Sunday, October 15, 2006

Two import players only in 06-07 SBL

Jonathan Sanders and Delvin Thomas will be the only import players in the next SBL season due to a special import-hiring system the league applies.

In order to achieve the "balance of power, " the SBL claimed, the league will allow non-playoff teams to hire import players starting in the 2006-07 season. Which means ETSN Antelopes, Videoland Hunters and YMY are allowed to hire one import player.

However, hiring import player is an optional decision. YMY decided not to hire imports due to small budget, making ETSN and Videoland the only teams with import players next season.

Jonathan Sanders, who played for Korea's LG Sakers in the APB tournament which was played in Taiwan in August, signed with Videoland at about 6,000 USD per month. ETSN signed Delvin Thomas with about the same price last week.

25 year-old forward Sanders graduated from St. Mary's College and lastly played in Lithuania. He did not sign with LG.

6-7 bruiser Delvin Thomas, 28, played in Puerto Rico, Dominican Republic, ABA, and WBA after finishing college career at Bethune Cookman. He was tested by Finland's Pyrinto Tampere but did not sign.

The 2006-07 SBL season is expected to tipoff in December after the Doha Asian Games.