Saturday, March 11, 2000

Top Under-18 Prospects In Taiwan

(Rank, Name, Position, Height/Weight, Class, School, Birthdate)

1. TIEN LEI, C/F, 201/81, HS Sophomore, San-min HS, 1983/6/1
Most dominant big man in high school basketball...possesses great instinct while is a potential small forward in the future...Averaged 11.5 points, 7.5 rebounds and 3.8 blocks this season...

2. CHOU SHI-YUAN, SF/G, 190/71, HS Freshman, San-min HS, 1983/11/16
Led the team in scoring as a freshman...Can score from perimeter and underneath...very athletic, great speed...Averaged 21.1 points and 5.2 rebounds this season...

3. TSUN WEN-DIN, C, 203/85, HS Freshman, Tsai-shin HS, 1984/7/6
With his height and young age, putting on some extra weight can make him a promising big man...

4. HO SHO-CHENG, PF, 194/81, HS Sophomore, Song-shan HS, 1983/2/15
Averaged just 9.5 points and 5.1 rebounds this season...but insiders say he has great potential to be a special player

5. CHAO CHIA-CHUN, SG, 184/76, HS Senior, Tsai-shin HS, 1982/1/12
Scored HBL(High school basketball League) season-high 43 points in February...can switch to PG

6. WU YONG-YEN, PG, 178/70, HS Sophomore, San-min HS, 1982/9/22
Arguably the best PG in Taiwan HS basketball...always control the tempo with cool demeanor...Averaged 10.5 points, 3.5 rebounds and 3.5 assists this season...shooting over 50% from three-point range

7. HUANG CHI-CHUN, PG, 180/69, HS Senior, Nan-shan HS, 1982/4/23
Led school to league final last year...voted the best defensive player in last year's NIKE JAPAN CAMP...a lead guard who can also score...

8. KAO JIAN-WEI, PF, 195/85, HS Senior, Nan-shan HS, 1982/1/27
Great body...sweet touch around the rim...needs to improve outside shooting to expand his game...

9. WU DAI-HOW, C, 200/100, Incoming HS Freshman, Mucha Junior High School, 1985/?/?
A 14 1/2 year-old who was discovered recently...raw but has good coordination and athleticism...

10. LU GONG-YI, F, 184/83, HS Sophomore, Kao-yuan HS, 1982/12/7
Tenacious on both ends of the floor...always give 110% on the court...plays forward, even center, on a relatively weak team...Drew rave reviews from American coaching legend Pete Carril in last year's NIKE TAIWAN CAMP...

NOTE: 3-year high school classification in Taiwan--Freshman, Sophomore, Senior