Monday, December 31, 2007

Yulon beat Dacin to win 10th straight

Yulon's Lee Hsueh-lin (source: ESPN Taiwan)

TM upset dmedia (source: ESPN Taiwan)

Yulon closed out the year 2007 with its 10th straight win Sunday -- an 83-78 escape over Dacin. The victory did not come easily, however. Chen Chih-chun made two free-throws with 3.4 seconds remaining to ice the victory.

Chen Hsin-an scored 12 of his 23 points in the fourth quarter. Dacin, which entered the game without two core players Tien Lei and Wang Chih-chun, almost pulled off a shocker. It trailed by 11 midway through the 4th period but cut the deficit to one point, 79-78, after Su Yi-chieh's layup with 16 seconds left.

Taiwan Mobile point guard Wu Yong-jen also had 12 of his 21 points in the fourth quarter as TM handed dmedia its second defeat in as many nights. Dmedia, which surprised everyone with a 5-1 record, finished the week with a pair of losses -- a 73-67 loss to TM Sunday and an 84-74 loss to Taiwan Beer Saturday.

Dec. 30
Taiwan Beer 88-71 Pure Youth
TB: Wu Dai-hao 28p+14rb+5blk, Ho Sho-jen 23p, Yang Chin-min 13p
PY: James mao 15p, Chang Yu-lin 13p, Chien Jia-hong 12p

Taiwan Mobile 73-67 dmedia
TM: Wu Yong-jen 21p+7a, Liu Sheng-yao 15p
dmedia: J. Sanders 12p+15rb, Wang Nan-kuei 18p, Cheng Jen-wei 11p, Ouyang Jin-hen 10p

Yulon 83-78 Dacin
Yulon: Chen Hsin-an 23p, Lu Cheng-ju 12p, Lee Chi-yi 11p, Yang Che-yi 11p
Dacin: Chen Tse-wei 17p, Su Yi-chieh 14p, Yang Yu-min 13p (Tien Lei, Wang Chih-chun DNP)

Dec. 29
Taiwan Mobile 78-59 Pure Youth

TM: Lee Wei-min 20p+10rb, Deng An-cheng 15p, Wu Yong-jen 13p+6rb+4a
PY: Chen Shi-jay 12p+6a, Hong Chih-shan 12p+7rb, Zuo Tsun-kai 11p

Taiwan Beer 84-74 dmedia
TB: Yang Chin-min 30p, Wu Dai-hao 11p+5rb+6blk, Hoh SHo-jen 12p, Lin Chih-jay 16p+9rb
dmedia: Ouyang Jin-hen 17p, Lin Kwan-lun 13p, J. Sanders 14p+8rb+4a, Shin Jin-jan 11p+7rb

Saturday, December 29, 2007

Yulon, BOT keep rolling

Chen vs. Sanders (source: ESPN Taiwan)

Yulon and BOT kept rolling -- in different directions. The Dinos beat dmedia 84-78 Friday to win its 8th straight while Bank of Taiwan dropped its 26th consecutive game and broke the SBL all-time longest losing record after a 92-68 defeat to Dacin.

The game between Yulon and dmedia was dubbed as the dual of Chen Hsin-an and Jonathan Sanders, both of whom had won Ballers of the Week this season. Led by Chen's 27 points, Yulon held off dmedia's furious rally in the final quarter.

Dmedia, which trailed by 13 in the end of the third quarter, pulled ahead 71-70 with 2:54 left before Sanders fouled out of the game and everything went astray. Sanders did scored 16 points and pulled down 12 rebounds for dmedia, whose surprising start has been the talk of the league. Dmedia lost both games vs. Yulon, however.

In the first game of the night, Dacin point guard Su Yi-chieh made his long-awaited return to the starting lineup after more than eight months, during which he had went through two injuries in his left elbow.

Su wasted no time to make his presence felt, tallying 16 points to go with 8 assists and four steals, and helped Dacin overcome a pair of DNPs from Tien Lei and Wang Chih-chun.

Dacin 92-68 BOT
Dacin: Chang Chi-feng 29p, Su Yi-chieh 16p+8a+4s
BOT: Lin Chih-long 15p, Chuang Hsiao-wen 13p, Chang Jung-hsuan 12p

Yulon 84-78 dmedia
Yulon: Chen Hsin-an 27p+8rb, Lee Chi-yi 17p, Tsun Wen-din 15p+9rb+4blk
dmedia: J. Sanders 16p+12rb, Lin Kwan-lun 21p, Ouyang Jin-hen 18p

Tuesday, December 25, 2007

SBL stats thru Dec. 25

1. Ouyang Jin-hen (dmedia) 21.3
2. Jon Sanders (dmedia) 18.5
3. Chen Hsin-an (Yulon) 18.2
4. Hsu Chi-chan (BOT) 17.7
5. Ho Sho-jen (TB) 16.8

1. Jon Sanders (dmedia) 17.8
2. Hsu Chi-chan (BOT) 10.0
3. Chen Hsin-an (Yulon) 9.2
4. Lin Chih-jay (TB) 7.7
5. Tsun Wen-din (Yulon) 7.6

1. Jon Sanders (dmedia) 6.3
2. Lin Chih-jay (TB) 4.3
3. Chen Shih-nian (TB) 4.3
4. Wang Chih-chun (Dacin) 4.0
5. Chan Hsin-an (Yulon) 3.8

1. Tsun Wen-din (Yulon) 1.7
2. Wu Jui-jin (dmedia) 1.5
3. Chen Hsin-an (Yulon) 1.3
4. Ha Hsiao-yuan (TB) 1.2
5. Hsu Chi-chan (BOT) 1.0

1. Wang Chih-chun (Dacin) 3.2
2. Wu Yong-jen (TM) 2.4
3. Tsai Wen-cheng (PY) 2.0
4. Doug Creighton (PY) 1.7
5. Cheng Jen-wei (dmedia) 1.6

Sanders wins Week 3 BOW

(Source: ESPN Taiwan)

Dmedia forward Jon Sanders was named Week 3 Ball of the Week Tuesday for his outstanding performance during the week. Sanders averaged a triple-double of 13 points, 16 rebounds, 10 assists and 2 steals for the week.

The 6-7 U.S. import became the second SBL player who had a triple-double in the game and set the new single-game high of 17 assists.

Sanders received 46 points in the media voting and beat out teammate Ouyang Jin-hen, who had 29 points, for the honor. He is averaging 18.5 points, 17.8 rebounds, 6.8 assists and 1.3 steals for the season, topping the league in rebounding and assists and ranking second in scoring behind Ouyang.

2007-08 Baller of the Week:
Week 3: Jonathan Sanders (dmedia)
Week 2: Chen Hsin-an (Yulon)
Week 1: Chen Hsin-an (Yulon)

Monday, December 24, 2007

Who'll be the most improved player this season?

