Monday, August 27, 2001

19th Asian Basketball Championship for Women Fact

■Date: 4th to 11th October 2001
■Place: Bangkok, Thailand

■The Participants:
Level I - Korea, Japan, China, Chinese Taipei, DPR Korea and Thailand
Level II – Malaysia, Hong Kong, Jordan and Kazakhstan.

Level I's top three finishers of the 19th Asian Basketball Championship for Women will qualify to participate in the 14th World Basketball Championship for Women, which will be held in various key cities of China including Suzhou, Chuangshu, Huaiyin and Nanjing from September 14 to 25, 2002.

ABC secretary general Dato Yeoh Choo Hock will confirm all participants at a Press Conference to be held September 4 at he Sky Ballroom of the Maxx Hotel.

Beginning at the 16th Championship, which was also held in Shizuoka, Japan in 1995, the participants had been divided into Level I, which consisted of the teams of China, Korea, Japan, Chinese Taipei, Kazakhstan, and Kyrgyzstan. All the other teams competed in Level II.

The teams in Level I will play one Preliminary Round. The four best-placed teams in this round will qualify into the Semi Finals.

The Semi Finals shall consist of matches between the first and fourth placed teams; and second and third placed teams. The winners and the losers of the Semi Finals will play each other in the Finals for classification from 1st to 4th place.

The standings of the other teams in the Preliminary Round shall be their final standings in the championship. The remaining 5 teams in Level II will play one round. FIBA rules on classification of teams shall apply.

For all subsequent Championships for Women, the teams and the number of teams to be qualified into Level I of the next championship shall be determined by the Women's Commission, using as a basis, their performance at the current championship.

■Results of the 1999 ABC for Women:
Level I: 1st-Korea, 2nd-Japan, 3rd-Chinese Taipei, 4th-China, 5th-Thailand
Level II: 1st-DPR Korea, 2nd-Malaysia, 3rd-Hong Kong, China, 4th-Sri Lanka

Saturday, August 25, 2001

Final Day: Taiwan Wins First Ever Jones Cup Title

After a 24-year wait, Taiwan finally wins its first ever Jones Cup title when they defeat South Korea 69-58 in the final game yesterday. Lin Jia-huang, who has been a backup SG before starting in the game, again surprised everyone with an 18-point performance.

In a game that drew almost 10,000 fans - I guess it's the best single-game attendance record in 15 years - and the deafening sound flying all game long, Taiwan NT successfully defended Korea's three-point shooting and pulled ahead after a slow start, leading 34-24 in halftime.

South Korea tried to rally in the second half, but after the third consecutive offensive foul calls, Koreans realized they had no hope against the home court advantage. Korean coach Choo Il-seung pulled his starters out of the game in the last 6 minutes and had virtually given up the game.

Ditto the wild celebration after the game, officiating that favors the home team drew criticism. In fact, it's been the talk of the tournament.

In the third-place game, Russia put five players in double-digit while making 14 three-pointers in the game and defeated Philippines 81-71. Andrei Endropov led Russia with 16 points on four three-pointers. Philippines totally relied on its two imports Christopher Clay and Jeffrey Flowers, who scored 33 and 18 points respectively.

Honduras edged Canada 70-67 in the fifth-place game. Francisco Trochez, who scored 23 points, secured the win when he sinked a game-clinching three-pointer and was fouled.

Taiwan's previous best finish in the Jones Cup is runner-up, when they lost to - guess who - South Korea NT in 1999 Jones Cup final.

Taiwan 69-58 South Korea (Half 34-24)
TW - Lin Jia-huang 18p (4-10 3PT) ; Chen Chih-chung 13p, 6rb, 3a ; Tien Lei 9p, 6rb ; Chou Hong-yu 8p, 7rb ; Shan Wei-fan 8p, 7rb ; Chen Hsin-an 2p, 6a
SK - Son Gyu-wan 10p ; Yoon Young-pil 10p

Russia 81-71 Philippines
RUS - Andrei Endropov 16p (4-10 3PT), 4a, 4s ; Alexandre Chernov 10p, 5a ; Vladimir Pevnev 12p ; Evgeni Shatokhin 11p, 7rb
PHI - Christopher Clay 33p, 6rb, 4a ; Jeffrey Flowers 18p, 9rb ; Ranidel De Ocampo 4p, 14rb

