Sunday, February 20, 2000

Erik Martin Keeps Rolling

It was a dreadful week for the CBA. We saw Dacin scored 64 in 48 minutes, with a 31.4% shooting percentage, while Yulon beat long-time rival Hong-kuo despite making only 34.5% of its shots. Obviously most of the players are worrying more about the league's future than the game they're playing.

The only player catching everybody's attention is Erik Martin, 6-5 import of Luckipar Panthers who did not joined the Panthers until their third game of the season. Martin scored below 25 points only one time in five games he's played, helping Luckipar rebound from a 0-3 start with a four-game winning streak.

Martin's 18 points, 22 rebounds and 11 assists performance last week is the CBA's first triple-double of the season. His 27.8ppg average ranks him on the top of the scoring, surpassing Dacin's Von Bennett.

Besides Yulon and Luckipar, there's a longjam between the other four teams. With the regular season approaching to the end and the playoffs coming, the remaining games are important for the teams that want to squeeze into the playoffs.

2/18 Yulon 74-71 Hong-kuo
Yulon - Emmett Hall 16p, 14rb, 3a ; Chen Hsin-an 15p ; Wu Chi-wei 13p ; Chou Hong-yu 12p, 4s, 3blk
Hong-kuo - Lo Shin-liang 17p, 5rb, 4a ; Liu Yi-shian 17p, 7rb ; Rex Manu 16p, 17rb

2/17 Luckipar 91-82 Mars
Luckipar - Erik Martin 30p ; Hong Chan-chin 17p, 4rb ; Lin Shin-hwa 14p, 8rb

2/16 Hong-fu 86-64 Dacin
Hong-fu - Ma Chiao-min 23p(6-12 3PT) ; Liao Wei-chen 19p, 6rb ; Mike Elliott 16p, 7rb, 4a, 5s ; Shan Wei-fan 14p, 5rb
Dacin - Von Bennett 28p, 16rb ; Hong Yi-chuan 13p ; Chen Jun-jay 12p

STANDING thru February 18
Yulon 6-1
Luckipar 4-3
Hong-kuo 3-4
Mars 3-4
Hong-fu 2-4
Dacin 2-4