Tuesday, March 18, 2003

SINA reluctant to play in Div-II

SINA Lions, who pulls out of China's CBA and goes back to Taiwan after two years, is not happy with the decision of CTBA board meeting, which asked them to play in Division II instead of Division I. SINA may refuse to play in the Division II and opt for holding a tournament of their own or simply go on a campus exhibition tour.

According to CTBA ruling, any NEW team has to start up from Division II before going up to Division I. The top two teams of Div-II will play the bottom two teams of Div-I in the classification series. The top two teams in the series stay/or go up to Div-I in the next phase. Losers stay in Div-II.

If SINA decides to play, finishes in the top two of Div-II and the top two of the classification series, which is easy for them, it can join the Division I in the President Cup later this year(but not the A-League regular season, which starts April 1st).