Honduras 70-67 Canada
HON - Francisco Trochez 23p ; Pedro Ferron 20p, 8rb ; William Waterhouse 11p, 10rb
CAN - Keith Bustard 18p ; Josh Payne 12p

1. Taiwan 7-0
2. South Korea 6-1
3. Russia 5-2
4. Philippines 4-3
5. Honduras 3-4
6. Canada 2-5
7. Mongolia 1-6
8. South Africa 0-7

Chen Chih-chung Named Tourney MVP

Taiwan NT starting PG Chen Chih-chung, who has 16 points, 6 rebounds and 3 assists in the final game, was named the tournament MVP after helping Taiwan to its first Jones Cup title. Chen averages 9.6 points, 3.5 rebounds, 4.0 assists and 1.1 steals in the tournament.

Philippines' Christopher Clay, the most popular player in the tournament, averages 24.7 points and leads all scorers in Jones Cup for the second consecutive year. Jeffrey Flowers, also from Philippines, lead the rebounding with 9.3 per game.

All-Star team is not selected in this year's Jones Cup.

2001 Jones Cup Notable Player Stats

■Taiwan Player Stats (7 games)
Yang Yu-min 15.7p, 2.3rb, 2.6a
Lin Jia-huang 11.6p, 42.8% 3PT
Tien Lei 11.3p, 4.0rb, 1.6s
Chen Hsin-an 11.0p, 1.7rb, 2.3a
Chen Chih-chung 9.6p, 3.5rb, 4.0a, 1.1s
Chou Hong-yu 7.0p, 4.0rb
Yen Shin-shu 2.3p, 3.0a

■Notable player stats (7 games)
Yoon Young-pil (KOR) 14.1p
Jin Yeung-suk (KOR) 13.3p, 41% 3PT
Son Gyu-wan (KOR) 14.7p, 43.5% 3PT

Chris Clay (PHI) 24.7p, 4.6rb, 4.5a, 42% 3PT
Jeffrey Flowers (PHI) 19.3p, 9.3rb, 1.4blk
Ranidel De Ocampo (PHI) 10.4p, 9.1rb

Pedro Ferron (HON) 21.7p, 9rb
Francisco Trochez (HON) 16.0p, 3.7rb, 2.6a
Tuvshinbayar Tygarvaa (MGL) 22.7p, 9.0rb, 3.9a, 2.1s
Thuso Moiloa (S.Africa) 13p, 7.9rb
Sandy Bisaro (CAN) 12.6p, 7.1rb
Keith Bustard (CAN) 12.1p, 5.3rb

Friday, August 24, 2001

Day 8: Korea Upset Russia ; Advance to Final

Three games with thrilling finish yesterday staged the most exciting day of the tournament so far, although home team Taiwan had an off day. With the upset win over Russia, South Korea, which tied with Taiwan at 6-0, will look for their second Jones Cup title in today's last game vs. Taiwan.

Trailing 39-40 at halftime and as many as 14 points, Korean coach Choo Il-seung ordered a box-and-one defense to lock up Russian veteran PG Alexandre Chernov and pulled out an unbelievable comeback. Russia, whose offense focuses on three-point shooting, lost its second consecutive game while holding 10-plus leads in the second half of both games.

Oscar Simon made a key three-pointer with 50 seconds left to secure Philippines' 90-85 win over Honduras. Philippines tied with Russia at 4-2 and will meet today for the third place.

Mongolia received 29 points and 14 rebounds from 193cm star forward Tuvshinbayar Tygarvaa to beat South Africa 93-87 for its first win. Mongolia finished all games and ranked 7th in the tournament. South Africa lost all seven games and finished last at 8th.

South Korea 83-80 Russia
SK - Jin Kyung-suk 20p ; Yoon Young-pil 19p ; Kim Kyung-rok 16p
RUS - Andrei Olbreht 18p, 4a ; Alexandre Chernov 16p, 4a ; Evgeni Shatokhin 16p

Philippines 90-85 Honduras
PHI - Christopher Clay 24p ; Jeffrey Flowers 29p, 12rb
HON - Pedro Ferron 27p, 17rb

Mongolia 93-87 South Africa
MGL - Tuvshinbayar Tygarvaa 29p, 14rb ; Dorjgotov Purevdorj 20p
SA - Thuso Moiloa 24p, 11rb ; Mariusz Mlodzinski 13p

Taiwan 6-0
South Korea 6-0
Russia 4-2
Philippines 4-2
Honduras 2-4
Canada 2-4
Mongolia 1-6
South Africa 0-7

Thursday, August 23, 2001

Day 7: Taiwan NT Upset Russia

Led by Lin Jia-huang and Chen Hsin-an, Taiwan NT made 9 of 19 three-point shots to overcome a 10-point halftime deficit and upset Russia 87-77 yesterday. Russia suffers its first loss in the tournament.

