Saturday, September 28, 2002

Asian Games - China, S. Korea rout opponents

China and South Korea, both favored to win the tournament, open with
lopsided win today as Asian Games kick into action. South Korea set
the tone to challenge China from Day 1, as evidenced by their 80-
point win over Mongolia. China did not approach the opening game at
full strength, although they still beat Kuwait by 33 points.

Taiwan will face Qatar, who edged Kazakhstan 58-57 today, tomorrow in
the opening match. To advance to the second round (final eight), they
have to beat either Qatar or Kazakhstan to have at least one win in
Group D.

Game Summary
#China 78-45 Kuwait (Half: 42-17)
CHN - Liu Yu-dong 13p+6rb, Yao Ming 9p+13rb, Du Feng 9p

#Philippines 81-56 UAE (Half 47-28)
PHI - Castillo 14p, Taulava 10p+14rb, D. Ildefonso 10p+10rb ;
Mohammad Evrahim 12p

#Qatar 58-57 Kazakhstan (Half 30-33)
QAT - M. Yasseen 25p+10rb, Daoud Daoud 10p+13rb ; KAZ - V. Strebkov
15p, Y. Issakov 13p+10rb

#S. Korea 145-65 Mongolia (Half 76-27)
KOR - Moon Kyung-eun 24p(6-8 3PT), Hyun Joo-yup 19p+10rb, Seo Jang-
hoon 16p+6rb, Choo Seung-gyun 15p, Bang Sung-yoon 14p, Lee Sang-min
13p+7a, Kim Joo-sung 10p+9rb