Wednesday, December 25, 2002

Asian Junior Women - Taiwan, South Korea clinch semi seeds

Taiwan Junior Women NT blasted India, 113-55 yesterday as they clinched the semifinal seeds along with South Korea, who beat Thailand, 91-65. Taiwan and South Korea are both 3-0.

China and Japan, who are both 2-0, should have no problem advancing. North Korea showed it's a team that can play, with their brilliant two-man game and hard=drive, hard-pick style. Unfortunately, they are in the same group with Taiwan and China and being blocked out of the semi.

**Game results:
Taiwan 113-55 India(Liu Yi-chun 21p, Wen Chi 19p, Tsai Pei-chen 12p+10rb)
China 93-67 North Korea(Bian Lan 30p)
South Korea 91-65 Thailand(Kim Ji-hyun 24p+11s, Han Chae-jin 19p)
Malaysia 124-58 Mongolia
No games scheduled for today, action resumes on December 25


Group A
Taiwan 3-0
China 2-0
North Korea 1-2
Macau 0-2
India 0-2

Group B
South Korea 3-0
Japan 2-0
Malaysia 1-2
Thailand 0-2
Mongolia 0-2