Monday, March 21, 2005

Lin Chi-jay drops SBL-record 10 threes in win

"The Monster" did it again. F/G Lin Chi-jay made SBL-record 10 three-pointers and scored 39 points as Taiwan Beer beat Dacin 87-81 in double overtime Sunday night. Lin made 10 of 20 three-point tries with three of those helped TB even the score in the end of regulation.

Dacin's Tien Lei had 22 points and 15 rebounds in the game and became the first SBL player to reach 1000 points and 500 rebounds milestone. But his accomplishment was less meaningful after the heartbreaking loss.

The game was dubbed as the DUAL between Lin Chi-jay and Tien Lei, top two leading scorers in the league, and did not disappoint. But Lin Chi-jay showed why he is nicknamed "The Monster", making three back-breaking three-pointers in the last minute of regulation. Dacin kept Lin closely guarded but couldn't do anything on Lin's NBA-range bombs.

Tien Lei faded in the 4th quarter and two overtimes, maybe because of fatigue. Dacin set up the last play in regulation which made Tien the bait and veteran Hsu Chi-chao waited at the baseline for the pass and the laast shot. But Tien was a little bit hesitant in the middle and was called for travelling.

Chen Shi-nian had 17 points and 8 rebounds for TB, also committed 7 turnovers. Ho Sho-jen had 14 and backup PG Hsu Hso-cheng had 12 points, including 8 points after regulation.

Bank of Taiwan surprised Videoland 70-69 for the second time this season. Yang Chin-min had team-leading 22 points while PG Wu Yong-jen had 20. Lin Jia-huang led VL with 20 points. Lee Chi-yi, who didn't make the last shot, had 14 points and 12 rebounds.

Yulon 16-4, VL 15-7, Dacin 13-9, TB 10-10, ETSN 9-12, BOT 9-12, Sina 2-20

*Stats leaders:

1. Tien Lei 22.8
2. Lin Chi-jay 22.6
3. Yang Chin-min 19.5
4. Yang Che-yi 17.6
5. Chou Shih-yuan 17.0

1. Tien Lei 10.1
2. Tsun Wen-din 9.2
3. Cheng An-jay 7.9
4. Lin Chi-jay 7.7
5. Wu Dai-hao 7.4

1. Chen Huei 5.6
2. Chen Shi-nian 4.7
3. Wang Chih-chun 4.4
4. Yang Yu-min 3.6
5. Wu Yong-jen 3.5