Taiwan stays undefeated and waits for the results of South Korea-Russia game today. If Korea defeats Russia, Taiwan will battle with South Korea for the tournament championship in tomorrow tournament finale. If Russia defeats Korea and Korea lose again to Taiwan tomorrow, three teams tie at 6-1. The tiebreaker will be the scored/scored against ratio.

Taiwan 87-77 Russia (Half 40-50)
TW - Lin Jia-huang 17p ; Chen Hsin-an 17p ; Tien Lei 14p ; Yang Yu-min 10p
RUS - Alexandre Chernov 16p, 5rb, 5a ; Vladimir Pevnev 15p, 11rb ; Andrei Olbreht 11p ; Konstantin Guerassimov 12p

Honduras 92-81 Mongolia
HON - Carlos Ruiz 10p, 13rb(9 ORB) ; Francisco Trochez 19p ; Harry Milson 13p ; Selvin Connor 13p
MGL - Tuvshinbayar Tygarvaa 27p, 6rb, 8a, 4s

Canada 85-60 South Africa
CAN - Sandy Bisaro 21p, 13rb, 3blk ; Orlando Ferguson 16p ; Etienne Orr-Ewing 14p, 11rb ; Josh Payne 16p
SA - Thuso Moiloa 12p, 5rb

Taiwan 6-0
South Korea 5-0
Russia 4-1
Philippines 3-2
Honduras 2-3
Canada 2-4
Mongolia 0-6
South Africa 0-6

Wednesday, August 22, 2001

Day 6: Yang and Chen Lead Taiwan Past Honduras

Yang Yu-min and Chen Hsin-an staged an unbelievable three-point exhibition by scored 30 and 28 points respectively to lead Taiwan past Honduras 90-77 yesterday. South Korea edged Philippines 97-88 in a temper-flying battle. South Korea and Taiwan are both 5-0.

In spite of their height disadvantage, Taiwan NT makes up with a swift passing and hot outside shooting by making 15 of 32 three-point attempts, including Yang Yu-min's 7 of 14 and Chen's 6 of 8. Taiwan NT dished out 25 assists in the game and found their shooters time and time again, finally opened up the game in the second half, when they outscored Honduras 53-38 and change the momentum.

In the previous game, which almost resulted in a brawl on several occasions, South Korea overcame an 11-point first half deficit and beat Philippines by 9. Swingman Jin Kyung-suk scored 27 points and limited Philippines top scorer Christopher Clay to ONLY 21 points. Temper flied in the game for both teams. There are flying-elbows, flagrant fouls, face-to-face confrontations everywhere, mostly because the referees failed to control the game from the start and let both team get away with too many cheap-shots.

Canada 97-64 Mongolia
CAN - Nathan Ashmead 19p, 8rb ; Shaun Doherty 13p, 4a ; Sandy Bisaro 12p, 6rb
MGL - Tuvshinbayar Tygarvaa 31p, 7rb ; Otgonbayar Maghaidorj 15p

South Korea 97-88 Philippines
KOR - Jin Kyung-suk 27p(7-12 3PT) ; Yoon Young-pil 27p ; Son Gyu-wan 10p ; Hwang Sung-in 9p, 7a
PHI - Jeffrey Flowers 27p, 8rb ; Christopher Clay 21p, 7a ; Ranidel De Ocampo 10p, 6rb

Taiwan 90-77 Honduras
TW - Yang Yu-min 30p(7-14 3PT), 4a ; Chen Hsin-an 28p(6-8 3PT), 4a ; Chen Chih-chung 12p, 8a, 3s ; Yen Shin-shu 5a
HON - Francisco Trochez 19p ; Pedro Ferron 19p, 11rb ; Cesar Estlign 16p, 5rb, 3a, 5s

Taiwan 5-0
South Korea 5-0
Russia 4-0
Philippines 3-2
Honduras 1-3
Canada 1-4
Mongolia 0-5
South Africa 0-5

Tuesday, August 21, 2001

Day 5: Taiwan, Korea and Russia Undefeated

Son Gyu-wan sinked 11 three-pointers on his way to 37 points and tie the all-time Jones Cup record in 3PT-made as South Korea pounded Canada 92-65 to its fourth straight victory. Russia, which beat Mongolia 103-73, South Korea and host team Taiwan are all 4-0 and the only undefeated teams.

