Saturday, December 11, 2004

SBL Exhibition Games and More

SBL exhibition games
Yulon 75-68 Dacin (Hong Chi-chao 15p ; Tien Lei 20p+14rb, Lin Yi-huei 12p+5rb)

ETSN 87-87 Taiwan Beer (Wu Dai-hao 25p+6rb ; Lin Chi-jay 33p, Yang Yu-min 23p)
Bank of Taiwan 85-85 Sina (Ju Yong-hong 19p+11rb ; Yang Shi-hao 18p)

Chen Hsin-an yet to play
Chen Hsin-an will have to wait for as much as another two weeks before he receives his working VISA and play for the ABA’s Orange County Crush. Chen hasn’t played for the Crush although he had been practicing with the team.