ESPN Taiwan, the SBL marketing firm, held a media day press conference about a week ago and invited all candidates who will be contending for the most improved player award this season. Personally, I think they made a wise selection.

James Mao (Pure Youth)

196cm, F/G, 1982/11/16
This season: 14.2p, 6.0rb, 2.5a
Last season: 8.5p, 4.4rb

Mao spent last season adjusting to a different basketball style and officiating...and complaining. The 6-5 swingman, who can play as many as four positions in the league, is expected to have a breakout season. PY head coach Hsu Chin-tse will also give him a lot of minutes as a "point forward." Mao needs to improve his outside shooting and keep his dribble low though.

Hsu Chi-chan (Bank of Taiwan)

194cm, F, 1982/10/30
This season: 17.7p, 10.0rb, 1.1s, 1.0blk
Last season: 10.6p, 4.3rb

At 25 years-old, Hsu Chi-chan is not a SBL rookie but he hasn't gotten playing time to showcase his talent and improve his skills by playing. He gets the opportunity this year after BOT lost scorers Yang Chin-min and Yue Ying-li. Hsu is now averaging a double-double. The skinny forward is a very active rebounder and jumper. If Hsu and Chen Shun-hsiang, who's on the injured list, play up to their potential, BOT, which is in a 25-game losing streak, will at least be a competitive team.

Lin Kwan-lun (dmedia)

184cm, G, 1984/1/23
This season: 8.3p, 3.5rb, 2.7a, 1.3s
Last season: 5.1p, 1.8rb

Lin Kwan-lun, who played for Dacin and Taiwan Beer, is expected to get a lot more minutes in dmedia. Dmedia head coach Wu Jian-kuo made a surprising announcement that he would try Lin at point guard. Results of the bold move remains to be seen, but there's no denying that Lin's play has been a factor in dmedia's surprising record (5-1).

Chen Tse-wei (Dacin)

200cm, F, 1985/1/30
This season: 10.2p, 4.2rb
Last season: 7p, 1.8rb

The skinny 6-7 forward has never been an inside force from high school days. Observers think that he has spent too many times wandering around the perimeter and launching three-pointers, which is probably true. But Chen has been taking and making threes when the game's on the line. He was the key player in Dacin's upset win over Yulon in last season's playoffs. In fact, Chen also has been working hard at defending the paint and doing the dirty works because Tien Lei spent even more time on the outside. I do think Chen was underappreciated and underrated for his play.

(Photo Source: SBL official site)

Compilation of 07-08 SBL team previews

Note: The official team name of dmedia should be "dmedia Numen".

Sunday, December 23, 2007

Sanders' triple-double helps dmedia rout TB

Jon Sanders (Source: ESPN Taiwan)

Jonathan Sanders had 17 points, 16 rebounds and SBL-record 17 assists to set the second triple-double record in the SBL Sunday and led dmedia to a 94-81 win over the defending champ Taiwan Beer. Dmedia Numen has become the early season surprise, currently ranking second in the league with 5 wins and one loss.

Dacin point guard Wang Chih-chun was the first triple-double player in the SBL, tallying 19 points, 11 rebounds and 13 assists on Nov. 19, 2005. Sanders also shattered Wang's single-game assist record (13) with 17 assists.

Dec. 23

-- dmedia 94-81 TB
Taking advantage of the absence of TB big men Wu Dai-hao and Ha Hsiao-yuan, dmedia rallied in the second period with a 22-0 run and limited TB to nine points in the poeriod to break the game open.

dmedia: Ouyang Jin-hen 22p, J. Sanders 17p+16rb+17a, Cheng Jen-wei 20p
TB: Yang Chin-ming 30p(11-18 FG)+6rb+4s, Lin Chih-jay 15p+10rb, Ho Sho-jen 16p

-- PY 83-60 BOT
BOT tied SBL's longest losing streak record by dropping its 25th straight game. YMY (currently Pure Youth) set the single-season losing streak in 2005, dropping 25 consecutive games.

PY: Tsai Wen-cheng 16p+10rb, Zuo Tsun-kai 14p, Chien Jia-hong 11p+8rb, James Mao 12p+6rb
BOT: Hsu Chi-chan 19p+9rb+3blk

-- Yulon 82-76 TM

Yulon: Lu Cheng-ju 23p(7-13 3PT)+7rb, Chen Hsin-an 19p+10rb, Yang Che-yi 15p
TM: Deng An-cheng 21p+8rb, Wu Yong-jen 17p+9a, Hong Chi-chao 12p

Dec. 22

-- Dmedia 71-59 TM
Dmedia limited Taiwan Mobile to 8 points in the first period and seven points in the third.

Dmedia: Ouyang Jin-hen 24+7rb, J. Sanders 9p+16rb, Lin Kwan-lun 9p+5rb+5a
TM: Deng An-cheng 12p, Wu Yong-jen 12p, Hong Chi-chao 10p

-- TB 87-85 PY
Yang Chin-ming scored on a coast-to-coast layup with 3.6 seconds to go as Taiwan Beer overcame a 10-point deficit in the last six minutes for the win.

TB: Lin Chih-jay 25p, Ho Sho-jen 23p+7rb+5a, Yang Chin-min 17p
PY: Wu Jian-long 22p+10rb, Tsai Wen-cheng 13p+10rb, Zuo Tsun-kai 19p, Chien Jia-hong DNP, James Mao DNP

-- Yulon 69-61 Dacin
Yulon: Tsun Wen-din 23p(10-15 FG)+12rb, Chen Chih-chung 12p
Dacin: Chang Chi-feng 19p, Tien Lei 10p+6rb

Saturday, December 22, 2007

No Chen, no problem

Chen Chih-chung (Source: ESPN Taiwan)

Without Chen Hsin-an, who was listed day-to-day after a knee injury in the practice, Yulon still beat Bank of Taiwan 82-69 Friday and remained the only undefeated team in the league at 5-0.

Point guard Chen Chih-chung was back at the right time, scoring a team-high 23 points. Tsun Wen-din added 16 points and 8 rebounds. Newcomers Lee Chi-yi had 14 points while Yang Che-yi had 13.

BOT lost its ninth stright game to Yulon and dropped 24th consecutive game dating back to last season. Hsu Chi-chan was once again the only bright spot for the team, tallying 19 points and 13 boards. Center Cheng An-jay also had 13 and 11.

In the other game tonight, Dacin beat Pure Youth 86-74 but lost point guard Wang Chih-chun to an ankle injury. Wang's status was questionable.

Chang Chi-feng led Dacin with 22 points and Lin Yi-hui added 12. Tien Lei only had four points but pulled down 10 rebounds.

Forward Chien Jia-hong paced PY with 17 points and 7 rebounds. Tsai Wen-cheng scored 13 points.

Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Chen wins BOW again

Yulon forward Chen Hsin-an, who led the Dinos to a 2-0 week with an average of 20.5 points, 10 rebounds, 5 assists and 1.5 blocks per game last week, was named Baller of the Week for the second straight week.

Chen had 37 points in the media voting. Dmedia's Ouyang Jin-hen was second with 23 points.

2007-08 Baller of the Week:
Week 2: Chen Hsin-an (Yulon)
Week 1: Chen Hsin-an (Yulon)

Sunday, December 16, 2007

Pure Youth gets first win, Dacin suffers first loss

James Mao (Source: ESPN Taiwan)

Ouyang Jin-hen had 25 of his season-high 30 points in the 4th and extra period, including six three-pointers, as dmedia handed Dacin the first loss of the season, 96-90, in overtime.

James Mao had 21 points, 8 boards and 6 assists and led Pure Youth to a 92-90 win over BOT and its first win of the season. BOT extended its losing streak to 23 games.

Dec. 16
Dmedia 96-90 Dacin
dmedia: Ouyang Jin-hen 30p, Jon Sanders 21p+17rb, Lin Kwan-lun 13p, Hsiao Yuan-chan 11p
Dacin: Tien Lei 24p, Wang Chih-chun 19p, Chang Chi-feng 13p

Taiwan Beer 63-54 Taiwan Mobile
TB: Ha Hsiao-yuan 15p+12rb, Lin Chih-jay 14p+7rb, Ho Sho-jen 11p, Lo Shin-liang 10p, Hsu Hao-cheng 5p+6rb+7a
TM: Wu Yong-jen 15p+9rb

Pure Youth 92-90 BOT
PY: James Mao 21p+8rb+6a, Wu Jian-long 18p
BOT: Lin Chun-feng 22p, Hsu Chi-chan 13p+12rb, Chang Jun-hsuan 16p

Yulon beat TB, wins four straight

Chou Hong-yu and Chen Hsin-an. (Source: ESPN Taiwan)

Veteran forward Chou Hong-yu's jumper at the top of the key with 2.1 seconds to go led Yulon to a 84-82 overtime victory over defending champ Taiwan Beer Saturday. The Dinos, which was eliminated in the first round playoff last season, is now on a four game win streak.

Dacin was not far behind, also opening the season winning all three games.

Chou, whose role has diminished in recent years, banked in a three with less than 30 seconds to go in regulation and cut the deficit to three points, 71-68, and gave Yulon a glimpse of hope.

Chen Hsin-an, who had a game-high 29 points, scored five straight points on a coast-to-coast dunk and three free-throws to tie the score at 73 all as the game went into overtime. Chen was fouled on his desperation three-point attempt with 0.8 seconds remaining. The foul call was controversial though.

It looked like the game would go into another overtime period with scored tied at 82, but Chou once again took and made the deciding shot in Yulon's last possession.

Surprisingly, Taiwan Beer is now 1-2. Starting center Wu Dai-hao sustained a neck injury and was rushed to the hospital after a flagrant foul by Lee Chi-yi. Wu had 8 points and 10 boards in 21 minutes.

BOT opened the season 0-4 and has lost 22 straight.

Hsu Chi-chan (Source: ESPN Taiwan)

Dec. 15
Yulon 84-82 (OT) TB
Yulon: Chen Hsin-an 29p+6rb+6a, Tsun Wen-din 23p+11rb, Lee Hsueh-lin 14p+13rb
TB: Ho Sho-jen 19p+6rb, Lin Chih-jay 11p+13rb+8a, Ha Hsiao-yuan 16p+7rb, Wu Dai-hao 8p+10rb

Dacin 69-48 Taiwan Mobile
Dacin made 16 threes in the game.
Dacin: Chang Chi-feng 23p+7rb, Tien Lei 17p, Chen Tse-wei 12p
TM: Hsu tse-shin 10p

Dmedia 95-74 BOT
Dmedia: Ou-Yang Jin-hen 24p, Jon Sanders 16p+20rb+6a, Wu Jia-long 13p, Cheng Jen-wei 10p
BOT: Hsu Chi-chan 17p, Lin Chun-feng 11p

Dec. 14
TB 81-73 BOT
TB: Ho Sho-jen 27p+12rb, Chen Shih-nian 22, Lin Chih-jay 5
BOT: Hsu Chi-chan 15p+12rb, Lin Chun-feng 11, Lin Tsun-ching 11

Yulon 72-67 Pure Youth
Yulon: Chen Hsin-an 12p+14rb, Tsun Wen-din 11p, Lu Cheng-ju 10p
PY: James Mao 18p+10rb, Kao Li-min 11p

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Chen Hsin-an named Baller of Week

(Source: ESPN Taiwan)

Yulon forward Chen Hsin-an was named the first Baller of the Week Tuesday after leading the Dinos to a 2-0 week. Chen averaged for 21.5 points, 9.5 rebounds, two assists and 1.5 blocks in two games vs. dmedia and Taiwan Mobile.

Dmedia forward Jon Sanders finished second with 14 points in the media voting. Chen led all players with 40 points.

Monday, December 10, 2007

Yulon, Dacin both at 2-0

Dec. 9

Yulon 83-69 dmedia

Jon Sanders

Yulon fought off dmedia with a 12-0 closing run.
Yulon: Chen Hsin-an 21p+12rb, Tsun Wen-din 15p, Chen Chih-chung 15p, Lee Hsueh-lin 13p
Dmedia: Ouyang Jin-hen 18p, Jon Sanders 14p+17rb

Taiwan Mobile 56-47 Pure Youth

Hsu Wei-shen

Cold-shooting Pure Youth (29% for the game) set SBL's lowest single-game scoring record, breaking the previous record of 50 points shared by three teams, in a lowest scoring game in SBL history.
TM: Hsu Wei-shen 13p, Liu Shen-yao 12p
PY: James Mao 11p

Dec. 8

Yulon 76-61 TM

Chen Hsin-an

Yulon: Chen Hsin-an 22p+7rb, Tsun Wen-din 11p
TM: Hong Chi-chao 13p, Chen Huei 12p

Dmedia 105-102 (2OT) Pure Youth

James Mao

Making only 29 of 45 free-throws in the game, dmedia sank 7 of 8 free-throws in the second overtime and Lin Kwan-lun blocked Zuo Tsun-kai's potential game-tying three as time expired for the win.
Dmedia: Jon Sanders 34p+21rb, Lin Kwan-lun 14p, Huang Bao-tse 11p
PY: Chien Jia-hong 29p+13rb+6a, James Mao 23p, Doug Creighton 20p

Dacin 90-85 (OT) BOT

Tien Lei

Chen Tse-wei scored 7 points in the extra period and Yue Ying-li made both free-throws with 3.4 seconds left to secure the victory. Dacin rallied from 23 points down early in the third period and won by five, a marvelous 29 points turnaround.
Dacin: Wang Chih-chun 21p, Tien Lei 18p
BOT: Hsu Chi-chan 25p+15rb, Chang Jun-hsuan 19p

Dacin 2-0, Yulon 2-0, dmedia 1-1, TM 1-1, TB 0-1, PY 0-1, BOT 0-2

(Photo source: ESPN Taiwan)

Saturday, December 08, 2007

07-08 SBL Preview: Pure Youth

(Source: Yahoo Sports Taiwan)

-- Last season: 7-23, 6th in regular season.

