Tuesday, January 02, 2001

Chinese Basketball Alliance Brief History 1993-2000

8.14 Team owners announced the intention to set up the first professional Taiwanese basketball league - CBA, in an official press conference.

9.17 Owners of Hong-kuo, Yulon, Luckipar and Shin-zuei(corporation names later changed to Tera) formed the CBA Organizing Committee.

4.07 CBA logo released.

5.18 Hong-kuo won the exhbition/promotion games.

5.23 Hong-kuo named its team Elephants. Luckipar named its team Panthers.

10.22 Yulon named its team Dinos. Tera named its team Mars.

11.12 Hong-kuo defeated Yulon in CBA's inaugural game. Hong-kuo's import Rex Menu scored the first point in CBA history.

12.07 Cheng Chih-lung of Hong-kuo was voted MVP of the month and became the first recipient of this award in league history.

12.24 Dwight Myvett of Luckipar became the first player in CBA history to record a triple-double, tallying 27 points, 10 rebounds and 11 assists in one game. Chen Chun-chian of Tera was the first player being ejected in the CBA.

1.22 Yulon won the first stage of the 1994-95 season.

2.08 Dwight Myvett was voted the MVP in CBA's inaugural All-Star Game.

2.12 Tsun Yi-chin(Luckipar) and Kelvin Benton(Mars) were both ejected in the first brawl in league history.

4.25 League office announced each team can register 4 imports in the 1995-96 season, but only two can play at the same time.

4.28 Yulon won the second stage of the regular season. According to the rules, Yulon automatically became the 1994-95 CBA champion.(No playoffs back then.)

5.13 Joe Temple helped Hong-kuo knock out Yulon 3-0 in the Challenge Cup and was voted the MVP.

7.18 Board of Govenors approved the expansion of Hong-fu and Chung-shin(Later sold the team to Dacin) in the 1995-96 season.

11.02 CBA signed trading card contract with Upperdeck.

11.14 1995-96 season tip-off.

11.15 Todd Rowe of Tera Mars became the first player to surpass 1,000 points milestone.

12.07 Mars center Wang Li-bin became the first local plyer to record a triple-double(17 points, 13 rebounds and 11 assists).

1.16 Kenny Kao became the first player to switch team when he transferred from Luckipar to Mars.

1.21 Yulon won the first stage of the regular season.

2.11 Todd Rowe took home the MVP trophy in the 1995-96 season All-Star Game.

5.09 Hong-kuo won the second stage of the regular season.

5.21 CBA held its first ever playoffs.

6.05 Hong-kuo beat Yulon 4-2 to win the 1995-96 CBA Championship.

6.06 Cheng Chih-lung of Hong-kuo was voted the Finals MVP.

7.02 Chung-shin Tigers changed its name to Dacin Tigers.

1.02 CBA experimented double-headers in Touliu.

2.24 Tsun Yi-chin of Luckipar was killed in an automobile accident.

2.27 Mars released its new logo.

3.29 Huang Chun-hsiung of Hong-kuo won the MVP in the 1996-97 All-Star Game.

6.22 Yulon Dinos became the first team to reach the 100-win plateau. At the same time, Chien Yi-fei became the first coach to 100 wins.

7.10 Hong-kuo PG Chou Jun-san became the first player to dish out 1,000 assists.

8.12 Hong-kuo beat Yulon 4-3 again and won the 1996-97 CBA Championship.

8.13 Joe Temple was named the Finals MVP.

1.01 1997-98 season tip-off.

2.05 Todd Rowe became the first player to score 4,000 career points.

3.28 Luckipar became the first team to suffer 100 defeats.

4.05 Todd Rowe won the MVP in 1997-98 All-Star Game.

4.18 The game featured Hong-fu vs. Dacin became the first game in CBA history to go into three overtimes.

4.23 CBA cancelled a game for the first time because of electricity breakdown. Dacin became the fastest team to reach 100 defeats(in 136 games).

7.16 Todd Rowe of Mars became the first player to reach 5,000 career points.

8.18 After trailing 1-3 early in the 1997-98 CBA Finals, Hong-kuo won three straight and beat Mars 4-3, completing the unprecendent three-peat.

