Saturday, January 31, 2004

Little guys dominate dunk, three-point contest

Little guys can’t be overlooked. SINA’s SBL rookie Chen Shi-jay, despite standing only 173cm, beat out favorite Tien Lei and won the dunk contest last night in the SBL All-Star Game.

In the three-point contest, Bank of Taiwan teammates Wu Yong-jen(177cm) and Chien Ming-fu(163cm) surprised everyone with their appearances in the final. Wu Yong-jen edged Chien on a sudden-death overtime “penalty-kick” after both tied in the final.

Chien Ming-fu had 21 points -- highest score of the night – in the semifinal, where he beat out odds-on favorite Lo Shin-liang and advanced to the final round.

Chen Hsin-an and Lin Chih-jay both withdrew the dunk contest because of minor knee injuries.