Thursday, October 11, 2001

SINA Prepares for China Debut

SINA Lions basketball team, the first team from Taiwan to join the Chinese CBA league, begins their pre-season training camp in Suchou, China on October 8th. SINA president Daniel Jiang sets his goal high, wishing his team finish in the top 3 in the league.

Two days after arriving in Suchou, SINA starts their two-a-day practices on October 8th under head coach Chiu Da-tsun. Guest coach Don Casey, who coached NBA's New Jersey Nets and specializes in various zone defenses, will join the team on October 15th. Chiu says he prefers a fast-tempo offense and trapping defense, utilizing SINA's advantage in quickness to compensate their lack of height.

■SINA Roster
Head Coach - Chiu Da-tsun

Taiwanese Players
Center - Liu Yi-shian(200cm), Lai Kuo-hong(197cm)

Forward - Huang Chun-hsiung(200cm), Chang Ya-tang(190cm), Hsu Yong-yi(190cm), Hsiung Jen-jen(190cm)

Guard - Chou Jun-san(175cm), Lo Shin-liang(180cm), Chun Wei-kuo(176cm)

Chinese Players - Chang Kuo-dong, (To be decided)
Import Players - Andre Owens(200cm), Eric Taylor(204cm)

■SINA 01-02 Schedule
(H) - home game

Dec.8 SINA - Beijing(H)
Dec.12 Liaoning - SINA
Dec.16 Jilin - SINA
Dec.19 SINA-Guangdong(H)
Dec.23 SINA-Shenzen(H)
Dec.26 Shanshi - SINA
Dec.29 SINA - Shanghai(H)
Jan.2 Jiangsu - SINA
Jan.6 Shangdong - SINA
Jan.13 SINA - Zhejiang(H)
Jan.16 SINA - Bayi(H)
Jan.20 Aoshen - SINA
Jan.24 Beijing - SINA
Jan.27 SINA - Liaoning(H)
Jan 30 SINA - Jilin(H)
Feb.3 Guangdong - SINA
Feb.6 Shenzen - SINA
Feb.10 SINA - Shanshi(H)
Feb.20 Shanghai - SINA
Feb.23 SINA - Jiangsu(H)
Feb.27 SINA - Shandong(H)
Mar.6 Zhejiang - SINA
Mar.10 Bayi - SINA
Mar.13 SINA - Aoshen(H)