11.10 The news of Kuo-yang Group, which owns the Mars, was in the financially crisis shocked the league. Mars admitted it was seeking buyer.

11.19 CBA announced the 1998-99 season will tip-off on December 31 as planned.

12.01 The league was feeling the first wave of the financial crisis throughout Asia. After hour-long meeting, CBA teams decided to impose a 20-percent paycut on local players, while Mars players took a 50-percent paycut. However, salaries for foreign coaches and import players will be the same.

12.31 1998-99 season tip-off. Hong-kuo beat Mars 87-82 in the opening game.

1.20 Rumors said Hong-fu was also in severe financial crisis.

1.21 CBA terminated its broadcast contract with ETV after the contract disputes between two sides.

2.09 CBA called an emergency board meeting to discuss its financial situation. The meeting decided to increase the capitol by 50.4M NT dollars in order to keep the season going.

3.09 CBA again called for an emergency board meeting and decided it will suspend the 1998-99 season starting from March 14, because of financial difficulties of the league.

3.15 CBA suspended its season indefinitely.

8.07 Chinese Basketball Alliance(CBA) announced in a written statement that it will start its 6th season on January 14, 2000. In the statement, the CBA also lay out its preliminary re-structure schedule. In August and September it will arrange a total of four meetings of team managers and owners to set up the re-structure schedule and various plans in details.

11.06 Assisted by the NSC(National Sports Council), the CBA decided to field a "RE-STRUCURE COMMITTEE" after a five-hour marathon meeting on November 3. Mars head coach CHUN CHI-MUN and three-time champion Hong-kuo Elephant owner LIN HONG-DAO were named the co-chairman of the committee, which includes six GMs of CBA teams and a official from the NSC.

1.29 Officials of Yulon Dinos, Luckipar Panthers and Dacin Tigers all expressed they plan to take a step back and re-join the semi-pro A-League.

2.24 CHEN CHENG-CHUN, owner of HONG-FU RAMS, was elected President of the "new" CBA on February 22. Chen said he will work toward the goal of re-launching the league in November.

3.28 Yulon Dinos defeated Hong-kuo Elephants 76-66 and swept the best-of-five Millennium Series Finals in three games.

6.17 CBA President/General Manager CHEN CHENG-CHUN announced that the Chinese Basketball Alliance will re-open its season on November 17. Five of the original six teams, except the Dacin Tigers, will compete in the new season.

6.27 Former ruling party KMT(also known as National Party), which lost the presidential election in March to rival DPP, announced it will take over the Mars. This move, many believe, will make Mars one of the few teams in the world which is owned by a political party.

8.31 Hong-kuo, who won the CBA's last three championships between 1996-98, received the first overall pick in the Balance Draft after the open draw on August 31. BBC Mars will pick second in the first round, while Luckipar follows in the third. The fourth pick went to Yulon. Hong-fu will pick last in the first round.

9.04 The first ever CBA Balance Draft offered few surprises for those who expected dramatic changes. In the draft held on September 4th, most of the players were drafted by their former teams. The biggest surprise in the draft is maybe Ger Jia-shiang, a former unknown, going No.1 to the Hong-kuo Elephants. Of the 34 players drafted, only five players switched teams.

11.07 Hong-kuo Group decided to dismiss the Hong-kuo Elephants, the most successful team in the CBA, because of financial crisis within its mother corporation. This news virtually shocked the whole basketball cummunity.

11.08 Yulon Dinos owner Yen Kai-tai announced that Yulon will pull out of the CBA indefinitely, leaving the CBA with only three teams. The CBA's future is again in doubt. Yulon became the third CBA team in the last six months to drop out or folds. Dacin Tigers was the first team to pull out, deciding to drop back to less competitive A-League.

11.22 Luckipar Panthers made clear they will follow the footsteps of Hong-kuo and Yulon and will not play in the new CBA season.

11.27 Chen Cheng-chun, the president of the CBA and the chief organizer of the new season, announced the relaunch plan of the league is suspended indefinitely. Yen Kai-tai, the CEO of Yulon Group, also announced Yulon will not consider re-entering the professional ranks again before December 31, 2001. Powerful dotcom company SINA.COM announced it will take over the original Hong-kuo players and enter the A-League with a new team.