Tuesday, August 26, 2003

Asian Championship – Taiwan in same group with China

Taiwan is placed in the same preliminary group with China, Syria and Iran in the 22nd Asian Championship, as the draw results is announced today in China. Once again, Taiwan has to face unfamiliar opponents from West Asia on their way to challenge the top 8.

Draw Results:
GROUP A – Lebanon, Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan, Hong Kong
GROUP B – South Korea, India, Malaysia, Kuwait
GROUP C – China, Taiwan, Syria, Iran
GROUP D – Philippines, Japan, Qatar, Jordan

As China is the hands-down favorite to win the group, Syria will be the toughest opponent for Taiwan, who finished an all-time worst 7th-place in Asian Championship two years ago. Syria was the Cinderella story two years ago by advancing to the semifinal.

Big men will be the key for Taiwan NT, since all three opponents are much taller inside. They have to protect the rebounds and play tougher defense to keep opponents from dominating inside, which is not an easy task for these Taiwanese youngsters. Tsun Wen-din, Wu Dai-hao and Tien Lei are all younger than 22 years-old.