Friday, June 15, 2001

Event: 4-Nations Tournament & Jones Cup

CTBA announced yesterday that a brand new "4-Nations Tournament", originally a replacement tournament for the William Jones Cup, will be held in Panchiao, Taipei County in July 9-15. National teams from Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Philippines and host team Taiwan will battle in the mini-tournament for the preparation for the ABC Championships in Shanghai.

Jones Cup Time & Place
The 24th William Jones Cup Invitational Tournament, which was dropped due to lack of sponsorships, will be back. With the help from NSC (National Sports Council), CTBA staff is working on inviting as many countries as possible for the game, which has been Taiwan's biggest summer basketball event for the past 20 years.

A total of 14 teams, eight men's teams and six women's teams, are expected to play in the tournament. The tournament will be held from August 16-26 in Phongsan, Kaohsiung County, and becomes the first time ever the Jones Cup schedules all games away from the Taipei Metropolis area.