-- Key additions: Chen Jun-chieh, Cheng Chi-hao, Doug Creighton (rookie)

-- Key subtractions: Lin Hwan-chao (Yulon), Liu Yi-hsiang (retired), Chou Tse-hwa (dmedia)

-- Key changes: Daniel Chiang, former owner of the team, claimed he handed the team to Pure Youth Construction Company for nothing in return, although some people were suspicious. In the end of the day, the team changed its name for the third time in three years (Sina, then YMY, then Azio).

-- Analysis:

As bad as Pure Youth, which was known as Azio Eagles, was last season, it exceeded expectation with seven wins, believe it or not. The team chose to keep Hsu Chin-tse as head coach and should try to build on that "momentum" this year to be the best it can be.

Meanwhile, the team maintained its policy of not hiring any import player to keep its budget down. It has an alternative way of hiring non-local players though.

196cm James Mao, a U.S.-born Taiwanese from Texas, will be the a local player after receiving the Taiwanese ID and Doug Creighton (195cm), another U.S.-born Taiwanese from Detroit, will be the "designated import" this season.

Mao will a versatile player who can play several positions, including poing guard, small forward and some four. If he improves his perimeter game, Mao will be able to play the off guard as well and makes himself an integral part of the team.

Another important player will be Chien Jia-hong, the primary inside force although he's only 196cm tall. Chien makes up his height disadvantage with hustle and positioning. He should be able to be a consistent double-double contributor.

Wu Jian-long is the same type of player -- an undersized center/forward who works hard in the paint.

Hsu Chin-tse is expected to rely on players he has been familiar with during the days when he coached the Tsaishin High School. Which means Zuo Tsun-kai, Chen Shi-jay and Hong Chi-shan will have a lot of playing time.

Athletic wing Chang Yu-lin is an interesting player to watch. Chang is primairily a slasher who uses his outstanding first step and occassional threes to change the momentum of the game as a X-factor. The problem is his consistency.

Newcomer Chen Jun-jay is a combo guard in the university league. What he can do in this level remains to be seen.

Other than that, most of the players are unproven and will have a hard time finding a spot on the other teams. For Pure Youth, it will not be easy to surpass last season's win total.

-- Roster:
1 Zuo Tsun-kai F/G 1986.9.15 190
10 Chen Chuan-hsu F 1982.5.5 188
11 Doug Creighton F 1985.3.7 195
14 Tsai Wen-cheng F 1985.5.31 188
16 Hsu Shi-ching F 1984.11.1 192
19 Lin Jin-bang F 1985.6.15 190
21 Huang Chi-feng F 1984.3.12 192
23 Chang Yu-lin F 1986.1.16 192
31 James Mao F/G 1982.11.16 196
33 Wu Jian-long C/F 1988.9.5 193
91 Kao Li-min F 1979.12.2 194
15 Cheng Chi-hao C 1987.12.10 208
17 Chien Jia-hong C 1987.3.6 196
5 Hong Chi-shan G 1985.7.5 176
6 Chen Shi-jay G 1984.9.24 176
25 Chen Jun-jay G 1983.6.4 184

07-08 SBL Preview: Bank of Taiwan

Center Cheng An-jay (Source: ESPN Taiwan)

-- Last season: 4-26, 7th in regular season.

-- Key additions: Hu Yu-wei (Taiwan Mobile), Lin Tsun-ching (Taiwan Mobile), Wu Fong-cheng (rookie)

-- Key subtractions: Yang Chin-min (TB), Yue Ying-li (Dacin), Ju Yong-hong (retired)

-- Key changes: Long-time assistant Lai Liang-chung finally replaced Wei Chen-min as head coach. Veteran Ju Yong-hong decided to retire and start his second career as an assitant coach on the team.

-- Analysis:

The poor gets poorer. It has always been like this for Bank of Taiwan, which once again lost its top two players Yang Chin-min and Yue Ying-li as both left and looked for greener pasture and higher salaries.

Sometimes it's funny when you think about this: this bank-backed team was always one of the small-budget teams and kept losing players.

Anyway, Wei Chen-min obviously wore out his welcome from the top last season, when BOT could went into a slump during a slump. It won only four games after a brilliant finish of the 2005-06 season, when it gave defending champ Yulon a scare in an epic four-game first round playoff series.

Chen Shun-hsiang and Lin Chun-feng are expected to be the primary scoring options after the departure of Yang and Yue. Chen Shun-hsiang showed steady improvement last season and earned more playing time for his consistency. Lin Chun-feng, in my opinion, can be twice as good as he is right now if he plays hard all the time.

BOT selected the top pick Wu Fong-cheng, another smooth scoring forward, in the inaugural SBL Draft over the summer. It should take Wu one or two years before making substantial contributions.

BOT's offense was often unorganized, but the real problem will be its defense. Sometimes it could be described as non-exist because the team simply lacked of that defensive mentality.

The addition of Hu Yu-wei and Lin Tsun-ching could be a two-edge sword. Both are shooters, but BOT already had enough shooters on the wing in Chen and Lin.

The team will be thin in the middle after losing the tough guy Ju Yong-hong to retirement. Chou Ben-tang and Cheng An-jay have the height (both are 200cm tall) but too often looked like lost souls on the court. Which explains why sometimes the head coach opted for a smaller lineup.

The backcourt is interesting as Chien Ming-fu (163cm) and Lin Chih-long (listed at 172cm but closer to 170 in my opnion...) are probably the shortest backcourt tandem in the league. Both are lightning quick and can break down opposing defense. However, both can be out of control at times.

It's going to be another long and winding season for BOT. And if the team still operates with limited budget and fails to improve its defense dramatically, the future is not optmistic.

