Saturday, February 17, 2001

Dacin Edged Jutai ; Advance to Final Four

Benifited by a controversial call with 1.2 seconds remaining, Dacin edged Jutai Tech 69-66 and clinched the last seed in the A-League final four on February 16, final day of the second round games.

Dacin, along with SINA, Yulon and Mars, became the last four teams standing in the 16-team A-League this year. The third round games, which is yet another single-round robin, will begin today.

With the score tied at 66 all, referee charged a foul call on Jutai's guard Yang Yu-min when Yang was trying to stop Dacin's Cheng Chih-lung, who received an inbound pass and attempted to make a drive toward the basket around free-throw line.

The call was like a death sentence for Jutai because there's only 1.2 seconds remaining on the game clock. In most cases, refs don't make this kind of call in late game situations. Team delegate Yen Jia-hwa immediately ran onto the court to protest after the whistle and was charged a technical. Dacin made three of the ensuing four free-throws to make the final score. Jutai players refused to play defense and all stood beside the sideline when Dacin inbounded in the last possession.

Everyone knows Dacin was fortunate to get into the final four. They won two straight after opening the second round with a three-game losing streak.

Yulon and SINA both clinched third round seeds after winning three straight. On the other hand, Dacin lost its third straight, which is a surprise for everyone considering their strong rosters.
Yulon 87-78 Military (Military - Yen Shin-shu 29p ; Yulon - Chiu Tsun-chih 21p)
SINA 56-47 Jutai Tech
Mars 65-54 Dacin

Mars advance to the third round with a 2-2 record.
Mars 63-57 Jutai Tech (Mars - Chen Huei 16p ; Song Tao 11p, 7rb)
SINA 45-43 Yulon (PG Chou Jun-san's two free-throws with 5 seconds remaining as SINA edged Yulon)
Dacin 67-42 Military

Dacin grabbed the fourth and final seed of the third round with its victory over Jutai Tech.
Dacin 69-66 Jutai Tech
Yulon 68-66 Mars
SINA 67-65 Military

Team W-L GB
x-SINA 5-0 -
x-Yulon 4-1 1
x-Dacin 2-3 3
x-Mars 2-3 3
Juati Tech 1-4 4
Military 1-4 4
(thru Feb 16)
Format:Single-round robin
x- Advance to 3rd Round