Friday, November 26, 2004

Chen Talks

Chen Hsin-an, who is back to Taiwan for the Stankovic Cup, sat down with reporters and talked about his life in the ABA. Chen will be back to U.S. and join ABA's Orange County Crush on Nov. 30. Chen is the first Taiwanese player to sign with an North American pro team.

On his life in southern California:

I lived with one of my relatives at first before moving to the team hotel. Later I was able to drive myself to practice and back. But I try not to go to anywhere I'm not familiar with and keep myself from getting lost.(Laugh) I always enjoy American food, so basically I have no problem with daily meals. I think I'm doing just fine.

On Crush teammates and coaches:

My coaches and teammates have been very supportive and friendly. As the only international player on the team, I didn't feel any discrimination. Everyone treats me well and accept me as a teammate. I really can't ask for more.

On why he decided to go to U.S. this year:

I'm already 24 and there're only so many chances you can have in life. I really want to compete on a higher level for a long period of time, not just a short tournament, in order to test and improve myself. Probably I'll look bad at first, but I really want to have that chance to play in the U.S.

On why he signed with Crush, an ABA team, instead of NBDL or CBA:

My job is to focus on the court and the games. I let John Kim, my agent, take care of it. I will play for any team if that can make me better.

On his personal goal for the season:

Right now I'm probably the 7th or 8th man on the team. I try not to be too greedy at first. I want to be a starter, improve my defense, and average at least 10 points per game.

On Yuta Tabuse's inspiration:

My coach Earl Cureton coached Tabuse last season in the Long Beach Jam. Coaches have been saying Tabuse is too short to play in the NBA. But now look at Tabuse. He is in Phoenix. That proves if you keep trying and working hard, you will always give yourself an opportunity. If you don't have any opportunity to play in the NBA, it won't be because you are an Asian player or you are too short. Tabuse really inspires me to keep chasing my NBA dream.

His suggestions for Taiwanese top players(like Tien Lei), who want to play overseas:

Keep improving. Keep learning. Keep trying. And make yourself stronger. Tien Lei is very gifted but he's too skinny.