-- Roster:
2 Wu Fong-cheng F 1986.11.27 195
6 Chen Shun-hsiang F 1985.5.2 190
7 Chang Jun-hsuan F 1987.12.18 194
8 Lin Tsun-ching F 1986.4.22 188
9 Chuan Hsiao-wen F 1983.10.28 190
24 Lin Chun-feng F 1979.5.4 187
28 Hsu Chi-chan F 1982.10.30 194
72 Hu Yu-wei F 1983.3.13 190
15 Chou Ben-tang C 1978.9.16 200
88 Cheng An-jay C 1979.3.19 200
1 Chien Ming-fu G 1979.6.22 163
3 Lin Chih-long G 1983.12.2 172
20 Yuan Cheng-chan G 1985.3.28 180
33 Chen Shen-ya G 1983.4.20 185
68 Chang Bo-sheng G 1987.2.2 185

SBL opening day: Dacin ruins TB's glory day

(Source: ESPN Taiwan)

In mid-Taiwan city of Taichung, backup forward Chen Tse-wei made a crucial three-pointers and Huang Chih-chun made one of two free-throws with 3.4 seconds to go as Dacin prevailed for a 66-63 victory and ruined the night which players of the defending champion Taiwan Beer received their championship rings from the CTBA President Wang Jen-da.

Tien Lei was off in the opening game but Dacin was able to lead by a msall margin for most of the game. Chen made two threes in the fourth quarter to help Dacin take a seven points lead with 1:27 remaining. Lin Chih-jay scred five straight points to cut the deficit to two but Huang's free-throw took the lead back to three.

Lin Chih-jay, who scored 18 in the game and was often the only player TB could count on in the game, was unable to get off his three-point shot as time expired.

Wu Dai-hao had an above-average performance in his first game as a Beerman, making all six of his shots and pulling down 8 rebounds.

In the other game, Cheng Chih-lung won his coaching debut after Taiwan Mobile's 79-63 win over Bank of Taiwan. Lee Wei-min scored 11 of his game-high 21 points in the 4th quarter for TM, which also received 19 points from Wu Yong-jen.

Dacin 66-63 TB
Dacin: Tien Lei 7p+9rb, Lee Fong-yong 14p, Wanh Chih-chun 13p
TB: Lin Chih-jay 18p+7rb+7a, Yang Chin-min 14p, Wu Dai-hao 13p+8rb+2blk

TM 79-63 BOT
TM: Lee Wei-min 21p, Wu Yong-jen 19p, Deng An-cheng 13p, Hsu Tse-shin 12p, Chen Huei 10a
BOT: Hsu Chi-chan 16p, Lin Chun-feng 11p, Chuan Hsiao-wen 11p

A couple of TV captures:

Dacin head coach Chiu Da-tsun.

Opening games were played in Taichung.

Wu Dai-hao.

Dacin fans.

07-08 SBL Preview: dmedia Genies

Ouyang Jin-hen (Source: ESPN Taiwan)

-- Last season: 15-15, 5th in regular season.

-- Key additions: Jonathan Sanders (Taiwan Mobile), Lin Kwan-lun (TB), Wu Jui-jin (TB), Chou Tse-hwa (Pure Youth), Yang Cheng-lun (rookie), Lin Yi-fu (rookie), Lee Jun-wei (rookie)

-- Key subtractions: Wu Dai-hao (TB), Yang Yu-min (Dacin), Hsu Tse-shin (Taiwan Mobile), Liao Wei-chen, Delvin Thomas

-- Key changes: ETSN sold the team to Segway Technology due to a financial crisis of its parent company. Segway Tech then placed the team under its affiliation company named dmedia. Former head coach Chiu Da-tsun signed with Dacin after the ownership change. Finally, veteran Wu Jian-kuo was hired to coach this young team.

-- Analysis:

Dmedia is another team which has experienced enormous perosnnel and management changes. The team's top inside and outside scoring option last season -- NT center Wu Dai-hao and scorer Yang Yu-min -- both left.

This is an extremely young team that more than half of the players were born after 1984. And they have a veteran coach Wu Jian-kuo who hasn't coached for a long time. It will be interesting to see how this group of "young and old" works together as the season moves along.

The key man will be 6-7 Jonathan Sanders, who finished second in last year's MVP voting and led Videoland to a dramatic regular season turnaround and a playoff berth. Sanders is a wing man in the U.S., but he is able to play all five positions in the SBL. And he will be asked to do so because this team will go as far as Sanders takes it.

Sanders, the only import player in the league, will mostly does his work in the paint both offensively and defensively. He can also pull down a rebound and goes coast to coast against smaller defenders.

Complementing Sanders will be Ouyang Jin-hen, Shin Jin-jan and Huang Bao-tse. Ouyang is a combo guard who hasn't lived up to his reputation since high school, but he is quick enough to do some damage and also has some perimeter game. Shin knows how to find ways to score and is often the primary defender on opponents' best scorers. Huang is an experienced point guard who knows how to direct an offense.

It will be good for the team if center Hong Ying-che improves his consistency and put his best effort into every minute, since he's the only legitimate center on the team other than Sanders.

Wu Jia-long is another experienced player who can help this team with his streaky shooting either starting or coming off the bench.

There are a couple players worth a watch though. Dmedia managed to sign the best point guards in two consecutive high school classes -- Chou Tse-hwa and Yang Cheng-lun. It'll be interesting to see how Wu Jian-kuo works these two kids into the rotation and develops their skills.

For now, however, Lin Kwan-lun will be the designated starting point guard. It sounds weird to me because, as far as I can remember, Lin has never handled the position throughout his entire career, including the high school days. Moreover, he had a reputation as someone who always looks for his own shot first.

Dmedia did play well in the exhibition games, showing great speed and tenacity with Sanders operating on both ends of the floor. But the regular season will be a different story. It will be a big big surprise if the Genies somehow challenge the final playoff seed.

-- Roster:
1 Huang Ju-dao F 1982.9.4 195
7 Ouyang Jin-hen G 1979.10.28 191
12 Cheng Jen-wei F 1987.4.6 194
14 Shin Jin-jan F/G 1979.9.12 190
18 Chang Min-che F 1984.6.20 190
22 Wu Jui-jin F 1981.1.21 195
27 Hsiao Yuan-chan F 1984.11.3 195
95 Chen Jin-hwan G 1986.2.3 190
13 Lee Jun-wei C 1988.10.17 199
21 Hong Ying-che C 1986.1.6 198
32 Jonathan Sanders F/C 1981.9.23 200
6 Huang Bao-tse G 1976.9.18 181
9 Chou Tse-hwa G 1987.10.4 183
10 Wang Nan-kuei G 1983.5.21 180
15 Lin Yi-fu G 1988.12.22 186
17 Yang Cheng-lun G 1989.1.18 177
24 Lin Kwan-lun G 1984.1.23 187
98 Wu Jia-long G 1979.3.23 185

Friday, December 07, 2007

07-08 SBL Preview: Taiwan Mobile Clouded Leopards

Lin Shin-hwa (Source: ESPN Taiwan)

(Source: Apple Daily)

-- Last season: 21-9, 2nd in regular season; lost to Taiwan Beer 3-1 in the first round, beat Yulon 3-1 in the 3rd-place series.

