Sunday, April 13, 2003

Chiu: Next Jiangsu head coach?

Chiu Da-zong, the head coach of SINA Lions for the past two years, told Taiwanese media that he would coach the Jiangsu Dragons next season after signing a two-year contract. Chiu said he would leave for China on April 25th.

Chiu came back to Taiwan after SINA pulled out of the CBA. According to earlier reports from Chinese media, several teams contacted Chiu for head coaching job. Rumors say SINA owner Daniel Jiang will probably close the team. Chiu’s departure raises the speculation even more.

Jiangsu was 12-14 this season and just missed the playoffs. According to the reports, the team’s Korean head coach Chen Hsiao-jun left after his salary raise demand was rejected. The Dragons feature NT veteran Hu Wei-dong, promising 7-footer Tang Zen-dong and another 7-foot import Simeon Haley. Jiangsu was expected to hire Ma Yua-nan. Instead, they made Chiu the final choice.