Wednesday, July 14, 2004

Taiwanese basketball notes

Videoland names its team Hunters
After a one-month online voting, Videoland Television Network officially named its basketball team Videoland Hunters. The team name is changed from BCC Mars to Videoland Hunters after VL bought the team from BCC. “Hunters” received 42.89% of the votes, edging out “Silverfox” by only 500 votes.

EHSN buys Jutai Technology
Eastern Home Shopping Network, part of the EMG (Eastern Multimedia Group), confirmed its purchase of Jutai Technology Basketball team. EMG is one of the leading cable television networks in Taiwan and owns TV channels including ETTV and EHSN.

With the second TV network entering the ownership of SBL teams, the broadcasting rights for SBL’s second season is expected to be a war. ESPN, SBL’s broadcasting partner in its inaugural season, is probably out of the picture.