-- Key additions: Hsu Wei-shen (Yulon), Liu Shen-yao (Yulon), Hsu Tse-shin (dmedia), Wu Min-hsien (rookie), Wei Wei (rookie)

-- Key subtractions: Lee Chi-yi (Yulon), Yang Che-yi (Yulon), Hu Yu-wei (BOT), Jonathan Sanders (dmedia), Lin Tsun-ching (BOT), Chen Li-wei, Lai Kuei-lin

-- Key changes: Videoland sold the team to Taiwan Mobile, one of Taiwan's largest mobile phone service providers. Former Taiwan NT star forward Cheng Chih-lung was named the new head coach of the team.

-- Analysis:

From personnel to ownership changes, Taiwan Mobile can almost be seen as a brand new team. In fact, the ownership change did not go without controversy, because the parent company of Taiwan Mobile -- Fubon Financial Holdings Co. -- will be in charge of the first ever sports lottery in Taiwan, which will be in operation in 2008.

The departure of Lee Chi-yi and Yang Che-yi (both signed with Yulon) was the biggest news of this past summer and hurt the Leopards a lot. Gone were 30 points and 15 boards from these two NT members, the main offensive options for the team in the past years.

Chen Huei, Lai Kuo-hong and Lin Shin-hwa were the main leftovers from the Videoland era and the veterans on the team. At 33 years-old, Lai is still capable of dominating the paint with his outstanding footworks against young and unexperienced opponents. Chen Huei has been a reliable floor general although his speed has been always in question. The trio is still expected to be the backbone of this young team because of their experience.

Steady improvement of the newcomers Liu Shen-yao and Hsu Wei-shen will ease some of the growing pains. Hsu can be an active rebounder and inside force and Liu is capable of picking up the scoring slack from the wing.

Wu Yong-jen can also start at point guard as his perimeter shooting will be a plus to fight for the starting position. Hsu Tse-shin will be the backup PG while versatile and hard-working sixth man Lee Wei-min switches between both wing positions.

Hong Chi-chao, a combo gaurd who experienced a horrible season last year under Videoland head coach Liu Chi-wei, should be able to have a fresh start with Cheng at the helm. The results remain to be seen though.

The development of rookies Yen Cheng-hong, Wei Wei and Wu Min-hsien, one of the top scorers in the high school league last year, will be interesting to watch.

It will take some time for Cheng Chih-lung, a top small forward in his playing days, to get to know his players more and develop his system, which was why Cheng did not set any goal before the season. As the regular season moves along, Cheng should be able to find a right mix.

-- Roster:
7 Chen Yao-ting F 1988.6.28 195
10 Deng An-cheng G 1985.11.06 185
19 Liu Shen-yao G/F 1983.11.24 190
25 Hsu Wei-shen F/C 1985.3.23 198
41 Hong Chi-chao G 1982.2.13 187
66 Lee Wei-min G 1981.4.29 185
11 Lai Kuo-hong C/F 1974.12.8 197
14 Hsu Kai-chieh C 1985.5.10 198
23 Yen Cheng-hong C 1986.2.5 196
33 Lin Shin-hwa C 1975.9.20 198
1 Wu Cheng-yu G 1983.11.28 186
3 Wei Wei G 1987.12.9 185
4 Wu Yong-jen G 1982.9.22 177
6 Wu Min-hsien G 1988.12.19 183
9 Hsu Tse-shin G 1982.6.4 177
17 Chen Huei G 1978.4.17 185

Wednesday, December 05, 2007

07-08 SBL Preview: Dacin Tigers

Yang Yu-min (Source: ESPN Taiwan)

-- Last season: 17-13, 4th in regular season; lost to Taiwan Beer 4-2 in Finals

-- Key additions: Yue Ying-li (BOT), Yang Yu-min (dmedia)

-- Key subtractions: Cheng Chan-jun, Yo Yu-lun

-- Key changes: Liu Jia-fa, who has coached Dacin for 7 years and the major builder of the team's run-and-gun, three-pointer-shooting style, was relieved of his duty and replaced by former ETSN head coach Chiu Da-tsun.

-- Analysis:

The story for Dacin this year started on the sidelines. Former head coach Liu Jia-fa led the Tigers to the SBL Finals twice in four years and lost both times. The results obviously was not enough for the management, who happened to be no one else but the CTBA President Wang Jen-da.

Discussion of whether the president of a national basketball federation should own a basketball club has been going on for years. The answer is negative, of course. But Wang wasn't listening anyway, so that's another story.

Chiu is expected to transform Dacin into more of a balanced, inside-outside team rather than putting up a bunch of threes. In other words, Tien Lei will be asked to play more in the paint to complement his polished perimeter game.

Dacin did add two NT players in Yue Ying-li and Yang Yu-min. Yue and Yang are both scorers who should be able to share some of Tien's responsibility of carrying the team on his own. Yue's defensive ability and intensity is also a plus.

However, I still think Dacin has a problem with its rotation. As long as it plays Tien at forward, someone has to fill the conter spot. That player was Lee Fong-yong last season, who was almost always undersized versus opposing center.

Dacin failed to develop 202cm Lin Hwan-chao, who bolted for Azio then joined Yulon this season, in the past. 208cm center Kang Chao-hsiang also saw limited playing time and improvement. Expect Lee and young Tsai Jun-min to play the undersized center once again this year.

The small forward is set though. Lin Yi-huei has shown steady improvement at th three during the past three seasons. Chen Tse-wei, another three-point shooter who had a brilliant outing during last year's playoffs, will be the backup forward at 3/4 spot.

In the backcourt, Dacin will be able to put two combo guards Su Yi-chieh and Wang Chih-chun on the court. But Su suffered two consecutive left wrist injuries in the past year and is still under rehab. Wang, who also had recurring concussion problem due to a freaking injury last year, is also injury-prone.

Therefore, Dacin might choose to pair either Su or Wang and veteran shooter Yang together. However, that leaves another potent scorer Chang Chi-feng out of the mix. Dacin is simply overloaded in the backcourt. If everyone is healthy, Chen Ching-wen, Lo Yu-chun and Shi Chi-chen will have a hard time finding playing time.

Based on current roster, it will not be easy for Chiu Da-tsun to incorporate his style to this team as Dacin still lack of inside presence and defense. It will also take some time for the players to adjust to his style of play.

You can still count on Tien Lei to bring his 20-10 game every night, but Dacin will be the most inconsistent and unpredictable team out of this season's "Big Three" -- which means Taiwan Beer, Yulon and Dacin.

