Monday, September 06, 2004

SINA dropped three veterans in controversial move

Three former NT veterans, Chou Jun-san, Huang Chung-hsiung and Hsiung Jen-jen, were dropped by SINA in the end of August as criticism flied buzz among Taiwanese basketball fans and observers.

Chou, Huang and Hsiung represented Taiwan NT during the last ten plus years and all have been among the most popular players in the nation. The surprising decision by SINA not re-signing these three shocked almost everyone.

In most people’s eyes, and in fact, all three are still capable of making contribution in the domestic league, namely the SBL, although they may be a step slow in international competitions.

Two of SINA’s five veteran starters – shooting guard Lo Shin-liang and center Liu Yi-hsiang – are retained.

It remains to be seen whether all three players will announce their retirement or not. Maybe they will play for other teams if being signed.

Chou Jun-san, at 173cm, is regarded as one of the best point guard in Asia. Not only he has been the most reliable starting PG in Taiwan NT but he also led the Chinese league CBA during his two years there.

202cm Huang Chun-hsiung, who can play inside and out, has been one of the most impact players on Taiwan NT. And he can still dominate the interior if he wants to.

Obviously SINA decides to enter the rebuilding stage with younger players and save some money at the same time.