Saturday, December 30, 2000

2001 A-League Primer

Taiwan's semi-pro A-League will tip-off its 2001 season on January 3, 2001. Following is the brief introduction on this year's competition format.

2001 A-League season will be consisted of two stages: the regular season, which to be played from January to March, and the President Cup, which will be held in the end of the year. No import players are allowed to play.

Bank of Taiwan, Yulon Dinos, Jutai Technology, Military Team, Yitong Credit Agency, Culture University, Dayeh University, Taiwan Beers, SINA, Tsaishin Alumni, Fushiang Hotel, Dongnan College, Luckipar Panthers, Dacin Construction, Rambo Jack(Taipei Physical Education College), BCC Mars

Kuo-tai Life, Chunghwa Telecomm, Taiwan Electricity, Tai-yuan Textile, Ya-dong, Nan-ya Plastics

Women: January 5 - January 19
Men: January 3 - March 2
Qualification Games: January 3 - January 15
Wildcard Games: January 16 - January 17
Preliminary Games: February 3 - February 14
Second Round Games: February 16 - February 20
Playoffs: February 22 - March 2

1. Six participating teams play a double-round robin schedule in preliminary games.

2. Top two teams advance to the best-of-three Finals. 3rd and 4th place teams play a best-of-three series for third-place.

1. Top 6 teams in last season automatically advance to preliminary games.

2. The other ten teams are bracketed into Group A & B, with each group playing a single-round robin qualification games. Top team from two groups advance to preliminary games.

3. 2nd and 3rd place teams from each group will then play a 4-team wildcard games. These four teams play a single-round robin series. Top two teams advance to preliminary games, filling out the last two spots on the 10-team preliminary games.

4. A total of 10 teams play a single-round robin preliminary games. Top 6 teams advance to the second-round.

5. The six teams play yet another single-round robin second -round games with top 4 advancing to the playoffs.

6. The four teams play a single-round robin semi-final games. Top two teams advance to the best-of-five Finals. 3rd and 4th place team play a best-of-three series for third place.