Saturday, November 29, 2003

Yulon beat clueless Jutai

NT PG Chen Chih-chung turned in a brilliant performance with 17 point, 6 boards, 5 assists and 6 steals as Yulon beat Jutai 83-78 tonight to top the SBL standings with a 3-0 record. BCC Mars routed Taiwan Beer in another game to win its first game of the season.

Chen Hsin-an had another so-so game but Chen Chih-chung, Chou Hong-yu and Chiu Chi-yi stepped up for Yulon, who rallied in the second half and took control of the game. Chou and Chiu scored 17 and 16 respectively to lift Yulon out of the first-half slump.

Once again, Jutai was led by its backcourt, with Yang Yu-min scored 22 points and Hsu Tse-shin 20. For the third consecutive game, Jutai played like five lost souls on the court and failed to take advantage of its towering frontline consisted of Wu Dai-hao, Ha Xiao-yuan, Shan Wei-fan and Lin Che-wei. Head coach Liu Hwa-lin’s substitution and X’s and O’s skills is highly questioned.

In another game, Mars bulked its way to a 50-30 first-half lead. The rest of the game is history after that.

Yulon 83-78 Jutai (Half 40-42)
Yulon – Chen Chih-chung 17p+6rb+5a+6s, Chou Hong-yu 17[, Chiu Chi-yi 16p, Tsun Wen-din 9p+10rb+8blk
Jutai – Yang Yu-min 22p, Hsu Tse-shin 20p, Wu Dai-hao 8p+10rb, Ha Xiao-yuan 10p+7rb

Mars 88-70 Taiwan Beer (Half 50-30)
Mars – Chen Huei 17p+7a, Lee Chi-yi 16p+7rb, Lai Kuo-hong 12p+7rb
TB – Wu Yang-huei 12p, Lin Chih-jay 11p+9rb+6a, Wu Chih-yuan 10p