Thursday, February 24, 2000

Chen Named CBA's New Leader

CHEN CHENG-CHUN, owner of HONG-FU RAMS, was elected President of the "new" CBA on February 22. Chen said he will work toward the goal of re-launching the league in November.

After DACIN TIGERS, YULON DINOS and LUCKIPAR PANTHERS dropping back to the A-League, the CBA is left with three teams, which includes HONG-FU RAMS, HONG-KUO ELEPHANTS and BCC MARS.(Broadcasting Corporation of China, the biggest broadcasting company in Taiwan, is now the official sponsor of the MARS.)

Rumors said president Chen will try to include a fourth team, possibly LUCKIPAR, to start a 4-team new league. Sources said TBA(Taiwan Basketball Association), TBL(Taiwan Basketball League) and others are among the new league names under current discussion.

Chen also said he plan to field a tournament in April or May to keep the local professional basketball going, until the brand new opening in November.

Mars' head coach CHUN CHI-MUN was named the director of the CBA re-structuring committee a couple of months ago. He had worked relentlessly since the first day to bring back the professional basketball for Taiwanese fans.

Chen Cheng-chun is a powerful legislator in Taipei City Council and owns business which includes insurance, real estate, stock and others. Rumors came last year saying Chen is in serious financial trouble, but it looks like his business is in a more stable situation at this moment.