Christopher Clay of Philippines celebrated his 29-year-old birthday by scoring 22 points and pulling down 10 rebounds. Philippines beat South Africa 95-67 and is one step behind the leading group with a 3-1 record. Meanwhile, Canada, South Africa and Mongolia are still looking for their first win.

Russia 103-73 Mongolia
RUS - Konstantin Guerassimov 21p ; Vladimir Pevnev 14p ; Maxim Pertsev 13p, 6a
MGL - Orgil Undarmaa 15p ; Tuvshinbayar Tygarvaa 13p, 10rb, 6a

Philippines 95-67 South Africa
PHI - Christopher Clay 22p, 10rb, 4a, 4s ; Jeffrey Flowers 18p, 9rb ; Oscar Simon 13p
SAF - Thuso Moiloa 19p, 8rb ; Florshein Ngwenya 10p

South Korea 92-65 Canada
KOR - Son Gyu-wan 39p (11-13 3PT)

Taiwan 4-0
South Korea 4-0
Russia 4-0
Philippines 3-1
Honduras 1-2
Canada 0-4
Mongolia 0-4
South Africa 0-5

Monday, August 20, 2001

Day 4: Taiwan Rally to Beat Canada

Tien Lei scored a team-high 18 points and made two free-throws with 1/2 seconds remaining as Taiwan's "Comeback Kids" overcame a 12-point deficit in the last five minutes and beat Canada 86-84 yesterday. Taiwan still sits atop the standing with a 4-0 record in the 2001 Jones Cup while South Korea and Russia not far behind with 3-0.

Plagued by Canada's powerful inside game, Taiwan trailed 54-66 in the end of the third quarter. Led by Tien Lei, Chen Hsin-an and Chen Chih-chung, Taiwan stormed back with an unbelievable 19-6 run and led 73-72 with 3:16 to go. Yang Yu-min's three-pointers put Taiwan in front, 77-75, with 1:04 remaining, but Canada's Sandy Bisaro answered to even the score at 77 all with 50.7 seconds to go.

After a Chen Hsin-an miss, Canada missed four straight shots that could have iced the game. Tien Lei was fouled in his fastbreak layup with 0.5 seconds from the final buzzer and received two freebies to decide the final outcome.

Taiwan 79-77 Canada
TW - Tien Lei 18p, 7rb, 3s, 4blk ; Yang Yu-min 15p ; Chen Hsin-an 14p ; Lee Chi-yi 11p, 7rb
CAN - Keith Bustard 21p, 8rb ; Etienne Orr-Ewing 10p, 15rb ; Sandy Bisaro 14p, 10rb

Philippines 97-70 Mongolia
PHI - Jeffrey Flowers 22p, 11rb ; Christopher Clay 12p, 5a ; Oscar Simon 11p ; Michael Garcia 10p

Russia 86-84 Honduras
Alexander Chernov's basket with 15 seconds left lifted Russia past Honduras.

South Korea 88-66 South Africa

Taiwan 4-0
South Korea 3-0
Russia 3-0
Philippines 2-1
Honduras 1-2
Canada 0-3
Mongolia 0-3
South Africa 0-4

Sunday, August 19, 2001

Day 3: Taiwan Edges Philippines in Controversy

Sitting on the bench for 38 1/2 minutes, PG Yen Shin-shu made the most of his playing time. Yen hit his only attempt and iced the victory in waning moments as Taiwan overcame a 34-point outburst from Christopher Clay, last year's Jones Cup leading scorer, and edged Philippines 84-79 yesterday to win their third consecutive game. The sad part is the game raised several controversial issues between both teams - again.

Memory of the bench-clearing brawl in 1999 Jones Cup between Taiwan NT and Philippines Iloilo Megavoltz is still vivid among most local fans. Once again, yesterday we saw Taiwan SG Yang Yu-min engaged in an altercation with Philippines PF Richard Melencio with 5 minutes to go. Fortunately the coaching staff of both sides control the situation immediately and asked their players to tone down their act.

