Saturday, April 09, 2005

Taiwan NT News

CTBA officially announced Lee Yung-kwang was named as the men’s NT head coach.

I need to make a correction here though. In the last article I wrote Lee Yun-kwang led Taiwan NT in 2001 and 2003 Asian Championship and finished 7th and 11th respectively. I was wrong. Lee didn’t coach Taiwan NT in the 2003 Asian Championship.

Truth is, Lee led Taiwan NT of senior and university levels from 2001-2002, including:
2001 Asian Championship in Shanghai, China -- 7th
2002 William Jones Cup in Taipei, Taiwan– Champion
2002 Asian Games in Busan, Korea – 7th
2003 World University Games in Daegu, Korea – 7th

Anyway, Lee Yun-kwang has said he plan to take Taiwan NT to the top three in both East Asian qualification and East Asian Games, and top six in the Asian Championship.

It’s not going to be easy.

●Women’s NT 16-man roster
Women’s NT head coach Hong Lin-yao submitted her 16-man roster to the CTBA. For the first time in years, Taiwan women’s NT decides to go young and makes some dramatic changes. 34-year-old veteran Chien Wei-juan, one of the most famous players in Asian women’s basketball, was not selected.

The 16-man roster includes eight players from Cathay Life, Hong’s WSBL team, and eight players from three other WSBL teams. 15 players are under 24 years-old.

Name, Height, Age, Team
Cheng Huei-yun 188cm 28 Cathay Life
Chiang Feng-jun 183cm 24 Cathay Life
Chu Yong-hsuan 175cm 24 Cathay Life
Lin Huei-mei 178cm 24 Cathay Life
Lan Jui-yu 170cm 22 Cathay Life
Chen Yi-feng 171cm 20 Cathay Life
Chang Hsiao-yu 183cm 21 Cathay Life
Lin Wei-mei 173cm 21 Cathay Life
Liu Jun-yi 180cm 24 Taiyuan Textile
Tsai Pei-jan 186cm 21 Taiyuan Textile
Ling Shin-sha 172cm 20 Taiyuan Textile
Liu Jia-sho 183cm 22 Chunghwa Telecom
Wen Chi 167cm 21 Chunghwa Telecom
Sun Jie-ping 172cm 22 Chunghwa Telecom
Lin Ji-wen 186cm 22 Taipower
Liu Yi-chun 183cm 19 Taipower
Average: 178cm, 22 years-old

Six players on the roster of 20th Asain Championship in Sendai, Japan last year were cut, while six others are still on the current roster.