Thursday, June 03, 2004

Jones Cup will be held after one year absence

The 26th William Jones Cup will be held in Taipei from July 18-August 1 with a total of 15 men’s and women’s teams participating, announced CTBA.

The annual international tournament was cancelled last year because of the SARS outbreak in Asia. Now it’s back. And Taiwanese basketball fans couldn’t be happier.

Women’s tournament (July 18-22) will lead the way for this year’s tournament. Japan, South Korea, Canada will be joined by two host teams – Chinese Taipei Blue and White teams.

The exact participating teams are expected to be announced on Saturday by CTBA. University of Regina will represent Canada.

Men’s competition will be held from July 24th to August 1st. In addition to two host teams (also Chinese Taipei Blue and White teams), teams from Japan, South Korea, Philippines, Qatar, Germany, Australia, Canada and Russia will enter the tourney.

From what I heard, Japan will send its U-24 NT to Taiwan, while South Korea will send the military team Sanmu, which represents South Korea in the Jone Cup for the third time. Perth Wildcats of Australia’s pro league NBL is invited, as well as club teams from Germany and Russia. Qatar, Philippines are both expected to send their NT.