-- Roster:
(#, Name, Po., DOB, Ht.)
11 Chang Chi-feng F/G 1981.4.22 183
12 Lin Yi-huei F 1986.3.24 191
14 Yen Jia-wei F 1980.4.5 188
18 Chen Tse-wei F 1985.1.30 200
21 Cheng Shi-han F 1984.8.2 191
38 Yao Jun-jay F 1982.3.8 192
46 Yue Ying-li F 1984.8.9 195
1 Tien Lei F/C 1983.6.1 202
23 Tsai Jun-ming C 1988.2.10 198
25 Kang Chao-hsiang C 1987.4.19 208
81 Lee Fong-yong C/F 1980.12.15 197
4 Su Yi-chieh G 1987.1.28 181
5 Wang Chih-chun G 1982.4.23 182
6 Chen Ching-wen G 1987.11.4 185
8 Lo Yu-chun G 1988.5.7 185
13 Shi Chi-cheng G 1983.1.8 181
17 Yang Yu-min G 1979.10.22 180

News from Germany

This is a story by my colleague (well, sort of..) Kristian Santiage at Network:

Taiwanese abroad : Germany
Tsun Hsien Chang (190-F) of BG Goettingen II scored 23 points in his team's 92-73 winner over VFL Hameln in the Regionalliga Nord/West. He made seven of ten attempts from the free-throw line and is one of the leading scorers (21.2 ppg) in the fifth division in Germany right now.

Another Taiwanese played last weekend, Juefan Geiger (204-C-81) recorded only five minutes of playing time for USC Freiburg in the Pro B , Germany's third professional league. The 2,05m center is not seeing much playing time recently, after five strong games in the beginning of the season where he scored 10 ,12 and 14 points and looked like a lock on his position.He is currently averaging 6.7 ppg (54,8% FG) and 3.9 rpg for the team from the south.

Monday, December 03, 2007

07-08 SBL Preview: Taiwan Beer

Wu Dai-hao (Source: Yahoo Taiwan Sports)

-- Last season: 19-11, 3rd in the regular season. Beat Videoland 3-1 in the first round; beat Dacin 4-2 for first title in team history in the Finals.

-- Key additions: Wu Dai-hao (dmedia), Yang Chin-min (BOT)

-- Key subtractions: Lin Kwan-lun (dmedia), Wu Jui-ying (dmedia)

-- Key changes: None.

-- Analysis:

On paper, the defending champion improved itself by adding Wu Dai-hao, one of the best inside players in the league, and the streaky shooter Yang Chin-min. Wu and Yang make up for what Taiwan Beer desperately needed last season -- an inside force and an additional perimeter shooter.

At this moment, Taiwan Beer boasts a very complete roster with each position going two or three deep. That's something even Yulon doesn't have. But at the same time, it may cause the issues of playing time distribution and team chemistry, as evidenced in the blowout loss to Yulon in the last exhibition.

The expected starting lineup would be Wu Dai-hao starting at center with reigning SBL MVP Lin Chi-jay and Ho-Sho-jen filling two forward spots, Chen Shih-nian at point guard and Yang Chin-min as shooting guard. Imagine this: that could also be the starting lineup for Taiwan NT.

Coming off the bench will be veteran Lo Shin-liang, who can shoot the lights out when necessary. Hsu Hao-cheng will be the primary backup point guard who plays a lot of minutes if Chen Shih-nian gets a little hot-headed and selfish at times.

Wu Chih-yuan can either backup Wu or start at the four, depending on what the head coach Yen Jia-hwa thinks. Ha Hsiao-yuan can also be paired up with Wu as the "twin tower" to boost inside defense. Hsu Cheng-wen, who has perennial weight issue, always has five fouls to spend.

The energy guy will be Wang Jian-wei, who always plays like there's no tomorrow, and veteran Shan Wei-fan.

The overloaded frontline means Taiwan Beer does not care playing it rough anymore. TB was always had trouble last year when its inside players started piling up fouls.

Lin Chih-jay, Ho Sho-jen and Wu Dai-hao will be the nucleus for TB, who not only has to develop a system that works best for the threesome but also need to find shots for others. It's not going to be easy. But once again, it's better than playing short-handedly.

If the "Big Three" plays up to its potential and all players keep their concentration at all times, TB should be able to challenge a regular season title and at least make it to the Finals for the third straight year.

One thing to note. TB kept Yen Hsin-shu and Wang Shin-kai, both playing for China's Yunnan Running Bulls currently, on its roster. Yen and Wang could play for TB when they finish the CBA season in China. And Chou Jun-san, who will be primarily wearing suits this season on the sideline as an assistant coach, is also on the roster as a point guard.

-- Roster:
(#, Name, Po. DOB, Ht.)
6 Yang Chin-min F/G 1984.1.22 188
10 Wang Jian-wei F 1985.1.7 190
12 Lin Chih-jay F 1982.6.11 192
14 Lin Che-wei F 1980.1.27 195
16 Ho Sho-jen F 1983.2.15 196
33 Shan Wei-fan F 1978.3.9 195
95 Lin Che-li F 1981.1.5 186
11 Wu Chih-yuan F/C 1983.10.24 200
15 Hsu Cheng-wen C 1983.4.6 197
23 Wu Dai-hao C 1985.2.7 204
77 Ha Hsiao-yuan C 1981.5.15 200
3 Wang Shin-kai G 1983.10.1 176
4 Chou Jun-san G 1969.1.28 175
5 Pan Jen-der G 1979.9.18 175
7 Yen Hsin-shu G 1976.9.8 183
9 Chen Shih-nian G 1984.4.8 180
13 Lo Shin-liang G 1971.3.18 182
55 Hsu Hao-cheng G 1982.9.14 176

07-08 SBL Preview: Yulon Dinos

A reserved empty seat for late head aoach Chien Yi-fei will be Yulon's motivation this season.

-- Last season: 22-8, lost to Dacin 3-2 in the first round.

-- Key additions: Lee Chi-yi (TM), Yang Che-yi (TM), Lin Hwan-chao (Azio)

-- Key subtractions: Hsu Wei-shen (TM), Liu Shen-yao (TM)

-- Key changes: Chang Hsueh-lei, former China NT star forward who joined Taiwan's pro league CBA and has been living in Taiwan ever since, took over the head coaching duty following Chien Yi-fei's death. However, Lee Yun-kwang will still be the man who's in charge of all the on-court coaching and substitutions as an "executive head coach."

-- Analysis:

Yulon's quest to be the king of the hill again will be the main storyline of the season all year, as it was shocked by Dacin in the first round playoffs last year and failed to make the Finals.

Although Yulon still finished last season with the best record in the regular season, observers and fans could all sense that it was not the same team that was always hungry and hard-working. Well, winning three straight titles could do that to you. And even Lee Yun-kwang didn't deny that.

The sudden death of long-time head coach Chien Yi-fei, who had guided Yulon for almost 20 years, was another shock and at the same time a wake-up call.

