Saturday, August 21, 2004

Taiwan U-20 NT Preliminary Roster

U-20 coaching staff named a 16-man preliminary roster for 2004 Asian U-20 Men’s Basketball Championship, which will be held in Iran from September 29th to October 9th. The training camp will start on August 27th.

Head coach: Liu Jia-fa(Dacin Constructions Head coach)
Assistant: Wei Chen-ming(Bank of Taiwan Head coach)
Name, Position, Height, DOB, Team
Tsun Wen-din C 204 1984/7/6 Yulon Dinos
Wu Dai-hao C/F 202 1985/2/7 EHSN Antelope
Wu Jun-hsiung C/F 198 1984/8/26 Taiwan Beer
Lin Hwan-chao C 202 1985/4/18 Dacin Constructions
Yang Chin-min SF 187 1983/1/22 Bank of Taiwan
Chen Tse-wei SF 198 1985/1/30 Dacin Constructions
Hsu Shi-chin PF 194 1984/11/1 Dacin Constructions
Wang Chuan-jian PF 195 1985/12/30 SINA Lions
Deng An-cheng SG 185 1985/11/6 Dacin Constructions
Hsu Wei-sheng PF 198 1985/3/23 Yulon Dinos
Lee Chih-ming PG 176 1984/1/31 Yulon Dinos
Chen Shih-nian PG 180 1984/4/8 Taiwan Beer
Chen Shi-jay SG 173 1984/9/24 SINA Lions
Sun Hwan-bo PG 180 1985/9/11 Tsai-shin HS
Lin Kwan-lun SG 186 1984/1/23 Taiwan Beer
Chen Li-wei SG 179 1986/12/16 Nan-shan HS