Friday, October 01, 2004

Veteran Chou Jun-san signed with ETSN Antelopes

Former Taiwan NT and SINA Lions starting PG Chou Jun-san signed with ETSN Antelopes (formerly known as Jutai Technology), becoming the third veterans to leave SINA. Former Lions Hsiung Jen-jen and Huang Chun-hsiung signed with Videoland Hunters (formerly known as BCC Mars) in September.

SINA, which lost to Yulon 3-0 in last season’s SBL Finals, opted to go into a rebuilding stage early and re-signed only two starters, shooting guard Lo Shin-liang and center Liu Yi-hsiang.

Rumors flied in early September that SINA will drop Chou Jun-san, Huang Chun-hsiung and Hsiung Jen-jen. Eventually Huang and Hsiung did leave the team. It’s believed SINA intended to re-sign Chou but, for whatever reason, team management never went into contract negotiation with him.