-45 Shin-hua HS
Chiang-shu HS 83-72 Sanmin HS
Shinjung HS 63-62 Gao-yuan HS

Miaoli Business HS 85-62 Ping-tung HS
Chiang-shu HS 70-53 Shin-hua HS
Tsai-shin HS 101-61 Yilan HS
Shinjung HS 63-62 Song-shan HS
Nan-shan HS 92-62 Taishan HS
Gao-yuan HS 84-67 Sanmin HS

Song-shan HS 69-58 Chiang-shu HS
Shinjung HS 79-69 Sanmin HS
Gao-yuan HS 70-41 Shin-hua HS
Miaoli Business HS 92-81 Yilan HS
Nan-shan HS 73-65 Ping-tung HS
Tsai-shin HS 115-61 Taishan HS

Sanmin HS 68-53 Shinhua HS
Taishan HS 69-66 Miaoli Business HS
Song-shan HS 61-43 Gao-yuan HS
Ping-tung HS 98-93 Yilan HS
Chiang-shu HS 71-63 Shinjung HS
Tsai-shin HS 96-86(2OT) Nan-shan HS

1/6(Wildcard Games)
Chiang-shu HS 93-60 Ping-tung HS
Sanmin HS 87-66 Taishan HS
Sanmin HS 67-61 Ping-tung HS
Chiang-shu HS 102-74 Tai-shan HS

Group Standings

Group A
1) Shin-jung HS 4-1
2) Song-shan HS 4-1
3) Gao-yuan HS 3-2
4) Chiang-shu HS 3-2
5) Sanmin HS 1-4
6) Shin-hua HS 0-5

Group B
1) Tsai-shin HS 5-0
2) Nan-shan HS 4-1
3) Miaoli Business HS 2-3
4) Taishan HS 2-3
5) Ping-tung HS 2-3
6) Yilan HS 1-4

Notes: Top three seeds in each group are automatically qualified for the final eight ; Four No.4 and No.5 seeds play in the wildcard games to determine the remaining two spots in the final eight.

Final Eight Matchups

Group I
Shinjung HS vs. Chiang-shu HS
Nan-shan HS vs. Gao-yuan HS

Group II
Tsai-shin HS vs. Sanmin HS
Song-shan HS vs. Miaoli Business HS

2002 HBL Second Round Stats Leaders

1. Chen Shi-jay(Tsaishin) 29.6
2. Liu Shen-yao(Chiang-shu) 22.1
3. Yen Jen-hung(Sanmin) 19.6
4. Huang Chi-feng(SHinjung) 19.2
5. Hsieh Qun-jay(Nan-shan) 18.4
6. Hsu Shi-chin(Nan-shan) 17.8
7. Hong Chi-chan(Tsai-shin) 17.6
8. Chao Sze-chi(Ping-tung) 17.4
9. Deng An-chen(Nan-shan) 16.4
10. Chen Guo-tang(Yilan) 16.4

1. Jian Chia-hung(Tsai-shin) 11.8
2. Huang Peng-yu(Nan-shan) 9.6
3. Yen Jen-hung(Sanmin) 8.8
4. Yu Chi-shien(Yilan) 8.5
5. Wu Dai-hao(Tsai-shin) 8.0
6. Wang Yi-jay(Ping-tung) 7.3
7. Jian Chao-lung(Yilan) 7.2

1. Hong Chi-shan(Tsai-shin) 4.8
2. Hsieh Qun-jay(Nan-shan) 4.6
3. Chen Shi-jay(Tsai-shin) 4.0
4. Lai Yun-chang(Miaoli) 3.8
5. Su Yu-jay(Chiang-shu) 3.6

1. Hong Chi-shan(Tsai-shin) 3.2
2. Chen Shi-jay(Tsai-shin) 3.0
3. Nian Wei-an(Gao-yuan) 2.8
4. Huang Chi-ho(Song-shan) 2.6
5. Su Yi-jay(Chiang-shu) 2.1

1. Yu Chi-shien(Yilan) 2.8
2. Wang Chuan-jian(Gao-yuan) 2.6
3. Yen Jen-hung(Sanmin) 2.1
4. Hong Ying-tse(Chiang-shu) 2.1
5. Wu Dai-hao(Tsai-shin) 2.0

3PT FG pct. (min. 20 FG attempts)
1. Hong Chi-shan(Tsai-shin) 24-38 63%
2. Liu Shen-yao(Chiang-shu) 24-57 44%
3. Chen Shi-jay(Tsai-shin) 21-49 43%