Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Taiwan Beer on Sports Diva Magazine

FireShot capture #7 - 'THE SPORTS DIVA MAGAZINE

OK. The thing was I got an email from Carolyn Hastings, who hosted And One -- one of the most popular Cavs blogs in the blogsphere, asking about the origin of the name Taiwan Beer.

Carolyn published a story about Taiwan Beer on the Sports Diva Magazine and posted my reply in the article. And after that, folks at Empty The Bench linked back to her story in one of its posts. It was really nice to see Taiwanese basketball getting some exposure at the other side of the Pacific.

Couldn't help but wonder that if Taiwan Beer arouse Carolyn's interest, maybe Pure Youth will make more people interested about Taiwanese basketball? Haha. Pure Youth sounds like a brand of mineral water or cosmetics, but in fact it's the name of a construction group.