By the way, Philippines surprisingly did not put both their imports - Clay and Jeffrey Flowers - on the floor together for the whole game, with Clay playing 32 minutes and Flowers only eight. It is said that Philippines did so under the request from the Taiwanese side. Also, the officiating of the game, which obviously favors Taiwan NT, is highly questioned. After the game, Philippines coach Johny Tam denied he received any request from Taiwan. But even for most local basketball observers and media, it seems Taiwan has taken the "home court advantage" too far.

The momentum went back and forth for the entire 40 minutes in this exciting game. Philippines jumped to a 16-10 lead early in the first quarter, but Taiwan rebounded and led by as many as 9 points (42-33) in the second. Taiwan led 47-43 in the first half.

With 5 minutes remaining, the scored still tied at 71 all. Philippines was still in the game after Christopher Clay's two free-throw, trailing by three with 1 1/2 minutes to go. Yen Shin-shu then replaced Chen Chih-chung, who failed to cover Clay all game long and left with five fouls. Yen immediately scored the game winner with a high-arching finger roll on the drive and dashed Philippines' comeback hope.

Taiwan 84-79 Philippines
TW - Yang Yu-min 19p ; Chen Chih-chung 15p ; Lee Chi-yi 11p, 6rb ; Tien Lei 11p ; Wu Chih-wei 10p, 7rb ; Lin Jia-huang 10p
PHI - Christopher Clay 34p (5-6 3PT) ; Ranidel De Ocampo 21p, 14rb ; Jeffrey Flowers 2p, 1rb

South Korea 76-71 Honduras
KOR - Son Gyu-won 18p(6-12 3PT)
HON - Pedro Ferron 31p

Russia 82-45 South Africa
Rebounding - Russia 49:25 S.A.

Taiwan 3-0
Russia 2-0
South Korea 2-0
Honduras 1-1
Philippines 1-1
Canada 0-2
Mongolia 0-2
South Africa 0-3

Saturday, August 18, 2001

Day 2: Taiwan NT Cruise By Mongolia

11 of 12 Taiwanese players scored as Taiwan breezed past Mongolia 109-78 on the second day of the 2001 Jones Cup action yesterday. Taiwan is now 2-0 and will face tougher opponents in the remaining games.

Taiwan took advantage of its height over the smaller Mongolia, which the tallest player stands only 193cm. After a 17-0 run in the first quarter, the game was in the refrigerator. Taiwan's second unit played a big role in the game, with backup SG Lin Jia-huang scoring team-high 19 points and backup SF Shan Wei-fan collecting 14 points in 12 minutes.

Taiwan 109-78 Mongolia
TW - Lin Jia-huang 19p ; Shan Wei-fan 14p(6-7 FG in 12 minutes) ; Yang Yu-min 13p ; Wu Chih-wei 12p, Tsun Wen-din 11p ; Chen Hsin-an 10p ; Lee Chi-yi 10p ; Tien Lei 9p ; Yen Shin-shu 7p, 8a

Honduras 82-61 South Africa
HON - Jane Trochez 22p ; Cesar Estligh 19p

Philippines 82-72 Canada
PHI - Christopher Clay 27p, 6a ; Jefferey Flowers 19p, 14rb, 6blk, Oscar Simon 10p
CAN - Sandy Bisaro 15p ; Keith Bustard 14p, 12rb

Taiwan 2-0
Russia 1-0
South Korea 1-0
Honduras 1-0
Philippines 1-0
Canada 0-2
South Africa 0-2
Mongolia 0-2

Friday, August 17, 2001

Day 1: Taiwan Trounces South Africa

Led By Tien Lei's 16 points and Yang Yu-min's 19, Taiwan NT trounces South Africa 100-57 in the opening game of the 24th William Jones Cup Invitational Tournament yesterday. Russia and South Korea also won their opener.

195cm F/G Chen Hsin-an, who sustained an eye injury prior to the East Asia Games and did not play in the ABC Championship, turned in a subpar performance in his first game back. Chen scored only 4 points on 2-8 shooting and was obviously out of shape.

