Friday, November 19, 1999


CBA will schedule a "Experimental Season" in January, 2000, which features all six teams with each plays 10 "regular season"games, the league's re-structure committee announced after its second meeting on November 18. The committee claimed if the experimental season goes well and receives nice fan response, the league will be able to move on to the next stage of re-establishing Taiwanese professional basketball.

The short season will have a maximum of 41 games, regular season and playoff games combined. All games will be played at Taipei Physical Education College Gymnasium (main venue) and Taipei County Gymnasium in Panchiao. Each team is allowed to take two imports. Import rules will be announced on later date.

The short season format:
--Each team plays all other teams twice. It means there will be 30 regular season games.
--There will be six games every week with one game each in Thursday and Friday, double-header both in Saturday and Sunday.
--Top four teams advance to playoffs.
--Best-of-three first round playoff will see regular season No.1 vs No.4, No.2 vs No.3. Winners advance.
--Finals will be best-of-five.

Sponsored by local enterprises, Hong-kuo, Yulon and CBA All-Star entered a four-game tournament "Sinchu Cup", which is played in Sinchu city. The tournament will not be counted as the official CBA competition. Therefore, Yulon Dinos even BORROWED amateur players from A-League because they're short of players.

Nov.18 Hong-kuo 110-96 Yulon
Yulon:Chen Hsin-An 33p(13-19 FG, 3-5 3PT) in 28 minutes..Chen is a 19 year-old
borrowed from Bank of Taiwan in A-League
Hong-kuo:Chou Jun-San 26p, 7rb,4a,3s..Huang Chun-Hsiung 18p, 17rb

Remaining Schedule
Nov.19 Yulon vs CBA All-Star
Nov.20 Hong-kuo vs CBA All-Star
Nov.27 Championship