Monday, December 13, 2004

SBL exhibition games concludes

Yang Chin-min's buzzer-beater helped BOT defeat ETSN 82-81 on Sunday, the final day of the SBL exhibition games. On Saturday, Lee Hsueh-lin had 5 points in the last 1:30 as Yulon beat Videoland 84-81 to win both exhibition games.

However there will be bad news for the defending champ Yulon before the season starts. Veteran center Wu Chi-wei is under rehab after knee surgery and is expected to be out for two months. Shooting guard Chiu Chi-yi had a finger injury(contusion) that will make him out of action for about four weeks.

Minus Chen Hsin-an and two veterans, Yulon's second SBL season will be a lot tougher than the first one.

Dacin 86-77 Taiwan Beer (Lee Fong-yong 15p+9rb, Yen Jia-wei 22p ; Lin Chi-jay 19p, Ho Sho-jen 13p)
Yulon 84-81 Videoland (Lee Hsueh-lin 15p+5rb+3a, Chou Shih-yuan 18p, Tsun Wen-din 13p+3blk ; Lee Chi-yi 17p+7rb, Lin Shin-hwa 15p+7rb)

Bank of Taiwan 82-81 ETSN (Yang Chin-min 21p, Cheng An-jay 13p+6rb)
Videoland 101-83 Sina (Lin Tsung-chin 19p, Wu Cheng-yu 18p, Lee Chi-yi 10p+10rb, Chen Huei 7p+9rb+9a ; Yang Shi-hao 22p, Kao Li-min 12p+5rb)