Taiwan 100-57 South Africa
TW - Yang Yu-min 19p(9-11 FG) ; Tien Lei 16p ; Tsun Wen-din 15p(6-7 FG)

South Korea 118-70 Mongolia
SK - Jin Kyung-suk 19p(5-10 3PT)
MGL - Tuvshinbayar Tygarvaa 17p

Russia 89-60 Canada
(Note: Russia was represented by club Lokomotive Novosibirsk, a Div.II team from Russia's Super League. Canada was represented by University of Victoria.)
RUS - Evgeni Shatokhin 19p(8-8 FG) ; Vladimir Pevnev 13p
CAN - Keith Bustard 18p

Thursday, August 16, 2001

2001 Jones Cup Schedule

14:20 South Korea - Mongolia
16:20 Canada - Russia
18:30 Opening Ceremony
19:20 Taiwan - South Africa

16:00 South Africa - Honduras
18:00 Philippines - Canada
20:00 Mongolia - Taiwan

16:00 Taiwan - Philippines
18:00 Russia - South Africa
20:00 Honduras - South Africa

14:00 Philippines - Mongolia
16:00 Canada - Taiwan
18:00 Honduras - Russia
20:00 South Korea- South Africa

16:00 Mongolia - Russia
18:00 South Africa - Philippines
20:00 South Korea- Canada

16:00 Canada - Mongolia
18:00 Philippines - South Korea
20:00 Taiwan - Honduras

16:00 Honduras - Mongolia
18:00 South Africa - Canada
20:00 Russia - Taiwan

16:00 Mongolia - South Africa
18:00 Philippines - Honduras
20:00 South Korea - Russia

16:00 Honduras - Canada
18:00 Russia - Philippines
20:00 Taiwan - South Korea
22:20 Award Ceremony

2001 Jones Cup Primer

August 16 - August 24, 2001

Fong-san Gymnasium, Fong-san, Kaohsiung County

Taiwan, South Korea, South Africa, Russia, Canada, Honduras, Philippines, Mongolia

■Competition Format: Single Round Robin

Notes: There will be no women's event held this year due to the lack of participating countries

2001 Jones Cup Complete Rosters

Name, DOB(Y/M/D), Position, Height/Weight(cm/kg)

Chen Chih-chun 1977.3.2 G 181/74
Yen Shin-shu 1976.9.8 G 182/74
Yang Yu-min 1979.10.22 G 180/72
Hwang Bao-tse 1976.9.18 G 180/70
Chen Hsin-an 1980.7.1 F 196/90
Ho Sho-jen 1983.2.15 F 195/89
Tien Lei 1983.6.1 F 202/86
Chiu Chi-yi 1975.10.6 G 182/72
Lin Jia-hwang 1975.9.20 G 186/78
Shan Wei-fan 1978.9.9 F 195/88
Wu Chih-wei 1976.7.31 C 202/94
Chou Hong-yu 1976.6.15 F 195/92
Wu Dai-hao 1985.2.7 C 200/98
Tsun Wen-din 1984.7.6 C 202/86
Lee Chi-yi 1978.10.27 C/F 200/90
Head Coach - Lee Yun-kwang
Assistants - Dong Fan Che-ter, Lin Jian-ping

Orgil Undarmaa 1980.3.16 G 182/-
Otgonbayar Magnaidorj 1976.1.24 G 178/-
Myagmardavaa Purevdorj 1981.4.18 F 183/-
Batzaya Purevbat 194.4.8 F 193/-
Tuvshibaya Tygarvaa 1974.4.4 F 190/-
Erkhembayar Davakhuu 1978.3.17 F 188/-
Bayartsogt Odonbaatar 1972.2.16 F 191/-
Tsogtbaatar Munkhbat 1979.8.9 G 185/-
Purevdorj Dorjgotov 1979.12.6 G 189/-
Enkhbileg Altanbagana 1982.4.22 C 193/-
Javkhlantugs Batkhurel 1981.5.11 F 192/-
Sedbazar Shiner 1981.4.5 F 185/-
Head Coach -

Steven Wu 1982.11.11 F/G 188/85
Thabang Kgoedi 1979.4.15 F 199/85
Dinesh Mitchell 1980.1.22 G 189/89
Mariusz Mlodzinski 1973.8.6 G 185/92
Chien Chia-hsin 1982.3.12 PF 202/100(Taiwanese-South African)
Nyakallo Nthuping 1980.1.14 PF 195/90
Lucky Kekana 1976.7.23 PF 190/81
Thuso Moiloa 1978.9.12 PF 199/81
Florshein Ngwenya 1976.6.20 SG 180/80
Thembinkosi Zulu 1976.8.5 PG 170/70
Wilson Makama 1982.8.15 SG 185/75
Tshepo Mokgatlanyane 1984.9.1 G 182/78
Head Coach - Dali Dzingwa

