Saturday, March 29, 2003

A-League: Tien Lei out of action, HS kids can play

Dacin forward Tien Lei broke his right hand in a motorcycle accident and will be out of action in the upcoming A-League regular season, which will tip-off on April 1st. Without Tien, it will be very hard - almost impossible - for Dacin Construction to overtake Yulon in the A-League.

Coming off a close 1-2 defeat in the President Cup Final to Yulon earlier this year, Dacin had high hope for the upcoming season because they are a young team on the rise.

Fortunately, they will have NT member Wu Dai-hao, who will graduate this summer from Tsai-shin HS, to boost their frontline. Hsu Shi-chin and Chen Tse-wei, both from Nan-shan HS, will also join the team.

CTBA, SHSSF(High School Sports Federation) and the Deparment of Education have agreed last week to make high school players who won't graduate until June available for the A-League teams. High school basketball season has concluded but the players won't leave school till June. In short, they haven't graduate yet. The decision raises criticism from observers.