Saturday, July 31, 2004

Day 6-8 – Taiwan White clinches Jones Cup title

Taiwan White beat Taiwan Blue, 105-83, tonight to clinch the Jones Cup title. This is the second time in history a Taiwanese team wins the tournament, amd also the first time ever Taiwanese teams won the men’s and women’s champions.

Taiwan NT beat Korea to win the 2001 Jones Cup title, the first time ever for the host to leave the championship trophy home.

For the past two days, we saw two offensive explosions from Perth Wildcats team. Wildcats guard Greg Brown tallied a tourney-high 41 points in the victory over Philippines. One night later, Wildcats’ new import Ontario Lett exploded for another 40 points in a win over Taiwan Blue.

Day 6(7/29)
Qatar 97-64 Japan
Qatar – Y.I. Mousa 23p+8rb, H.O. Ismail 13p+13rb, M.O. Al Jabri 12p+12rb
Japan – H. Omiya 12p+4s

Carleton Univ.(CAN) 95-36 IBA(GER)
Carleton – M. Ross 21p, J. Poirier 13p
IBA – E. Kuffour 11p

Perth Wildcats(AUS) 119-79 Philippines
Wildcats – G. Brown 41p+5rb+7a+5s(10-17 2PT, 6-13 3PT), A. Majstrovich 25p, L. Rush 17p+12rb

Taiwan White 90-76 Korea
White – Chou Shih-yuan 27p(10-13 2PT, 2-3 3PT), Tsun Wen-din 18p, Chen Hsin-an 15p, Tien Lei 7p+8rb+4s+3blk
Korea – Yun Byeong-Hak 16p, Kim Il-Du 15p, Lee Won-Soo 15p

Day 7(7/30)
Carleton Univ.(CAN) 56-55 Qatar
Carleton – J. Poirier 11p+7rb, M. Smart 11p, O. Jeanty 10p
Qatar – D.M. Daoud 13p, E.A. Saeed 12p

Korea 83-65 Philippines
Korea – Hu Hyo-Jeen 17p, Yun Byeong-Hak 12p, Kim Il-Du 12p, Kim Julian 12p
Philippines – M. Pingris 15p+11rb

Perth Wildcats(AUS) 77-63 Taiwan Blue
Wildcats – O. Lett 40p+9rb, A. Majstrovich 20p+12rb
Blue – Lin Chi-jay 18p, Lo Shin-liang 17p

Taiwan White 103-69 IBA(GER)
White – Lee Fong-yong 25p, Chang Chi-feng 19p
IBA – M. Huth 20p+11rb

Day 8(7/31)
Japan 95-55 IBA(GER)
Japan – M. Omiya 26p+9rb, T. Onishi 12p
IBA – A. Willemsen 23

Qatar 82-79 Korea
Qatar – Y.I. Mousa 22p+11rb+5a+5s
Korea – Kim Julian 17p, Kim Il-Du 15p, Kim Tae-Sul 12p+8a

Carleton Univ.(CAN) 85-70 Philippines
Carleton – P. Larmand 24p+11rb, J. Poirier 17p+9rb
Philippines – R. Calimag 18p, C. Cruz 15p

Taiwan White 105-83 Taiwan Blue
White – Tien Lei 19p+9rb, Chen Hsin-an 15p+5rb+5a, Chang Chi-feng 14p
Blue – Chen Huei 13p, Chou Jun-san 13p, Lee Chi-yi 12p