Tuesday, March 28, 2000

Yulon grabs 2-0 lead in Millennium Series Finals

Powered by import Emmett Hall's 25 points and 11 rebounds, Yulon Dinos routed injury-plagued Hong-kuo Elephants 107-75 in Game two of the best-of-five Millennium Series Finals on March 26, grabbing a quick 2-0 lead and is one win away from the title. The deciding Game 3 is scheduled on March 28.

Yulon took advantage of the short-handed Elephants, who were forced to play without two of their big men, and led from start to finish in the game. Hong-kuo's 6-8 import Rex Manu was out due to left hand fracture, 6-7 local center Liu Yi-shan also was out because of left ankle sprain in Game 1.

Local young star Chen Hsin-an tallied 31 points, single-handedly helping Yulon with a 80-77 close win in Game 1. Chen, who's dubbed "Prince of Dunk" by local fans, scored 15 of Dino's 19 points in the fourth quarter. With his 6-4 height, unlimited shooting range and awesome explosiveness, most observers think Chen is a potential hoop star in Asia in the 21 century.

*Game 1 Summary
YULON 80-77 HONG-KUO 3/25
Yulon - Chen Hsin-an 31p, 4rb, 4s ; Lee Yun-kwang 13p, 10a ; Emmett Hall 18p, 10rb
Hong-kuo - Chou Jun-san 16p ; Rex Manu 15p, 9rb ; Lo Shin-liang 14p, 7rb

*Game 2 Summary
YULON 107-75 HONG-KUO 3/26
Yulon - Emmett Hall 25p(10-15 FG), 11rb ; Dong-fan Che-ter 16p(7-11 FG) ; Wu Chi-wei 19p
Hong-kuo - Chiu ter-chi 17p ; Yang Shi-how 11p