Konstantin Guerassimov 1970.9.8 G 195/97
Vladimia Pevnev 1974.4.23 C 202/106
Andrei Endropov 1978.3.29 G 184/80
Alexandre Bespalov 1978.1.29 C 204/107
Alexandre Chernov 1970.3.17 G 193/90
Evgeni Shatokhin 1977.9.14 F 203/91
Vladimir Pronine 1975.8.29 F 205/94
Maxim Pertsev 1976.4.13 F 195/85
Andrei Olbreht 1971.1.12 F 203/108
Pavel Podkolzine 1985.1.15 C 218/108
Stanislav Lapchine 1982.12.6 F 198/84
Sergeis Kiselovs 1976.4.26 G 190/89
Marcus Webb 1970.5.9 C 205/125
Dmitri Doudarev 1976.2.10 G 192/82
Anton Mosseev 1980.2.25 F 200/94
Artem Egorov 1970.8.21 F 201/105
Ilja Kiselovs 1982.4.4 G 188/84
Head Coach - Serguei Babakov

Jason Crawford 1980.1.6 F 198/101
Josh Payne 1979.2.17 G 188/84
Trevor Thomas 1980.10.16 F 200/93
Reagan Daly 1980.6.23 G 183/77
Orlando Ferguson 1977.10.2 F 198/86
Nathan Ashmead 1981.7.20 F 198/89
Shaun Doherty 1981.2.20 G 183/80
Jason Tiffin 1981.5.17 F 193/91
Eric Rushton 1982.7.8 F/G 193/86
Sandy Bisaro 1979.3.31 F 203/109
Keith Bustard 1979.5.20 F/G 193/90
Ross MacDonald 1974.9.7 F 201/109
Etienne Orr-Ewing 1979.1.18 F 201/100
Head Coach - Guy Vetrie

Christopher Clay 1972.8.20 F
Jefferey Flowers 1976.4.27 C
Christian Nicdao 1976.3.30 PF
Michael Garcia 1973.1.2 F
Richard Melencio 1975.9.3 PF
Oscar Simon 1973.2.22 G
Randy Lopez 1978.4.22 PF
Ramon Regidor 1973.8.31 G
Ferome Barbosa 1977.9.5 PF
Junel Mendiola 1973.6.13 G
Valentine Domingo Jr. 1978.6.18 C
Francis Bernardo 1977.7.22 C
Michael Manigo ??? G
Head Caoch - Johnny Tam
Assistant - Cecilio Marcelino, Luis Cedang

Pyo Myung-il 1975.12.23 G 182/78
Kim Kyung-rok 1979.8.2 F 185/81
Hwang Sung-in 1976.6.7 G 180/81
Park Yu-jin 1978.9.5 C 195/87
Jun Byung-suk 1979.4.23 F 188/75
Hyun Joo-yup 1975.7.27 C 195/105
Son Gyu-wan 1974.12.12 F 185/80
Kim Taeck-hoon 1975.4.25 C/F 192/92
Kim Young-jae 1981.7.5 C 198/95
Kim Han-kwon 1978.11.1 C 198/88
Yoon Young-pil 1975.11.13 F 191/100
Jin Kyung-suk 1979.5.13 F 190/86
Head Coach - Choo Il-seung
Assistant - Kim Seung-hwan

Carlos Edgardo Padilla Zelaya 1966.7.29 G 180/86
Carlos Enrique Ruiz 1982.4.4 F 202/91
Cesar Ivary Estlign 1974.12.23 F 198/86
Edil Lacayo ??? F 195/97
Harry Milson 1974.10.29 C 204/109
Juan Francisco Reyes Trochez 1975.2.28 G 185/84
Mario Rigoberto Alcerro Varela 1977.12.18 F 201/93
Pedro Moise Salazar Ferron 1972.10.31 C 204/114
Rony Daniel Palacios Alvarez 1977.11.23 F/G 190/73
Selvin Connor 1974.10.10 F 200/95
William Waterhouse 1975.4.21 F 198/100
Head Coach - Viente Duncan
Assistant - Cesar Valdes