Monday, March 01, 2004

Jutai, Mars get key wins

Jutai and Mars pulled out upset wins on the same day, making the battle for semifinal seeds even more intense. Jutai (9-10) beat Yulon 79-67 for its fourth consecutive victory while Mars (9-8) edged SINA 74-70 to move one game above .500.

At this moment, Jutai, Dacin (8-8) and Mars are battling for the remaining two playoffs seeds.

Yulon and SINA have almost clinched the top two spots, but they haven’t been playing well recently. Yulon was 3-4 in the last 7 games. SINA dropped two straight after its season-high 12-game winning streak.

Chen Hsin-an did not play this week because he is serving a 12-day military obligation. Without Chen, Yulon had trouble executing its half-court offense and trailed Jutai the entire game.

Mars played its best game of the season and showed they simply wanted the win more than SINA, who lost both games this week and looked fatigued due to their age.

Jutai 79-67 Yulon (Half 46-33)
Jutai – Yang Yu-min 20p, O-Yang Jin-hen 16p+9rb, Shan Wei-fan 14p+9rb, Wu Dai-hao 11p+11rb, Wu Cheng-dao 10p
Yulon – Tsun Wen-din 13p+8rb, Wei Yong-tai 12p, Chou Shih-yuan 12p

Mars 74-70 SINA (Half 40-35)
Mars – Yang Che-yi 21p+6rb, Yen Shin-shu 14p, Lai Kuo-hong 14p, Lin Jia-huang 13p, Lee Chi-yi 12p+7rb
SINA – Chou Jun-san 19p+6a, Liu Yi-hsiang 13p+11rb, Hsiung Jen-jen 13p, Lo Shin-liang 9p+8rb+4s