Monday, December 23, 2002

Asian Junior Women - All lopsided games

All four games ended with lopsided results with no surprise in the second day of the 16th ABC Championship for Junior Women. It shows that ABC probably should consider dividing participating teams into Division I and II next time.

Taiwan 107-30 Macau(Liu Yi-chun 16p+10rb, Chou Hsiang-lan 14p)
South Korea 134-23 Mongolia(Han Chae-jin 36p+5a+5s)
Japan 122-33 Malaysia
North Korea 120-38 India


Group A
China 1-0
Taiwan 2-0
North Korea 1-1
Macau 0-2
India 0-1

Group B
South Korea 2-0
Japan 2-0
Malaysia 0-2
Thailand 0-1
Mongolia 0-1