Friday, September 16, 2005

Defending high school champion Tsaishin shut down its basketball program

Tsaishin high school announced it will shut down its prominent basketball program after 15 years in the HBL(High School Basketball League). In 15 years, the private school won 4 titles, two runner-ups, two third-place and one fourth-place finish.
Current Taiwan NT players Tsun Wen-din and Wu Dai-hao and current SBL players like Ha Hsiao-yuan, O-Yang Jin-hen, Che Shi-jay, Zuo Tsun-kai, Lin Che-li, Lu Cheng-ju all graduated from Tsaishin HS.
Tsaishin won HBL champion in 2004-05 season, which means it won't have a chance to defend its title. It's a sad decision for a school which established its basketball identity and empire.
Most Tsaishin players are expected to transfer to other schools. Head coach Hsu Jin-che is also expected to look for coaching opportunities.