Monday, March 29, 2004

Dacin clinches playoff seed with OT win over Mars

Tien Lei tallied 29 points and 9 rebounds to go with a game-winning block as Dacin edged short-handed Mars 91-85 in overtime and finally clinched a playoff seed. Yulon and SINA are the first two teams advancing to the playoffs.

Mars’ postseason hope is still alive though. If they beat SINA next week or Jutai lose to Taiwan Beer next week, they’re in.

Jutai put themselves in dire situation when they lost to BOT this week and failed to clinch the playoffs. The only scenario for them to advance now is they beat TB and Mars lose to SINA next week.

Yulon 75-62 Taiwan Beer (Half 36-39)
Yulon - Chiu Chi-yi 18p, Chen Hsin-an 16p+5a, Chou Shih-yuan 10p, Chiu Tsun-chih 9p+6rb
TB - Lin Chih-jay 22p+10rb, Liao Wei-chen 13p+6rb, Lee Wei-min 12p+9rb, Wu Chih-yuan 6p+8rb

Dacin 91-85(OT) Mars (Half 50-43, Regulation 77-77)
Dacin - Tien Lei 29p+9rb, Hsu Chi-chao 19p+8rb, Huang Chih-chun 17p+7a, Chang Chi-feng 14p+8rb, Lee Fong-yong 8p+9rb
Mars - Lee Chi-yi 22p+7rb, Lai Kuo-hong 15p+6rb, Lin Shin-hwa 12p, Hu Yu-wei 12p, Lin Jia-huang 11p, Chen Huei 11p+9rb, Yen Shin-shu DNP