Chen Hsin-an may have lost his explosiveness due to his recurring knee injury, but he is still capable of dominating the game. The problem is probably his mentality. He had a hard time working with teammates as a unit all season and was described as a loner on the court.

That hurt Yulon's competitiveness as a whole. Transforming Chen's mentality will be the top priority which Yulon needs to work on this year. And I believe Chen has heard enough criticism and realized that he could not do it alone.

Above anything else, the addition of Yang Che-yi and Lee Chi-yi strengthen Yulon's competitiveness. The arrival of Lee Chi-yi should be able to ease the burden of Tsun Wen-din, who had to handle the inside alone before. Lee brings the so-called "second height", his experience, top-notch defense and high post game to the Dinos.

Yang makes Yulon's perimeter shooting a more potent weapon but at the same time creates a long-jam at the wing position, where Chou Shih-yuan, Lu Cheng-ju and even Chen Hsin-an will be in the mix. However, as long as the coaching staff can distribute playing time and the players accept it, I don't see problem with it.

Lee Hsueh-lin and Chen Chih-chung are expected to handle the point guard position and both have been reliable. Lee Hsueh-lin should improve his on-ball defense though.

Yulon will be able to feature a big lineup and a small one. It can put Chen Hsin-an, Lee Chi-yi at forward, Tsun in the middle, and Lu Cheng-ju and Chen Chih-chung in the backcourt with four players above 6-5. It can also put Chen Hsin-an and Chou Shih-yuan at forward, Lee Chi-yi at center, and Chen Chih-chung and Lee Hsueh-lin at guards for a small lineup.

Aside from overloaded Taiwan Beer, this is not something the other teams can do.

The bench players are also reliable and competitive, featuring former NT players Wu Chih-wei, Chiu Chi-yi, Chou Hong-yu, all of whom can do damage in limited time because of their skills and experience.

Rest assured the three-time SBL champion will not lack of motivation this season. Last year's early exit was an embarrassment and Chien's death was heartbreaking. Yulon still features the strongest lineup and is the best organization in the league. They only have to put their minds into it every game.

-- Roster:
(#, Name, Po., DOB, Ht.)
3 Chen Hsin-an F 1980.7.1 196
8 Chou Hong-yu F 1976.6.15
9 Chang Yi-ming G 1984.4.13 187
10 Fan Yong-hsi F 1979.3.28 190
12 Chiu Chi-yi G 1975.10.6 182
13 Wei Yong-tai F 1978.10.23 193
15 Chou Shih-yuan F/G 1983.11.16 190
21 Yang Che-yi F/G 1978.10.20 193
22 Lu Cheng-ju F 1986.8.23 194
71 Lee Chi-yi F 1978.10.27 197
4 Tsun Wen-din C 1984.7.6 204
16 Lin Hwan-chao C 1985.4.18 202
32 Wu Chih-wei C 1976.7.31 202
5 Chen Chih-chung G 1977.3.2 180
6 Lee Hsueh-lin G 1984.1.31 175
7 Liu Jui-shen G 1983.7.29 170

Yulon pounded TB in last exhibition game

Tsun Wen-din (Source: ESPN Taiwan)

Yulon showed its best form in an 86-67 win over defending champion Taiwan Beer in the last exhibition game of the 07-08 SBL season in Jhubei, Hsichu Sunday.

Yulon, who was shocked by Dacin in last year's first round playoffs, was 14-for-32 from the threes and had 19 steals in the game, leading by as many as 28 points. Chou Shih-yuan had 13 points. Wei Yong-tai ahad 12 and Chen Chih-chung had 11.

TB was led by Lin Chi-jay's 14 points.

DMedia beat Taiwan Mobile 74-71 in the other game.

The regular season will tip off on Dec. 7.

Saturday, December 01, 2007

Cathay Life takes 16th consecutive crown

Led by center Chiang Feng-chun's 19 points and 9 rebounds, Cathay Life beat Chunghwa Telecom 66-52 to wrap up the 2007 WSBL (Women's Super Basketball League) Finals 2-0 and took its 16th consecutive title in Taiwanese women's basketball.

Cathay Life head coach Hong Ling-yao said after the game that the team was considering to field two teams in the WSBL next season. The idea may sound a little bit crazy but it made sense because Cathay Life -- the richest team in the WSBL -- was simply overloaded with talents.

In the other game, Taiyuan Textile beat Taipower 71-63 and won the third-place series 2-0.

2007 final WSBL placings:
1. Cathay Life
2. Chunghwa Telecom
3. Taiyuan Textile
4. Taipower

SBL exhibition Day 2

Dacin edged Pure Youth (Source: ESPN Taiwan)

Yulon 84-74 Taiwan Mobile
Yulon opened up the game with a 16-4 run in the final quarter. Chen Hsin-an paced Yulon with 19 points. New addition Yang Che-yi had 12 of his 17 points in the 4th quarter. Lee Hsueh-lin had 18 points and 5 steals.

Taiwan Mobile, which committed 23 turnovers in the game, was led by Wu Yong-jen's 18 points. Hsu Tse-shin had 13 while Liu Shen-yao added 12.

dmedia 80-58 Bank of Taiwan
O-Yang Jin-hen had a game-high 22 points for dmedia and import Jonathan Sanders had 11 points and 13 boards. Point guard Lin Kwan-lun had 10 points, 11 rebounds and 5 assists.

BOT dropped both exhibitons in consecutive nights. Chuan Hsiao-wen had 16 points and Hu Yu-wei had 11.

Dacin 71-67 Pure Youth
Both teams are now 1-1 in the exhibition series. Chang Chi-feng had 23 points for Dacin, which had 13 points from Wang Chih-chun. Tien Lei, who has been nursing a stress fracture in his left leg, only had 11 points and 8 boards.

Dacin head coach Chiu Da-tsun said he will try cutting down Tien's playing time in the early part of the regular season to see how the injusry goes.

Chien Jia-hong and James Mao led Pure Youth with 14 points each. Zuo Tsun-kai had 12.

A couple of TV captures of today's exhibition games:

Basketball stadium in Jhubei City, Hsinchu County

Yulon was determined to take the title this season for late head coach Chien Yi-fei.

Former Dacin head coach Liu Jia-fa worked as a TV analyst for ESPN this season.

dmedia Genies head coach Wu Jia-kuo.

Bank of Taiwan's new head coach Lai Liang-chung.

Jonathan Sanders, who played for Videoland last year, currently plays for dmedia this season.

Liu Shen-yao left Yulon to play for Taiwan Mobile this season.

Taiwan Mobile cheerleaders.

Surprisingly, dmedia head coach Wu Jian-kuo made Lin Kwan-lun his starting point guard for the new season.

Yulon had no problem beating Taiwan Mobile in the exhibition.

Former Asian star player Cheng Chih-lung made his coaching debut with Taiwan Mobile this season.