Sunday, September 10, 2006

Asian University Men's Basketball Championship to be played in Taipei

Five teams will play in the inaugural Asian University Men's Basketball Championship (AUB) from Sep. 11-17, organizers announced Sunday.

Participating teams included Mongolia, Hong Kong University All-Stars, Myongji University of South Korea, Northeastern University of China, and Taiwan University All-Stars.

A single round robin preliminary round will be followed by a crossover semifinal and final.

A trio from National Taiwan Normal University -- Su Yi-chieh, Lin Yi-huei and Chien Jia-hong -- are expected to carry the host Taiwan. Su, SBL's reigning Rookie of the Year, and Lin both play for Dacin while Chien plays for YMY.

Taiwan University All-Stars roster:

Su Yi-chieh 181cm 72kg 1987.01.28
Chen Jun-chieh 180cm 74kg 1982.06.14
Cheng Chang-jun 176cm 71kg 1980.10.11
Chen Shun-hsiang 190cm 85kg 1985.05.25
Lin Yi-huei 193cm 85kg 1986.03.24
Lu Cheng-ju 194cm 88kg 1986.08.23
Hsu Wei-shen 198cm 90kg 1986.03.23
Wang Jian-wei 190cm 91kg 1985.01.07
Hong Yin-chieh 200cm 87kg 1986.01.06
Chien Jia-hong 196cm 105kg 1987.03.06
Chang Yi-wen 185cm 84kg 1984.04.13
Yen Chen-hong 196cm 87kg 1986.02.05

Head coach: Chen Chun-cheng
Coach: Liu Jun-yeh, Chan Bing-chun

183cm Lu Chu-wei, a shooting guard, is Hong Kong's best player.

Northeastern University claimed Chinese universities title in June when they beat Guangdong University of Technology 3-1 in the University Super League. 200cm Lee Zhenyang averaged 20.8 points in the 4-game series. 196cm guard Lu yao scored 30 points in Game 4 and was named MVP.

The Chinese team also recruited four alumni for the trip, including 208cm center Gu Liye, Lu Wei (194cm), Wang Shen (190cm), and Li Xiaoxu (204cm). All four players play for Liaoning in the CBA.