Wednesday, May 23, 2001

Chen Hsin-an Score 71 in Two Wins

Chen Hsin-an found his shooting touch that's lost for quite a while and scored an astonishing 71 points in consecutive victories over Kazakhstan and Mongolia, lifting Taiwan to a 2-1 record in East Asia games preliminaries. Meanwhile, Australia kept dominating the event and topped the standing with 4-0. South Korea, which comprises of college players, pulled out the biggest upset so far when they edged China by three points.

■Game Summaries
Taiwan 84-75 Kazakhstan
Taiwan - Chen Hsin-an 35p (6-10 3PT, 12-23 FG), Tien Lei 6p+19rb, Chiu Chi-yi 15p, Wu Chih-wei 14p...Taiwan controlled the game after a 30-17 first quarter and made 10 of 19 three-pointers as a team
Kazakhstan - Andrei Shpekht 18p

Australia 92-86 Japan
Australia - Paul Rogers 29p+10rb, Benjamin Melmeth 11p+13rb, Brett Maher 19p+5a
Japan - Takuya Kita 18p, Yukia Orihara 16p, Kazuhiro Shoji 15p

South Korea 100-97 China
S.Korea - Kim Joo-sung 28p+7rb+4a, Son Gyu-wan 25p, Hwang Sung-in 17p+11a
China - Wang Zhi-zhi 38p+7rb+4a, Hu Wei-dong 17p, Yao Ming 8p+7rb (20min)

Taiwan 109-104 Mongolia
Taiwan - Chen Hsin-an 36p (14-24 FG)+5rb+6a, Tien Lei 20p+15rb, Chiu Chi-yi 26p (10-10 FG), Chen Chih-shung 8p+6a
Mongolia - Tagirvaa Tuvshinbayar 42p, Tserenjanhar Sharavjamts 37p

Australia 120-86 South Korea
Australia - Paul Rogers 15p, Brett Maher 15p...8 players scoring in double-figure
S.Korea - Hwang Sung-in 26p+8a, Son Gyu-wan 17p

China 108-105 Kazakhstan
China - Liu Yu-dong 24p, Yao Ming 14p+13rb+7blks, Hu Wei-dong 20p
Kazakhstan - Vitaliy Strebkov 33p

Australia 4-0
Taiwan 2-1
Japan 2-1
China 2-2
South Korea 1-2
Kazakhstan 1-3
Mongolia 0-3