Saturday, September 13, 2003

Latest on Taiwan NT

Taiwan NT head coach Lee Chin-chi will take all 15 players to Harbin, China and submit the final roster before the competition starts. The team is without any major injury right now, although guards Yang Yu-ming and Chiu-chi-yi are hurt. Both are expected to be able to play in Harbin. Lee Chin-chi also has not made up his mind on the starting lineup.

Tsun Wen-din 204cm 90kg
Wu Dai-hao 202cm 100kg
Wu Chih-wei 202cm 94kg

Tien Lei 202cm 86kg
Wu Chih-yuan 200cm 77kg
Lee Chi-yi 198cm 88kg
Lin Chih-jay 192cm 88kg
Ho Sho-jen 195cm 88kg
Yang Che-yi 193cm 85kg

Chen Chih-chung 182cm 80kg
Yen Shin-shu 183cm 75kg
Yang Yu-ming 180cm 73kg
Hong Chi-chao 187cm 78kg
Chiu Chi-yi 180cm 78kg
Chen Huei 185cm 85kg

Yang Yu-ming – Sprained ligament(thigh)
Chiu Chi-yi – Sprained ankle