Thursday, March 10, 2005

TPEC wins 10th straight UBA title

TPEC (Taipei Physical Education College) breezed past NTNU (National Taiwan Normal University) 73-59 to win its 10th straight UBA (University Basketball Association) title with a 2-0 sweep in the finals. TPEC's incredible 116-game winning streak is still counting.

TPEC, featuring even stronger lineup than any single first division SBL team, used 2-3 and 3-2 zone defense for almost 40 minutes to limit NTNU's perimeter attack. On the offensive end, Yulon's inside-outside duo Tsun Wen-din and Chou Shih-yuan were still unstoppable, scoring 17 and 19 respectively.

NYNU was led by Ho Sho-jen's 30 points. Leading scorer Tien Lei, who was really passive in the game, scored only 9 points.

Compared to Game 2, last night's controvercial Game 1 is the game everyone talks about. A foul was called on Tsun Wen-din apparently after the final horn is sounded with TPEC leading, 62-61, giving NTNU two free-throws and a chance to wrap up the game.

TPEC head coach Lee Yung-kwang protested to the refs, who didn't hear the final horn because of the noise, claiming the game is already over and the free-throws shouldn't be awarded. The funny thing is, neither both refs nor courtside stats crew were sure about how much time was left or whether the foul occured after the final horn.

Coach Lee even looked at instant TV reply to prove his point. But the refs said they couldn't use instant reply to overturn calls. TPEC refused to take the court while NTNU patiently waited for two free-throws on the sideline.

Believe or not, 4 and a half hours from tipoff NTNU's Lee Fong-yong finally stepped on the free-throw line, and missed BOTH to end the controversial game, which TPEC won 62-61. The game started on 7 PM and ended right before midnight.